The 15 Best Indoor and Outdoor Treasure Hunt Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a different way to engage your child that doesn’t include video games? Choosing activities that will get their bodies moving and their brains working are fun ways to keep them occupied without screens. Treasure hunt Ideas for kids are timeless hobbies, which are customizable for virtually any age or interest.

Treasure hunts are terrific methods for occupying your child both indoors and outside. Since many locations can have varying weather conditions that make outdoor tasks difficult, inside activities help alleviate this problem. You can modify these searching games for preschoolers, right up to teenagers.

How to Arrange a Fun Treasure Hunt for Kids

There are some easy steps to ensure that the treasure hunt you arrange will bring fun and excitement to your child. By following some simple principles, you can’t go wrong with this brain-body connection activity.

Pick a Theme They Love

No matter how old your child is, if you choose a theme that piques their interest, they are sure to enjoy the hunt. From animals and nature to Harry Potter or Star Wars, there is no end to the types of treasure hunts you can dream up.

Make it Age-Appropriate

You may need to modify the activity to suit your child’s age. If you plan a treasure hunt for 4-year-olds, try not to make the clue cards too complicated that they are unable to solve. Similarly, for young children who cannot read, printing off picture clues can be an ideal solution that sets them up for success.

Plan Ahead

Taking the time to plan is essential to arrange an entertaining inside or outdoor treasure hunt for kids. Part of your planning process could be checking the weather forecast if you want to take them outside for part or all of the hunt.

Set Some Ground Rules Before Starting

Before beginning your indoor treasure hunt for kids, set some ground rules, so everyone knows how to proceed. Different guidelines could include setting a time limit or working in teams so everyone has fun while still getting through the steps.

Plan Their Treasure

Depending on the child’s age and theme of the treasure hunt, you could incorporate small treasures with each step or have one grand prize at the end of the game. Small tokens at each clue can help keep your child motivated to work through the following steps. Items like jellybeans, hair accessories, or even stickers can be exciting treats to find as they work their way through the hunt.

Try Some Online

Treasure hunts are terrific activities to keep kids active and entertained. Luckily, these games do not have to conform to only one scenario. Instead, there are several indoor and outdoor treasure hunts that children will enjoy while keeping them busy and learning.

If you are searching for some terrific treasure hunt ideas that may be suitable for your younger crowd, check out Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp. This online platform has various appropriate options that will definitely please a group. They will have so much fun; they won’t even realize they are learning at the same time.

Our 15 Best Treasure Hunt Ideas for Kids

There are so many ways to incorporate a treasure hunt for kids into their routine in hopes of keeping their minds engaged while their bodies are active. From the youngest toddlers to pre-teens, there is a treasure hunt activity perfect for any age.

1. Find the Colors

This hunt can be used both inside and outdoors, depending on the location and weather. There is no reading involved, so it is ideal for small children, but it can be challenging for some older children.

Make up individual cards that have an assortment of color swatches. Each child will need to go around the house or yard and find items that match those colors to check it off their list. Older children can write down what the object is, while younger ones can cross it off.

2. Five Senses Learning

Teach your child about the five senses while having fun. Body awareness is a great developmental stage that any age can experience.

Make up cards to search for various items they can smell, feel, see, hear or taste. This version is ideal for indoors, but it can be adapted for an outside treasure hunt for kids if you allow for tasty items, like strawberry or raspberry plants in your yard.

3. Shapes Search

Different shapes are all around us, and with this treasure hunt, your child will have to find items of varying types. This activity gets them to think outside the box while they look for shapes in everyday objects. This alternative is a perfect treasure hunt for 4-year-olds that are preparing for school.

4. Backyard Nature Exploration

Feed your child’s love of the outdoors by organizing a backyard nature treasure hunt. Many yards contain diverse leaves, flowers, and vegetation. Once your child fills their card with items, you can explore which types of plants they have collected.

5. Alphabet Hunt

For those children learning their letters, this is the perfect way to get them to master the alphabet. Draw up cards that include letters of the alphabet to search around the house or outdoors items that begin with each letter. This version will help develop their phonic skills while being active.

6. Know the Neighborhood

Plan a walk with your kids while learning about their neighborhood. Environmental awareness is an excellent tool for children of any age, especially those who spend a lot of time with close neighbors in the area. Find items like the nearest fire hydrant, grocery store, gas station, or other landmarks for a fun hunt while getting exercise outside.

7. Movement Search

Kids who can’t sit still will enjoy this treasure hunt. It involves finding many pre-set activities to check off their hunting card. These tasks can include something to crawl under, something to jump over, something to balance on, and many others. This way, it will get the kids moving and keep them looking for more ways to stay active.

8. Holiday Hunt

Planning a treasure hunt around a yearly holiday can put a fun twist on this regular activity. Print off assorted pictures that correspond with the event, such as Santa, candy canes, or Christmas trees, and hide them around the home or yard. Construct simple clue cards to lead your child to the answer and see how quickly they can solve each riddle.

Another alternative is to use the holiday decorations you have in your home and devise treasure hunt clues to allow your children to find the items already out for display. These can be objects like fake spiderwebs, Jack-o-Lanterns, or even a plastic skeleton.

9. Finding Favorites

Children will often have their favorite items they cannot live without. Use their love of these items and arrange a treasure hunt to check everything off their list. From their favorite stuffed animal to that special cup, they will enjoy finding the objects they love.

For a twist to challenge them, get your child to find mom or dad’s favorite things. This version may be a little more difficult if they aren’t sure where dad keeps his favorite slippers or where mom’s beloved book is.

10. Solve and Search Riddles

If you have older children who like to solve riddles to figure things out, you can create a fun-filled afternoon for them. There are many riddles for kids you can make that focus on items in your home or outdoors.

They can include queries like I do not get angry, but I often get hot. I’m the spot for a pan or a pot. Once your child solves the riddle to find the stove, they can be rewarded with a small treat and move to the next clue to continue the hunt.

11. Sports Hunting

Do you have a sports enthusiast in your home? Try arranging a treasure hunt for them to work through riddles and clues surrounding sporting activities they can do with you. From bouncing a basketball to kicking a soccer ball and even throwing a baseball, there are numerous individual tasks you can create for your child to work through on this sports treasure hunt.

12. Letter Case Learning

You can incorporate this version into an exciting treasure hunt for young children learning the alphabet with upper and lower case. Print off both upper- and lower-case letters to place around your home or yard. They will build their confidence as they work through the alphabet and match both types of letters while they learn.

You can individualize this game by attaching them to fun animal shapes to match the letter they represent. Adding a second dynamic to the treasure hunt can create the foundation for them to learn the alphabet.

13. Harry Potter Treasure Hunt

If you have any Harry Potter fans, they are sure to love this themed treasure hunt. Show them an exciting afternoon of spells and curses with Harry Potter. As your child works through the steps, they will advance to the next step. If they choose an incorrect answer to the riddle, they receive a curse card instead of receiving the next clue.

There are many places online with free downloads to choose from or make your very own clues and curses!

14. Electronic Treasure Hunt

Many older children will own some form of an electronic device. You can indeed get them engaged in a treasure hunt using their devices. Think of exciting ways for your kids to use their mobile devices to take pictures of treasure hunt items or make videos of them finding the solutions to clues.

15. Foodie Finders

Children of all ages love snacks, so why not incorporate food into a fun indoor treasure hunt for kids? Draw up clues or riddles of several food items you have in your home and see how fast they can figure it out to receive their treats! Try not to do this hunt too close to dinnertime, though. They may fill up on snacks while having fun.

The Takeaway

Finally, getting your child to participate in a treasure hunt that involves them figuring out riddles or clues to advance through the game, will help with their cognitive functions. To illustrate, decision-making skills and deduction reasoning are essential aspects that will help your child as they grow and develop.

Give them a chance to exercise their mind while having fun and getting active with a treasure hunt for kids.


How do you do a simple treasure hunt?

By planning ahead, you can certainly keep a treasure hunt simple. Choose the location first, then decide on a theme. Often you can find free online printable treasure hunt ideas to use for your family or create your very own simple riddles.

How do you give clues to a treasure hunt?

The clues will have to be easy enough for your child to figure out but hard enough to challenge them. Decide on the answer first, then construct your hints to suit the solution.

How do kids do a treasure hunt?

Planning a treasure hunt for kids is not a difficult task. All you need is to ensure that it is age-appropriate and under supervision while going through their clues. Try not to make too many clues or have them too hard to solve. Children will only be interested in a hunt for a short amount of time, then will become bored, so ensure it does not outlast their attention span.