The 13 Best Brain Games for Adults to Play Online in 2022!

Are you are looking for the best brain games for adults to play online? The options are diverse. From memorization, to logic processing and even spatial reasoning. Each platform will have advantages for regular mental exercises. Many programs will have other options for younger users, so your entire family can build their cognitive functions while having fun.

Brain puzzles for adults have been in circulation for years. With board games and cards, our parents used these more traditional methods of building their minds. As the world of tech has expanded, brain teaser games for adults become easier to find and use online.

Not every brain game is the same. Therefore to develop specific elements, like memory or processing speed, you may have some searching to do. You need to find which program will help you in your path to learning. Platforms that include tracking features are great ways to see how you are progressing and which areas you need to continue working on for cognitive growth.

Often, users will start a program only to forget about it soon after. Finding brain teaser games for adults that are easy to navigate and fit with your lifestyle is vital for success. Even just a few minutes per day can benefit your mind when trying to enhance your cognitive skills.

Depending on the device you use, some mind exercises online may not be available. We have compiled a list of platforms and apps that will work through a web browser or mobile devices like iOS or Android. This list is not complete, as there becomes so many more programs available every day to help build cognitive function. Feel free to search through each platform and find the one that will work for you.

Obtaining Better Brain Health

It is never too late to start focusing on your brain health. The sooner you pay attention to your mind, the better off your thought processes will be as you age. Keeping your brain focused and active means more than just participating in puzzles or games. Engaging in mind exercises is essential, but you should also consider other elements that can benefit your brain.

Get Enough Sleep

Adequate rest is vital for brain health and growth. Your brain is an organ that requires rest for growth and function. Lack of sleep can affect your response times and reasoning skills.

Eat the Rainbow

Different colored foods contain various vitamins and nutrients. Make sure your plate is colorful with assorted fruits and vegetables. This way your brain will benefit from antioxidants and minerals necessary for everyday activities.

Move Your Body

Exercising your muscles with dynamic movement can help improve brain function. Take a walk, join an exercise class, or play with your kids to help perform body movements that are outside of your everyday routine.

Use Brain Game Tools Effectively

Engage in well-rounded brain game tools that will work all areas of your cognitive functions. Your mind will benefit best when you train all faces, from memorizing to mental processing and other elements. Brainteaser games for adults are some of the greatest ways to challenge your mind and enhance your mental well-being.

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The Top 13 Best Brain Games for Adults Online

You do not need to be suffering from Alzheimer’s to find benefits from regular brain exercises. Many who engage in these mind activities can see an improvement in their long-term memory skills, thought processing speed, and other cognitive functions. It is essential to keep your mind sharp and focused now before there is any form of decline.

Feel free to try out one or more of the platforms listed and see just how regular mind exercises can help your daily life.

1.     Dakim BrainFitness

The website has two programs, for ages 50+ and 70+. Although, adults of all ages can take advantage of their scientifically-backed brain training program. Dakim BrainFitness uses an entirely different approach to brain puzzles for adults, moving away from the basic repetitive exercises that other platforms use.

Dakim BrainFitness wants to keep you engaged and interested in quick learning without becoming bored. They use music, videos, graphics, and even a touch of humor, to keep their users entertained through their exercises.

Made specifically for adults, this platform uses specifically patented Neurologic Tech to customize a plan that will bring results. By including over 100 brain exercise variations, users continue to be engaged; wanting to keep a regular training schedule. Users can sign up for a free trial through the website and see how it can work for them.

2.     Brain Metrix

This online website platform provides one of the best fitness programs for your brain. You do exercises to keep the muscles in your body strong and healthy. This is important to do the same for your mind as well.

Brain Metrix brain puzzles for adults can aid in better memory retention, concentration, and processing speed. These specially designed workouts help you to process information more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

There are numerous games to complete regularly and additional tests to gauge where you sit on your learning journey. Test your brain reflexes or your IQ score to see just how you measure up. They embrace whole brain fitness that encompasses many areas of cognitive functions for daily life. Try the free games and tests through their online platform with any web browser.


For a wide range of brain teaser games for adults, is a helpful resource to visit online. Their free activities include classics like crossword puzzles, word search, and card games like Solitaire. If you have access to the internet with a web browser, you can enjoy some of the best brain games for adults for free.

There is no need to sign up for an account to partake in the platform. Although it is entirely free, users can choose to donate to MindGames if they choose. Visitors can play one or more games through the MindGames platform in four supported languages.

With daily puzzles, brain games, and math challenges, does use an additional app for users to engage their minds every day. This online free platform makes it easy for anyone to build their brain with any device.

4.     Mensa Brain Training

Mensa Brain Training incorporates five areas of your cognitive functions, including memorization skills, concentration, reasoning, perception, and agility. Using scientific research, they have an online training program that can benefit your mind across many facets.

They include many mind-stimulating, fun brain puzzles for adults that experts have designed, and accredited by a definite high IQ society, Mensa. With a convenient iOS app, which you can find at the AppStore. You can enjoy exercising your mind anywhere that’s convenient for you. Currently, the app for Android devices is only available in Italian and Romanian.

Train your mind regularly to ensure your brain stays sharp and focused. Users can measure their Mensa Brain Index (MBI) against other users worldwide. Tailor your program to ensure optimal results for cognitive function and stimulation as you age.

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5.     Tetris

If you are a game enthusiast, you may have experience with this popular puzzle game from the 1980s. Players need to score as many points as possible by creating full, complete lines with blocks that drop. You can rotate and move the variable block shapes to suit the puzzle below. These blocks will clear from the board once the user forms a line.

Tetris helps develop your visual and spatial abilities with the possibility of helping your cerebral cortex. Spatial functions aid in comprehension while developing your learning skills and work environments. Not only will you fill your spare time with a great old video game, but you can help increase your cognitive mind functions.

You can find Tetris online for free through your web browser, for iOS, or for Android devices with associated apps at the AppStore or Google Play.

6.     CogniFit

It is no surprise that to keep your brain healthy and active, we should be regularly developing their cognitive functions. CogniFit focuses on several aspects of brain health for us and families. To enumerate, memory, coordination, reasoning, and perception are just a few of the elements found through their platform.

Moreover, several groups, including schools and universities, have implemented CogniFit programs. For example, with the specific training methods, users can measure, track, monitor, and train their cognitive skills accurately. They have numerous assessments to gauge mental arithmetic, academics, and more. CogniFit’s tools are a terrific aid for cognitive rehabilitation programs.

CNN, The New York Times, and other reputable media sources have recognized CogniFit as a highly acclaimed resource for cognitive training. Their platform is accessible for desktop and mobile devices using iOS or Android systems.

7.     Memorado

The in-house team of neuroscientists has collaborated to create Memorado to enhance brain neuroplasticity and cognitive functions. Indeed, you are sure to be entertained and motivated to train your mind regularly, with over 420 levels within the 14 included brain teaser games for adults that they offer.

Increasing fluid intelligence is one of the vital aspects of Memorado. Exercises for memorization, concentration, logic, mathematical skills, and reactions are just part of the entire package. They also include over 100 meditative audio sessions to help calm your mind when you are not training. Focusing on building better brain connectivity and quicker cognitive functions, Memorado is a terrific platform to exercise your mind.

Visit their page online to sign up for an account or download their app from the AppStore for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

8.     MoneyHunter Corp

Brain games are not specific for kids anymore. Children are not the only ones who can have fun playing these games. There are dozens of fantastic options for adults to choose from that will provide numerous benefits, including cognitive function, memory, and processing attributes, all while having fun.

Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp” is an excellent online platform that offers a variety of unique brain teaser puzzles to suit all levels. So, whether you are just starting with some simple puzzles or are looking for a challenge, there will be a puzzle that fits your way of thinking perfectly. And the best part is that they offer the Owner’s Bounty for the first person to solve the Hunt in each competition.

9.     Skillz

Are you looking for an easy way to test your thinking skills or exercise your mind? Skillz is another terrific option that will aid in increasing cognitive function with regular training. Their brain puzzles for adults will help you build your mental accuracy, improve your memorization abilities, and much more.

You can play on your own, with friends, or even random users on the platform. After completing a test, you are ranked on a scale between 1 and 5 stars, receiving a brain token. Use your brain tokens to try the round again or advance to another level. Multi-player modes make this challenging game not only beneficial for your mind but also addictive and fun.

Find Skillz at the AppStore or the Google Play store for installing on your mobile devices, there are also in-app purchases available for your convenience.

10.     Brain Wars

If you like a little competition while exercising your mind, Brain Wars is the ideal solution. Use the included brain teaser games for adults within the platform and stack your cognitive abilities against other players around the world. Try to outscore others or challenge your friends and family to a real-time match to see how they measure up.

This platform does not require special knowledge of subjects, making it easy for anyone to participate. These simple brain teasers help enhance your cognitive functions with repetition and regular competition. The more you battle your friends, the better you will get.

There are in-app purchases available on both the iOS and Android apps for numerous mobile devices.

11. Mazes & More

If you like to try your hand at mazes, you should know that classic challenges use a wide range of cognitive abilities. From spatial learning and memorization to decision making, completing mazes is a great way to exercise your mind. Mazes & More offers 450 various labyrinths to navigate through in 6 categories.

This easy-to-use app showcases simple 2D graphics that require you to guide the dot through the maze with your finger. Giving it a more retro, classic feel, Mazes & More gives your brain exercises that are simple and fun.

Furthermore, it is available for both iOS and Android devices through the AppStore and the Google Play store. It is a free program but does include in-app purchases for additional fun.

12. Bridge

Indeed people have been exercising their brains for years without even realizing it. Specifically, by playing the card game Bridge. Bridge uses both sides of your brain, which similarly amplifies your cognitive abilities as you develop your skills through regular play. With advances in technology, you can play Bridge online through many platforms to help boost your mind.

Brainteaser games for adults are not the only ways to enhance your cognitive abilities. Simple card games are also terrific to work your short-term memory and decision-making functions. Furthermore, strategic thinking, sequencing, and visualization are essential aspects of everyday life.

You can play online for free through or with their iOS and Android apps. It’s free to download through the AppStore or Google Play. Also, some apps and websites will have options to participate in tournaments or challenges, which require additional costs.

13. SharpBrains

This online platform not only has brain teaser games for adults but also includes various reports and resources. These tools focus on maintaining brain health. In detail, they have quick challenges. These are remarkable ways to get some mind exercises into your day without designating a large chunk of your time.

Many of these brain puzzles for adults take just a few minutes, and they will indeed enhance your cognitive functions the more often you practice. Furthermore, SharpBrains breaks down the various cognitive elements for better understanding. They include a collection of associated links to each of the corresponding exercises.

Finally, the online platform at SharpBrains is entirely free to use. There are links to 3rd party websites that list products for purchase outside of their organization.

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The 12 Best Brain Games for Kids Online

Adults are not the only people who can benefit from regular mind training. There are several advantages when children use the proper tools to enhance their cognitive functions regularly. From improved focus and attention to better memorization skills, brain games can be for anyone willing to put in the time.

The only difference between brain puzzles for adults and the ones for kids is the skill level. Many of the games listed for adults can be played by children, depending on their age. Often the range of difficulty can vary for each user and is customizable. Alternatively, some platforms are specific for children. That does not mean that adults cannot enjoy playing with their kids, as many parents do.

1.     LogicLike

This free online platform makes brain training fun for kids. With likable characters and engaging games, your child is sure to enjoy their time with LogicLike. Boasting over 3,500 puzzles, games, brainteasers, and more, kids ages 3 or higher can exercise their minds with ease.

LogicLike allows you to select the level of difficulty in each age category, so you are sure to find the best starting point for your child. Specifically, as they progress, the games will aid in building their skillset and advancement to a higher level. In addition, children can earn stars, collect LogicLike cards ,and of course, get rewards. They can even receive personalized course certificates after each level is complete.

With no ads or timers, they ensure that your child stays interested and engaged in learning without the added stress of time restrictions. Play online through a web browser or download the app from the AppStore for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

2.     Mindoo

Mindoo has a unique take on learning with its interactive quiz app. Covering numerous categories to challenge your knowledge. Above all, exercise your child’s brain with this free app that does not require an account to use. There are 15 categories available for the free version, but it does include in-app purchases with an option to upgrade to unlimited access.

Users have access to over 130 different categories to choose from while using the paid unlimited version. This diversity can ensure your child is having fun while exercising their mind. The seven topics in Mindoo’s knowledge base cover a wide range to suit many interests. Indeed you are sure to find an area that they will be interested in and want to challenge.

Their information database is continuously updated so that your child will never become bored or tire of repetitive quizzes. It is available only in app form with iOS or Android.

3.     Brain Kids

This award-winning app is ideal for children ages 6 and above. Specially designed to help develop your child’s cognitive skills, they are sure to keep entertained while working through the platform. It is free to download but does have in-app purchases available. Users can play in three different languages, English, Chinese, or Thai.

As your child progresses through the challenges and completes a chapter, they can print off a completion certificate. With this in mind, these can help keep your child stay motivated as they continue through each level. It is easy to use, and the graphics are kid-friendly. Finally, they can try their hand at puzzles, matching games, logic or reasoning problems. They even have connected the dots for a wide variety of cognitive skill building.

It is currently only available for iOS systems from the AppStore.

4.     Brain Games Kids

If you are looking for an interactive way for your children to build their minds, Brain Games Kids is a simple app to achieve this. Specifically, there are 12 educational activities to challenge children of all ages, and it is available in three languages, English, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Brain Games Kids includes many popular activities like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, labyrinths, and many more. With three different levels of difficulty, everyone in the family can play together. This platform has a free Android app to download from the Google Play store, but it does contain ads. It is not available for iOS systems at this time.

5.     Coco

Coco is an educational-based app that makes continuous learning fun for your child. To explain, with brain exercises like puzzles, math, and memory games, your child is sure to remain engaged while playing this easy-to-use platform. In addition, it is available in English or French languages. It is suitable for children ages 5 to 10.

This app is a subscription-based platform, but users can try it out for free with a trial period to see just how terrific it can be for your child. There are in-app purchases available, and it is free from ads. There are several options where children can play against their friends or siblings in a split-screen mode.

Track your child’s progress and statistics as they move through the levels. In addition, you can find the Coco app for all iOS and Android devices at the AppStore or the Google Play Store.

6.     Cute Sudoku Kids


A fun spin on a classic game, Cute Sudoku Kids, replaces numbers with cute graphics and sounds to keep them engaged while learning.  In addition, children as young as 5 can tackle 12 exciting themes of Sudoku puzzles with over 2,000 levels of difficulty. Let your child try their hand at 3×3 games for instance, that increase to the classic 9×9 size.

Give your child the flexibility to challenge their cognitive growth with the unique jigsaw patterns they include in these games. Also, hints are there to aid your child’s gameplay as they progress to each level.

Finally, Cute Sudoku Kids is a free download, but it does contain in-app purchases to unlock all levels and features. It is currently only available for iOS systems at the AppStore.

7.     EpicMem-Brain Training

If your children enjoy memory games or jigsaw puzzles, then EpicMem-Brain Training could be a terrific app for them. In detail, this simple yet fun game, which a neuroscientist created, is Educational AppStore Certified. Moreover, the foundation of this app was to train the Episodic Memory using Paired Association learning for functional results.

Episodic Memory combined with cognitive stimuli helps create neuropathways in areas of the brain to enhance the learning process. Truly the simplicity of this game is perfect for a child of any age. Also, the activities built into EpicMem-Brain Training help maintain brain neuroplasticity.

At this time, it is only available for iOS devices as a free download at the AppStore but also includes in-app purchases.

8.     Prodigy

This free brain workout can entertain your child while helping build their cognitive skills. Brain Puzzle incorporates memory and logic skills to enhance their learning without them even realizing it. Furthermore, it has brain teaser challenges that will keep them engaged and wanting to share with their friends.

Players start with some unlocked puzzles, and once they are solved, they earn Zold. To explain, users will gain more Zold the faster they solve the puzzles. They can use their Zold to unlock additional challenges in the app. It is supported in 8 different languages and is simple to use.

It is free, but it does contain ads and offers in-app purchases.

9.     Zebrainy

This simple app features a zebra who travels to various places and faces problem-solving activities along his journey. For example, interactive storytelling and cute graphics help give Zebrainy the look of a game that draws children’s attention. It is designed for kids ages 2 to 6 and provides several cognitive benefits as they play it.

From letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more, your child is sure to stay engaged as they follow the zebra’s adventures while developing their mind. Zebrainy also includes a time limit for parents to monitor their child’s screen time effectively. It is free from ads, but it is a subscription-based app that requires payment. Users can sign up for a free trial before deciding on a purchase.

10. Think!Think!

This app has over 100 mini-games designed for children ages 4 to 10, therefore, it can help develop their critical thinking skills. Think!Think! has 5 different categories for critical thinking, including logic, calculation, spatial awareness, and others. Each of their games includes more than one of these elements so as to give your child a dynamic learning environment.

To help keep your child motivated and engaged, Think!Think! has a daily 10-minute time limit. Therefore, this restriction helps their concentration and interest as they use the program regularly. It comes in three options, including Free, Standard, and Premium versions, where the paid versions will incorporate added features.

With over 1 million users worldwide in 150 countries, Think!Think! is available for both iOS and Android systems.

11. Pictoword

Pictoword is a word puzzle game for children ages 4 and up, keeping them engaged while learning compound words. Your child is sure to expand their vocabulary while enhancing their cognitive abilities by using logic and problem-solving methods. There is no time limit so that  your child has ample time to solve each puzzle.

They earn coins each time they solve puzzles, as a result, keeping them motivated to progress through the levels. The database is updated regularly to ensure that your child does not get bored with the same challenges.

It includes word guessing games with various trivia categories and brain training exercises that your child can play alone or with friends. Pictoword supports 23 languages as a free app on iOS and Android systems. In addition, there are in-app purchases available, and users can opt to upgrade to a premium subscription for ad-free playing.

12. Sumaze! Primary

For a little math fun, Sumaze! Primary is the perfect solution to have on hand for your children. To explain, they combine gaming activities with math to get your kid learning without forcing them to do these mental exercises every day.

This app is for children ages 4 to 7 to focus on addition, subtraction, finding patterns, and much more. Sumaze! also has an additional app to keep your child learning as they grow with similar platforms like Sumaze!

Sumaze! Primary is a free app with no ads and does not allow in-app purchases to safeguard your child’s learning experience. With this in mind, it is available for iOS and Android devices through the AppStore or the Google Play Store.

Families Who Play Together, Learn Together

Except for a few of the apps listed, many of these platforms will support a wide range of learning aptitudes. As a result, children will model similar behaviors, which include watching their parents have fun with learning using online resources.

Help get your child started on the right path to regular cognitive exercises by engaging with them daily. As your children grow, challenge each other and see how fun it can be to enhance your mind while spending time with your children.