The 20 Best Card Games for 2 Players to Play Online and Win!

If you love playing card games for two people, finding a way to make money with your pastime is the perfect solution. Years ago, people would sit together and play cards, like Gin Rummy, Poker, or Blackjack, visiting, and often place wagers to make the games interesting. This article will showcase the best card games for 2 players to play online.

With the technology available today, there are countless ways to find card games to play online. Many of these websites also have the capability of paying out real money. Finding online card games for two players can bring in extra cash that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Collecting money is as easy as playing through an online website that provides daily promotions, bonus offers, and cashback deals. Some websites will have minimum cash-out requirements, so consideration is necessary when deciding which route to use for card games online.

There are hundreds of card games online available to play, but not all are for two players. While some games require three or more, we have narrowed down the 20 most popular card games for two players to play online.

The 20 Best Card Games for 2 Players to Play Online!

MoneyHunter Corp

Although not quite a card game please start money hunter court belongs on this list. Online platforms are the perfect solution if you love playing card games but find it challenging to get together with friends. The internet allows individuals across different cities and countries to play together digitally, helping to keep players engaged even when they are home alone.

Playing for money can add an element of excitement to any card game. Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp provides a platform that allows players to engage in a unique game online with the chance of winning the Owner’s Bounty each month. Finish the game first before your opponents, and you will see a healthy Bounty in your bank account.

1. Indian Rummy (also known as Rummy)

Indian Rummy is one of the most popular card games through the ages. Fitting into the perfect card games for two players’ classes, it can expand up to six people in total.

With these card games online, each player receives 13 cards from the deck, with the remainder on the table. A player has to make three or four sets using drawn cards from the table to win the game.

Indian Rummy can bring you real cash through an app for your Android or iOS mobile phone or one of the many websites, like

  • To install the app on your Android mobile phone, visit ClassicRummy, and select Download App. After it is complete, the APK file needs to run to install the program.

Some smartphones may have third-party apps blocked, so you will have to ensure that your settings are adjusted to allow it to run.

  • To install the app on your iOS smartphone, go to the App Store, and search for Classic Rummy. Click on the GET button to start the download, and once installed, click Open to begin.
  • To play online, visit, and register for a free account. You can choose to link to your Facebook account for easy registration or choose a username and password with your email details to complete the process.

RummyCircle also has a mobile app that is available for Android or iOS smartphones. With this website, players can use the rummy lobby to play practice games and brush up on their skills before moving on to playing card games online for real money. A must-try card game for 2 players.

2. Gin Rummy (also known as Gin)

A close game to the parent game of Rummy, Gin Rummy is modified slightly. The players hold onto their sets of cards until they are ready to go out and end the game. If an opposing player has any valid sets at that time, they do not count against them for points. has several options to play Gin card games online for money. Players can join a game on any platform from desktop, mobile phones, including Android, Windows, iOS, and even tablets. If you do not want to download an app to play card games for two players, choose the HTML5 game that will function without an installation.

  • To use to play Gin Rummy, visit the login page and register for an account. Once you have an active account, you can choose to download a green app or blue app, depending on what type of device you are using.

3. Cribbage (also known as Crib)

If you are looking to play cribbage card games online for money, then six-card cribbage is for you. This alternative to the original five-card version is popular as these card games for two players make playing together easy. This is one of the most amazing card games for 2 players to play.

Cribbage players use six-card hands and a peg scoring board for the game. They have to reach 121 points to win for a long game or 61 points for a short one. Each player chooses one card from their hand and sets it aside face down as the crib hand.

Players need to make 31 points from the cards in their hands to move their pegs. The play will go back and forth between players until one reaches 31 points to peg. If one player cannot lay down a card since it will exceed 31 points, they revoke their turn and pass to the other player.

One popular website to play cribbage card games online is Here, players can join for free, play practice games, and compete for real cash prizes in tournaments.

  • To join AskALink for online cribbage card games for two, visit their registration page and choose a username and password. Once you are active, you can enter the Main Hall to select a playing room and begin playing cribbage card games for two.

4. Canasta

Another well-known option in card games for two players is Canasta. Belonging to the Rummy family, Canasta is quite similar to 500 Rum. For instance, it uses two full decks of cards, including the Jokers. Players use 11-card hands to create runs or melds of three or more cards in the same suit. They can use wild cards to help gather melds, as long as they do not use more than three wild cards or at least two natural cards. also allows players to sign up for free and play Canasta card games online against others for cash prizes. They have a community forum with tips and strategies to help you become a better Canasta player.

  • To sign up for free registration to, visit their registration page. They have a leaderboard that shows the top 20 players in their Canasta Ladder. You can challenge a player or join Ladder Tournaments. Prizes are awarded each month for the top 10 players on the leaderboard.

5. Heads Up Poker

When you think of card games online to play for money, Poker is one of the first ones that could come to mind. This popular game has been around since the early 1800s and evolved from a European version known as Poque.

If you are only playing card games for two players, it is known as Heads Up Poker. The rules will differ slightly with fewer players than it does with a full table of participants. The dealer will be the small blind, and the opposing player becomes the big blind. They will switch positions after each game.

There are numerous ways to find and play Heads Up Poker card games online for real money. They have downloadable software to play on your device or through their online portal for instant play without installing anything.

  • Using IntertopsPoker is one of the popular ways to connect to others and play card games for two, build your skills, and win money
  • Visit their registration page to create your account, receive a bonus, and start playing today.

6. Video Poker

Video poker varies slightly from traditional Poker, where it has only one betting round and decision point before the round ends. It does combine a slot machine-style game with regular five-card Poker card games online. This version executes each game quickly but does not require as much skill as the traditional version. Most entertaining card game for 2 players.

JackpotCityCasino is one of the numerous platforms to play card games for two, like Video Poker.

  • To start playing at JackpotCityCasino, register and make a deposit to enter one of their many Video Poker card games online.

7. 3-card Poker

Another version of Poker available for card games to play for money is 3-card Poker. Although it does require some skill to participate, it is relatively easy to learn. Users play against the dealer rather than other players.

PlayAmo is one of the several websites that allow players to join for free and participate in card games for two that can reap real cash prizes.

  • With bonus packages, VIP rewards, and quick payouts, you can register for an account easily to begin a 3-card Poker game within minutes.

8. Stud Poker (also known as Casino Stud)

Stud Poker is a variety of Poker card games online that play against the house rather than other players, much like 3-card Poker. Different versions came from the American Revolutionary War, where a 4-card version was popular but later evolved to 5-card Stud during the American Civil War times.

Today, Stud Poker has a wide array of variants, including:

  • Caribbean Stud
  • Mexican Stud
  • Razz
  • High-Low Stud
  • 5, 6, and 7-card Stud

Players receive a mix of face-up and face-down cards that they obtain in multiple betting rounds. Face-down cards are unknown and are commonly known as hole cards.

PokerStars has the ability for users to play card games online or on the go from a tablet or mobile device, including iOS or Android.

  • All you need to do to begin playing Stud Poker card games for two players is download and install the software that is compatible with the device you are using
  • Create a free account right on the Home page

9. Draw Poker (also known as 5-card Draw)

Many card game enthusiasts will know several variants of their favorite game. Poker is no exception. There are numerous ways to enjoy a hand of Poker and Draw Poker card games online are favored because of their simplicity.

Draw Poker is usually the first way that beginners will learn to play since it is the easiest. The aim is common to other Poker versions, where the player needs to come up with the best 5-card hand.

This style can be with a fixed limit, a pot limit, or no limit at all. The betting structure will determine how to play your cards since some hands are playable when there is no limit, while fixed limits will deter you from trying to bet high and get an opponent to fold.

FullTilt has 5-card Draw online poker options for card games for two players through their website or a mobile app.

  • Sign up for your free FullTilt account
  • Play online through the website from a PC, Mac, or laptop, or download the software from the website for Android mobile devices
  • The iOS app is available at the App Store for Apple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices

10. Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker is a game where the pot is split into two parts, and the players compete for both halves. Both the player with the highest-ranking hand and the player with the lowest-ranking hand, if there is one, receive the pot.

This poker version is available in fixed-limits, pot-limits, or no limits which makes the game more interesting. Players receive four cards and need to make a hand by combining at least two of their cards and three community cards for the best poker hand.

888Poker has a card games online platform for users to sign up and try their hand at Omaha Hi-Lo. You can play games through the website, both with or without downloading software, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Register for a free account at 888Poker by clicking on New Player in the top right corner
  • Complete the registration with a valid email address
  • You will be instantly ready to play card games for two

11. Crazy Pineapple Poker

One of the card games for two variants is Texas Hold’em Poker. Each player receives three face-down cards to start. After the first better round is complete, three community cards are revealed. At this time, one of the three face-down cards needs to be discarded. A fun card game for 2 players.

As the game continues, the dealer introduces another community card. Players must bet according to the round, where the first two rounds can only match the small blind, while the last two rounds double the amount of the big blind. There are a total of four betting rounds.

PartyPoker has card games online for web browsers and mobile apps to try out your skills. With continuous promotions and tournaments running, playing Crazy Pineapple Poker is easy.

  • Register for a free account with PartyPoker and receive a bonus
  • Once your account is active, you can deposit your bonus to begin card games for two players
  • Download the mobile app software you need, or fast-track to card games online instantly

12. Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker is not as popular as some other versions of card games online, making it more difficult to find a place to enjoy this type of Poker.

PokerDom maintains a playing room that offers attractive bonuses for new players. Available to download on your computer or mobile device, this software supports a wide array of operating systems as card games for two.

  • Visit the PokerDom website to create your account, but you may have to change the language option
  • Select the currency you wish to use to avoid any conversion confusions
  • Confirm your account by clicking on the registration link you receive in your email
  • Download the Poker app from the home page or play directly in the web browser

13. Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco)

This simple card game requires the player to get to a total of nine or as close as possible to nine. It uses six entire full card decks, and you win by the hand that you choose rather than the hand you are playing. Best card game for 2 players.

The objective is to predict which hand is closer to the value of nine, the player (Punto) or the banker (Banco). There is the option to bet on a tie. Furthermore, Bodog has an online web portal to participate easily in active games. They have two different Baccarat games to choose from on their website.

Making an account is easy, and you will be able to take advantage of bonuses that are available for Baccarat card games online.

  • Click on the Join Now selection at the Home Login screen
  • Within minutes your registration will be complete, and you are ready to play card games for two players

14. Blackjack (also known as 21)

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games online to play for money. The purpose of the game is to try to get as close to 21 points without going over and by having a better hand than the dealer. If you go over 21, you bust, and the round is over. Your objective is to get the dealer to bust so you automatically win. This is one of the most loved card games for 2 players.

CaesarsCasino has a wide range of Blackjack variants for anyone looking to play card games online for real money. Players can join a rewards club, take advantage of promotions, and use credits towards various services.

  • Players can sign up for a free account through the home page and choosing Join Now
  • Once you have an active membership, you can play card games for two online through the desktop platform or by downloading a mobile app for Android or iOS
  • Search the Apple App Store for Caesars Casino and Sports for any Apple device
  • For Android devices, you will need to download the app from an Internet browser on your mobile device as the program is not available on the Play Store for Android products.

15. Solitaire Cube

For card games for two players, Solitaire Cube is a modern spin on the traditional single-person version. It is relatively quick to play than regular Solitaire, and you are playing against another person. It is a fast-paced game that uses a five-minute timer, and you do not need cards to be the same suit when building your rows. A must try card games for 2 players.

The chance to win real cash by playing card games online is authentic, and Solitaire Cube proves this. Many players have certainly come out on top and cashed in winnings after moving from the Practice League to the Pro League.

This card game for two players is only available for iOS devices with a download at the Apple App Store.

  • Search for Solitaire Cube on your iOS device and click on Get to start installing the program
  • Your account will be set up automatically, and you can begin playing practice rounds to prepare you for upcoming tournament card games online

16.   3-card Brag

3-card Brag is an ancient 18th Century card game that carries traits from Primero and Poker. Players receive three cards face-down, and then the betting begins. Players can choose to fold or bet to continue the game. The difference between this variation and Poker is that a player’s previous bet in the pot does not count towards the next round.

The hands in these card games online typically follow the same structure as 5-card poker hands, although with only three cards, four of a kind and a full house will not happen. Players can also bet blindly without seeing their cards, making their bet only half as much as a player who is open and sees their cards.

With Bet365, players have the option to join several table card games, including 3-card Brag.

  • Visit the Bet365 Login page and choose Join to open your account
  • Once your account is valid, you can join a room and begin taking advantage of bonuses and play card games for two players

17. Texas Hold’em (also known as Casino Hold’em)

Another favorite poker variation of card games online is the Texas Hold’em game. In this Poker version, two cards are dealt face-down to the player to start. Five community cards are then given face-up throughout three different stages of the game. This is the most played card games for 2 players online.

The objective is to build the best 5-card Poker hand using the two-hole cards and five community cards. In addition, players do not have to use the hole cards if the community cards give them an ample chance to win.

AmericasCardRoom is one of the better places to sign up and play Texas Hold’em for real money. With regular bonuses and member benefits, signing up with AmericasCardRoom to play card games online for money is simple.

  • Create an account by choosing Join from the Login screen on the Home page
  • Players can choose to play card games online through a web browser on a computer or through a mobile device without the need for an additional app

18. 21 Blitz

This popular game is a combination of Blackjack and Solitaire. Players collect hands to add up to 21 or a total of 5-card stacks. Specifically, the object is to play all four hands to try not to go bust. It is possible to obtain streak bonuses by clearing back-to-back stacks.

For fun card games for two players, 21 Blitz ranks high with others available online. Players can choose to play only through an app on a mobile device, as there is no online web browser version.

  • Visit the Apple App Store to download the app for all iOS devices
  • Search for 21 Blitz on the Play Store for all Android devices

19. Pai Gow Poker (also known as Chinese Poker)

Pai Gow Poker is a modern spin on a traditional Chinese game that uses Pai Gow dominoes. It uses a regular 52-card playing deck and a single joker. It falls into card games for two, up to seven people in total.

The players will need to defeat the banker, who could be the dealer or another person playing against them. The objective is to create the best five-card poker hand and 2-card poker hand from their seven cards to beat the banker’s cards. For example, if only one hand beats the banker, the round ends in a push or a tie.

LeoVegasCasino offers Pai Gow Poker card games online to win real money. Supporting Apple, Windows, and Android devices, players can join from virtually any desktop or mobile device.

  • Sign in quickly online through your Google or Facebook account or enter your registration details
  • Players can join online and find Pai Gow Poker card games for two players that give real money or opt for a mobile device
  • Go to the Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app required for your mobile device

20.  Blackjack Switch

Some players have always wanted to switch cards out during a Blackjack game but couldn’t. The switch version of these card games online is perfect. This game has a twist so that players are allowed to switch out the second card from both of their dealt hands to make the best possible Blackjack hand.

The stakes in this card game for two players are less than a traditional Blackjack game since switching the cards gives a player a better chance of winning. MansionCasino offers Blackjack Switch for those looking for a variant of the traditional Blackjack game. That’s great because It’s easy to register and begin playing card games for two in no time.

  • Visit the Home page and choose Join from the Login screen to enter your registration details
  • Players can play card games online instantly or by downloading the software for their computer
  • Mobile apps are not available at this time through MansionCasino

There are hundreds of choices if you are looking for card games for two through an online platform or by downloading a mobile app. Moreover, many individuals have made significant money by playing card games for two players in their spare time on a computer or their mobile device. Don’t sit idly by while others benefit from these easy-to-use services and find out just how you measure up to the competition.