The 26 Best Brain Games to Boost Your Cognitive Abilities!

Simple games for the brain have been around for years. However, with current research and technical advances, they continue to evolve. We now have the best options for developing cognitive skills, memory, and other mindful benefits through a host of brain games from many sources.

Cognitive abilities, including reasoning and decision-making functions, are essential functions of the brain. As you age, skills like processing speed and memory can decrease over time. Moreover, by regularly playing brain games, you can slow this deterioration and keep your mind sharp.

You can break down cognitive skills into several categories that are imperative for daily functions. However, each of these elements has a separate way in which the brain absorbs and uses information.

  • Processing speed
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Visual and auditory processing

Although many of us still like a good crossword puzzle or a card game, there is so much more available to boost our minds in this new age. Indeed, brain games online make it easy for anyone connected to the internet to engage their minds and have fun while doing it.

Specifically, if you are facing middle age or just want to help boost your memory and processing skills, online brain games can help you achieve this. Before we dive right into the best brain games to play, we will explore what fundamentals are essential to help your mind.


Why is Brain Function Important as You Age?

Getting older takes its toll on the body and mind, especially if we do not follow a healthy lifestyle. Neuroplasticity is how the brain makes connections in response to outside stimulation and learning environments.

The myth that we only use 10% of our brain is false and was disproved by neurologists years ago. We also use a great deal more than that, and many parts are active even during sleep. Even so, areas of the brain will shrink slightly in size with age, and blood flow can be more restrictive.

Neuropathic communication between regions may not be as active as you age. Also inflammation from a disease in the body can have detrimental effects on cognitive functions. In fact, fending off this neurodegeneration can make a difference in keeping symptoms from ailments, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, under control.

There are easy ways to counteract these debilitating outcomes as you grow older. By recognizing how to help your body and mind, you can keep yourself healthy through the years. Some tips to help your mind are:

  • Following a healthy diet with proper amounts of Omegas, Vitamin B, and D
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Routinely engage your brain with things like brain games

Using these simple elements can certainly help with better brain health. It can also improve your cognitive skills, no matter what age. In the same way, you do not have to be suffering from memory loss to benefit from using brain games online as a regular tool.


What Exactly Are Brain Games?

There are several categories of games for the brain that will train and develop different areas of your mind. Each grouping of these activities focuses on various cognitive skills. Some of the more popular types of games for the brain include:

  • Puzzles
  • Memory
  • Numeracy
  • Language
  • Perception
  • Trivia
  • Music
  • Strategy
  • Brainteasers

Some people find that while they have exceptional skills in one area, others may be lacking and need training. Participating in a wide variety of games for the brain is beneficial for people of all ages.

Rounding out your learning environment with multiple different types is best for maintaining those neuropathways active and firing.

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The 26 Best Brain Games Online To Train Your Brain

There are abundant choices for brain games online that focus on the many aspects of maintaining good brain health with various activities. We have done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the 26 best games for the brain, that will be beneficial for you and your family.


1.     Sudoku



This numerical puzzle game is quite popular with many age groups. In the classic version, players will use logic to fill in a 9×9 square puzzle grid with the necessary numbers ranging from 1 to 9.

Each separate 3×3 grid block within this game will have one digit from 1 to 9 without repeating. Each line and column throughout the puzzle will also follow the same format, containing a number from the sequence, without repeating.

There are four degrees of difficulty, variations to keep it entertaining, and include tips to help you solve a puzzle. You can also play this free game online by connecting to the internet or downloading it at the AppStore for IOS or Google Play for Android devices.

With elements to switch to left-handed playing mode and by supporting landscape as well as portrait orientations, you can customize this app as you see fit. It is free to download but does offer in-app purchases.


2.     A Clockwork Brain Training – Memory and Attention Game



The Sunday Times has chosen this game as one of the 500 Best Apps in the World with its’ fun and challenging brain games online to enhance your cognitive skills. Focusing on increasing memory, attention, language, dexterity, and reasoning, A Clockwork Brain is adaptable and engaging for everyone.

With Sprocket, the friendly robot guide, you can navigate through each level. Users can incorporate the built-in Petbots as helpers or boosters within the games. In addition, you can train your brain daily and track your performance with in-depth graphs and statistics to see how you are improving. This will show you what you need to work on for the future.

Moreover, Clockwork Brain is a free download with in-app purchases available to enhance your playing experience. Supporting ten languages, Almost anyone worldwide can easily use this app. It is accessible for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, so users with various platforms can enjoy these brain games.


3.     Left vs Right: Brain Games



It may be common knowledge that the left and the right brain are responsible for separate daily functions, so many people find it essential to strengthen both sides. Left vs Right caters to testing six different categories. These areas include awareness, precision, patience, adaptability, reasoning, and reflexes.

They include a Colorblind Mode for user preference. A basic download will allow players to try three out of six categories each day for free. All that is needed is to watch a short video if users want to try the remaining three. Tokens are available for purchase within the game to play more games.

Left vs Right is a free app to download and explore the game options, but users can access more selections with in-app purchases. These include signing up for a VIP Membership, a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Subscription, or a Lifetime Pass. Visit AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon to download to your device.


4.     KenKen



This website boasts they have puzzles to make you smarter. Including many math and number games on top of their various puzzles, KenKen can be for adults and children alike. In detail, there are options for educators to explore in the classroom, they make learning fun for all ages.

As part of the New York Times puzzle page, users can engage in a Daily Challenge every day by selecting the puzzle type and difficulty.

In conclusion, you can play these brain games online free through their website platform or download them to an iOS or Android device. For only $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, you can become a premium member to access expert puzzles and challenges, free from ads, and with unlimited playing time.


5.     Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain?



Have you wondered what your IQ is or how it compares to your friends? Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain is the app that can see just who the smarter friend is. Filled with confusing brain teasers, players have to try and choose the correct result without being tricked.

Although the questions look simple enough, they force you to think outside the box. Therefore, will need creative reasoning skills to get the correct answer. If you can finish all 111 questions within the 120-minute timeframe, you will obtain genius status.

Users with iOS and Android devices can find this online application through the AppStore or on Google Play.


6.     MoneyHunter Corp

Maintaining exceptional cognitive function is beneficial, especially as you age. Participating in brain-boosting games can ensure you keep your mind sharp and functioning. Increasing memory, processing speed, and reasoning skills are just some ways brain games can help individuals of all ages.

Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp” is one terrific platform that offers a wide selection of unique brain puzzles known as Hunts to play online in a competitive environment. Enjoy solving challenging puzzles and riddles?  This game is for you, there is a $10,000 reward for whoever solves the Hunt first.





If you are looking for an online web-based platform to test your knowledge and help train your mind, has numerous resources. in addition, this website has various brain-related information, including reports and monthly newsletters on top of the interactive games and puzzles.

Try your hand at their Top 25 Brain Teasers, puzzles, or games and see how you measure up. Meanwhile, this website breaks down the cognitive functions and recommends several options to test and train your brain for developing each element.

It is an entirely free online resource for anyone who has access to the internet. Feel free to browse the posted articles and information accordingly, as the research and education continue to evolve regarding the mind.


8.     Daily Crossword Puzzle



You do not have to get the newspaper to participate in the daily crossword puzzle anymore. AARP offers a free online daily crossword puzzle through its website. Not only does this activity increase your vocabulary, but it also stimulates your memory and helps enhance your problem-solving methods and reasoning skills.

If you successfully solve the daily puzzle, you can certainly go back and try a previous one to continue building your mind. In particular, try to get your name on the Top 10 Scores leaderboard with the most points for solving these puzzles. You can earn points with each daily crossword you complete, as well as by playing their Mini Crossword games.

This free online platform includes variations of this game to keep your mind stimulated. Check out the Best American crossword or the Best Anagram for some variety. For only $12, you can become an AARP member and have access to Members Only games and other member benefits.


9.     Peak



This app is a fantastic way to make the most of your spare time by giving you challenging puzzles, stimulating games, and brain training activities. Including six different categories to expand your mental skills, you can play it anytime, anywhere on a mobile device. In particular, you can track your progress, compete with friends, and even compare your scores to others of the same age or profession.

With over 45 specially designed activities, Peak has partnered with scientists and universities to provide the very best in functional cognitive training. Meanwhile, enhance your memory, problem-solving skills, attention, language, coordination, mental agility, or even your emotion control with this cutting-edge app.

The basic version is free and available for iOS and Android devices through AppStore and Google Play. The option for in-app purchases can give you the Pro experience and unlock all that Peak has to offer.

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Lumosity offers scientifically validated activities for improving the cognitive skills that you need every day. By working through the various programs each day, you can explore which elements are robust and what you need to focus on further.

Daily exercise for your brain will help keep your mind sharp and focused no matter what age or level. Providing fun games for the brain for over ten years, Lumosity has 100 million members that benefit from engaging a small amount of time each day.

You can train with Lumosity in seven different languages on your desktop computer or any mobile device using iOS or Android systems. There is also a Mindfulness app to help users find time to relax, focus, and sleep better. It is a free program but allows in-app purchases to unlock additional options.




Another brain game online free platform is Braingle. It has a terrific way of using riddles, puzzles, trivia, and many other activities to aid in mental focus as well as essential cognitive skills. The Mentalrobics offers daily brain exercises to keep your mind healthy and alert. Flashcards, IQ tests, and a vocabulary builder are just some of the features you can use each day.

Participate in strategy games online or win a physical puzzle by entering the monthly contests available. Specifically, Braingle has over 15,000 brain teasers, logic problems, and other games to tangle your mind, helping to sharpen your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

It is entirely online and works with any device that uses an internet browser. In fact, you can chat online with other users, submit your own brain teasers, and vote on your favorite puzzles with this easy-to-use platform.





HappyNeuron is a fun and personalized way to train your brain that adapts as you progress through the stages. Using current scientific research, it has supervision and tracking for your learning progress. This platform is a paid program, but users can sign up for a 7-day free trial and discover all that HappyNeuron has to offer. During the trial, you will have access to all the features and elements.

The fully paid membership includes a coach that guides you by offering suggestions to enhance your cognitive development while you work through the training exercises.

Focusing on memory, attention, visual and spatial processing, language, executive functions, users can exercise their brains in numerous ways by continually participating in these online activities. Users can reduce the mental decline that comes with aging while developing their focus and sharpness.


13.  Elevate



Selected as the App of the Year, Elevate contains award-winning brain games online for users looking to increase their cognitive skills. By training through this app only three times a week, surely users can improve their memory, processing skills, focus, and more. With regular brain training, you can boost your productivity, self-confidence, and language skills.

Helping over 40 million people since 2014, Elevate offers innovative and science-based games for the brain to enhance cognitive functions. With flexible training in over 35 games, users have unlimited access to build various elements of their cognition and track their performance as they progress.

Users can download the Elevate app through the AppStore or Google Play store for either iOS or Android devices. It is entirely free but includes the option to upgrade to a monthly or yearly subscription with additional features.





Queendom is another way to explore a variety of IQ-related tests and quizzes online for free. Specifically, they include several options surrounding logic, aptitude, verbal, spatial, math, and trivia to help determine where you sit with your cognitive skills, helping you to enhance them.

With a free account, you can save your results and scores to keep track of your progress. Some of the quizzes will require a fee to receive a full report, though. These scientifically developed tests can be a successful way to begin your cognitive learning journey.

This online platform also offers a whole host of fun quizzes to explore for entertainment purposes.


15. Reader’s Digest Brain Games



Do you have a few minutes to kill online in order to help boost your mind? Reader’s Digest offers 99 Brain Games that are guaranteed to boost your brainpower for free through their website. All you need is a computer or mobile device that uses a web browser.

They include different puzzles and trivia questions to keep you guessing and enhance your problem-solving skills while building your other cognitive abilities. With recommendations for more mind-boggling exercises or fun facts about classic games, Reader’s Digest will keep you entertained while helping you strengthen your brain.


16.  Scrabble Games



This online website is not just to play Scrabble for free. To explain, they have numerous other word-related games to help improve your vocabulary. Through their platform, you can play against friends, the computer, or other people online. Also other popular choices include Word Twist, Just Words, Word Finder, and much more.

Finally, try your knowledge against others and see how you compare within the different games available through their web platform. There is no app to download, and you do not have to sign up for an account to access these brain games online for free.


17. NeuroNation



NeuroNation has over 60 cognitive games for the brain that you can participate in online. You can customize a learning objective by choosing your personal training goals and performance level. Moreover, this method helps you to achieve your full potential, all in your spare time.

The scientific foundation of NeuroNation includes facets covering memory, concentration, language skills, reasoning, learning ability, and mental flexibility. They believe that the brain should get daily training and exercise just as other muscles do, in order to be successful and have a healthy lifestyle.

There are 27 scientifically proven exercises on 250 levels to engage your brainpower regularly. Users can participate with the free version, but premium subscriptions are available for added features. Find NeuroNation at the AppStore or through Google Play for iOS and Android devices.


18.  BrainHQ



A free app that offers brain games online for users looking to enhance their core cognitive skills. From scientific clinical studies, BrainHQ has been shown to produce functional and real-life results in users who regularly engage in the training exercises.

Each level takes only 5 minutes to complete, making it an easy way to fit this training into your day. Finally, finish your exercises in small blocks or long stretches, depending on your schedule. BrainHQ will even send you reminders if you need them.

Train with a web browser on a computer or through mobile devices with their iOS or Android app. There is a free version for users to explore, but it also has the option to upgrade to a monthly or yearly subscription plan.


19.  Duolingo



Several studies show that learning a new language can boost brain performance, so why not start learning today? Duolingo is the perfect platform to start exploring a different language in your spare time. With 35 languages to choose from, users are sure to be engaged while expanding their minds.

The app is free to use, but it does contain advertisements. Users can upgrade to Duolingo Plus to remove ads and support free education. With a Plus membership, users will also have offline access and can track their progress as they learn.

It has immediate grading that helps determine which areas you need to work on as you go through the lessons. Consequently, keep yourself motivated with virtual coins and raise your fluency score by practicing a few minutes each day. Find Duolingo on the AppStore for iOS devices and Google Play for Android products.


20. CogniFit



Using research around brain plasticity, CogniFit has a wide range of mental exercises in their games for the brain that will help improve your cognitive abilities. Above all, they make it fun to work your mind in just 10 minutes a day. You will see results with memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, and coordination.

It is recognized as one of the leaders in the Cognitive Assessment and Training Market today. Using simple but effective methods developed by neuroscience experts, CogniFit offers functional tools to keep your mind active and sharp. It is not only for adults, though. They also include various games for kids, focusing on learning, educational resources, and memory retention.

Available in 18 different languages, users can play online through the web platform or download the free app for iOS and Android devices. There is the option to upgrade to a monthly or yearly subscription.

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21.   Einstein’s Riddle Logic Puzzles



Known by other names, this logic puzzle challenges your brain to new heights. Therefore, each brain teaser will give descriptions of attributes in a scenario, which you need to evaluate to come to a logical conclusion. Use logical thinking, the process of elimination, and detective work, to find the answers. You will need to piece together a few initial clues given at the start of the game.

Einstein’s Riddle includes over 7,000 entirely free logic riddles and includes 15 daily challenges to keep your mind active. Moreover, there are increasing difficulty levels as you progress through each game, with larger grids having more complicated scenarios.

Finally, with built-in filters for experts, users can find relatable hints to each puzzle. If you love logic puzzles, this app is for you. Einstein’s Riddle Logic Puzzles are available for free. Download the app at the AppStore or Google Play store for most mobile devices.


22.  Eidetic – Spaced Repetition



If you are looking to improve your memory function, Eidetic – Spaced Repetition may be the app for you. For this purpose, using specialized techniques to help users memorize facts, they focus on spacing out the training in a periodic time frame. This allows your brain to convert short-term items to your long-term memory effectively.

Eidetic has three different intensity levels, which you can alter to learn items over one day, two weeks, or an entire month. Hence, each one has corresponding times in which you will reiterate the facts to help your brain memorize the items and store them correctly.

This app comes in five languages and is only available for iOS users on the AppStore. It is free to download and use, but there are in-app purchases that increase features available.


23.  Jigsaw Planet



Jigsaw Planet has numerous free online puzzles to choose from that will keep you engaged and entertained. Doing jigsaw puzzles help improve mental processing speed, short-term memory, and aids in the active connections between brain cells. They are also known for increasing your visual-spatial reasoning skills, one vital cognitive function of daily living.

The available puzzles range in difficulty from only 35 pieces up to over 300, in many enticing scenes or photos to keep your interest. In addition, this platform records your time after you solve the puzzle, so you can keep track of your progress as you move through the platform choices.

Users can search for the most played puzzle on the website, feature puzzles, and even create their own. Furthermore, if you want to build your cognitive skills, play exclusively online through the web page and spend some time playing these jigsaw puzzle games for the brain.





Playing chess helps build fluid intelligence, problem-solving skills, and memory aptitude. For instance, people with lots of experience playing chess have highly developed cognitive thinking abilities and increase their mental processing speed. is one of the best ways to learn how to play using free built-in tutorials.

Read articles, watch videos, and connect with other members or coaches online. Chess is becoming more mainstream, and you can help develop your cognitive skills while playing along. With daily chess games, tournaments, and variants available, you will never tire of learning new strategies and methods to put into action.

Furthermore, users can take lessons and play through the online platform or the mobile apps from the AppStore or Google Play store.


25.  Mind Games



A quick way to help change the way you think and react. Mind Games is a simple app to use with only two to three minutes spent playing per game. By keeping the training short, users can play a quick exercise while waiting in line or having a break at work. Even those with a busy schedule can still find time to fit Mind Games into a day, increasing their mental focus and skills.

Mind Games challenges numerous cognitive skills to keep your brain active and alert. In addition, this app makes it easy to train your mind with well-rounded activities for many elements, including memory, math, vocabulary, attention, and more.

Available in eight different languages, users can sign up for a free account to play on the website or play through the app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. There are in-app purchases available to remove ads.


26.  MentalUP



Although MentalUP is well-known for providing stimulating brain games for kids, they also have selections for adults. Improve your attention and memory with numerous free and engaging games for the brain each day.

You can make one account for the entire family. This way everyone can enjoy the benefits of training their mind and developing dynamic cognitive skills regularly. Enhance your logical reasoning, math aptitude, focus, or concentration as you work through the games offered through MentalUP.

Users can play some activities online or download the app for iOS or Android devices. Try it for free or purchase a subscription to take advantage of added features and benefits.


The Takeaway

Engaging in daily brain games online can make a world of difference in your cognitive abilities. Increased memory retention to complex problem-solving and strengthening your brain’s processing time. These are just a few things that happen when you train your mind regularly with a range of activities.

If you want to keep your brain sharp and retain focus as you age, schedule in some daily brain games and see just how beneficial they can be.



1. Which games are good for your brain?

Games that focus on memory retention, problem-solving, and processing speed all help your mind stay focused and alert. Puzzles and strategy games are the best for your brain.

2. What games increase IQ?

Games that help turn short-term memory into long-term memory and challenge your strategic thinking can certainly increase your IQ. Trivia games are just one of the many ways you can help your mind.

3. Do brain games improve the brain?

There is a direct connection between playing games and an increase in the grey matter of the brain. Increased active connections between the white and grey matter happen as a result. These elements are known to improve your brain functions.

4. How can I increase my brain IQ?

Also known as memory IQ, it is how we use stored memory to predict outcomes of unknown problems. Strategic thinking games and complex math problems can help you increase this element.

5. How can I sharpen my brain?

Keep your mind regularly active with challenging games that involve numerous cognitive aspects to give your brain a well-rounded workout. Specifically, puzzles, language, trivia, math, reasoning skills, and memory retention games are terrific elements for sharpening your brain.

6. Do brain games increase IQ?

By participating in brain games, you can improve your IQ as you retain more information, store it, and use it for later purposes. Learning new ideas, concepts, and languages that you can transfer to other areas of your life will all increase your IQ.

7. How can I exercise my brain?

You can do this by finding a variety of games that will challenge all aspects of cognitive abilities. With regular practice, brain games will be beneficial for exercising your mind.

8. How can I make my brain strong?

Daily brain exercises that help your cognitive functions, will keep your brain strong. You should also follow a healthy diet to get the essential vitamins and minerals needed for your brain tissue for complete well-being.

9. Does chess make you smarter?

Chess games can help make you smarter by increasing your reasoning and logic skills, in addition to memory retention.