The 25 Best Easy Card Games for Kids to Play!

Undoubtedly, board games remain one of the incredible ways to spend your leisure time together with your family. While they are fun and challenging, they are also educational and will help your kids build some skills. Some of these include mathematics, communication, strategy, vocabulary, and more. And more importantly, playing board games also offer an incredible opportunity to diversify from your usual eating, watching a screen, bickering, and other activities. This article will showcase the 25 best easy card games for kids.

As we prepare to spend several months indoors as a measure to curb the spread of the ongoing pandemic, you might feel interested in trying out some card games with your little ones. This doesn’t only fit in for your kids alone, and the adults aren’t entirely exempted.

Card games can range in difficulty and complexity to make them suitable for people of all ages. These entertaining pastimes are also beneficial for enhancing memory, improving decision-making, and developing cognitive functions. With such significant advantages, adults should not be the only ones who can benefit from them.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp offers unique brain teaser puzzles (many of them based on card games) to play online today. They make it easy to find challenging puzzles, meant for people above the age of 16, but don’t underestimate your child, they may see something you don’t giving them and you an entertaining pastime. Introduce your child to some popular card games or check out MoneyHunter Corp and strengthen your bond as you compete against each other or others online.

Getting a fun and creative card game for your entire family can be a bit challenging. Once you’re able to discover one, you should be prepared for several hours of abundant fun and extremely exciting moments. Here, we’ve compiled the 25 best easy card games for your kids. With the 25 card games we’ll be revealing here, no doubt, you’ll entertain your family and have fun together.

Let’s take a look…


Uno Card Game- Easy Card Game!

Easy to play and portable, Uno Card Game is a classic game for several reasons. Interestingly, this game has remained the favorite of many generations due to its exciting gameplay, which brings about optimum fun for both kids and adults alike. Uno Card Game involves matching numbers with different colors shown on the upper part of the deck. Kids only need to learn the color and numbers to play. Good for children of age 7 and above, Uno Card Game is a fun and classic game that promotes the teaching of strategy, colors, and numbers. Uno is a fun and easy card games for kids to play and enjoy.



Codename is a popular party game, and it is an excellent choice for both teens and older children. The gameplay in Codenames is fairly brief, and it only requires about 15 minutes of your time. Apart from that, this game practically requires the team to use their educational skills and wordplay to recognize and identify the “spy” words.

Without any doubt, Codename is a pretty simple game, just like other card games for kids. However, winning in Codenames is relatively a result of your calmness, thoughtfulness, and concentration. If you’re organizing a party or family game night anytime soon, Codenames is a pretty cool game to incorporate to spice up your party with optimum fun.



Sushi Go – Must Try Easy Card Game!

Sushi Go is a kick-starter card game. Its fast-paced strategy helped to rapidly increase it’s popularity. The gameplay simply requires players to score the highest points by selecting cards that stand in for the best combination of sushi dishes. With its easy and simple gameplay, Sushi Go is undeniably an excellent easy card game for your kids, and it promotes your children’s skills in the aspect of probability, strategy, and visual recognition.


Kids on Stage Charades

With this version of classic charades, you should be fully prepared to have a great deal of laughter with the actions, objects and animals featured. This gameplay basically involves acting out the clue while prompting a guess from the other players. This builds confidence, excellent and communication skills in the heart of your kids. Kids on the Stage Charade has a simple picture recognition feature, allowing children of age 4 to play and have fun easily.


Sleeping Queens Card Game

Curious about how the developers arrived at the name for this card game? A 6 year old who found it difficult to fall asleep birthed the idea. Yeah! With the help of her elder sister, father, and mother, she achieved the dream of the Sleeping Queens Card Game. This game encourages the use of strategy and luck to wake the sleeping queens. Usually, this should be achieved in a way that doesn’t trigger the dragons and potions.

However, the player that successfully wakes the sleeping queen is declared the winner of the game. While the cards are durable and colorful, Sleeping Queens Card Game is a game that promotes strategy, arithmetic, and memory. Recommended for children of 8 years old and above. This is an easy card game that your kids would enjoy.


Zeus on the Loose

Featuring the myths surrounding the famous Greek Gods like Hera, Zeus, and Apollo, the Zeus on the Loose Kid game is simply fun and strategic in its method of play. The gameplay combines different number cards employing basic arithmetic skills. The ultimate goal, however, is to climb the Mount Olympus and hold Zeus into captivity. Indeed, Zeus on the Loose teaches mathematical skills both in the classroom and at home, and it is suitable for children of age 8 and above.


Too Many Monkeys

If you have young children finding it difficult to understand the concept of counting, Too Many Monkeys is a great game for them. While it takes only about 15 minutes, the gameplay offers a full completion of the game without getting bored or tired. Apart from being simple, it only requires counting. Your kids only enjoy 15 minutes of flipping cards and swapping them in a numerical order to get the monkey back into bed. Along the line, your kids will find other animals such as giraffes and elephants joining to enhance the fun. While it can be played for the fun of it during bedtime or any other time, Too Many Monkey is a card game that enhances your child’s ability to learn strategy and counting. This is an easy card game for kids to enjoy.


Smack It

Smack it, as its name implies, is a fast-paced, exciting, and rowdy but easy card game. The gameplay allows players to flip cards into a central pile, and the battle to win the entire pile begins. Children of all ages can play Smack it together and it is absolutely easy to learn. Smack is an excellent game for family nighttime as it promotes skills such as reaction time, counting, focus, and concentration in your kids.



Whether at home or in the classroom, Rat-A-Tat-Cat is undoubtedly one of the most famous games that suit a wide range of venues and locations. Interestingly, this easy card game has won two prominent awards in the kid’s game genre. The first is the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award, and the second is the Mensa Best New Mind Game Award.

In Rat-A-Tat-Cat Game, kids are trained in the areas of strategic thinking to carefully select and swap cards for the ultimate purpose of getting the hold of the lowest scoring hand. Everyone loves fun, and the Rat-A-Tat-Cat card game might be the perfect go-to kid game that’ll enhance strategic thinking, memory, and addition in your child.



A perfect combination of luck and strategy, Rummikub is an easy-to-learn and fast-moving game. Basically, two or more players have fun by taking their turns placing their number times to match each consecutive number of similar colors or groups of similar numbers in diverse colors. Indeed, Rummikub is a perfect game for your child of 6 years old and above. You’ll get to teach your child the knowledge of pattern recognition, sequencing, and planning skills.


Trash War

Trash War is simply another incredible fast-action card game that’s suitable for up to five children. This card game features a fantasy of the land of the Junkyard Dogs of Way as well as the Medieval Knights. Of course, this card game might not represent history accurately.

However, Trash War is character-inspired gameplay. Apart from that, the illustrated cards are highly creative and full of fun. The game is easy to learn and play with uncomplicated rules. And above all, it fosters the spirit of creativity in your children of 10 years old and above.


Family Feud Strikeout Card Game

Do you remember the famous television game show? Family Feud? The strikeout is pretty much a replica of this television game show in card form. This gameplay basically involves matching answers to a wide range of survey questions. After numerous failed attempts, the opponents get the chance to score. One other incredible thing about the Family Feud Strikeout Game is that it is easy to pack up for travel. With Family Feud Strikeout Card Game, you can have an all-fun vacation with your kids on the next holiday and this is an easy card game.


Five Crowns

Famous among reviewers and players, Five Crowns is simply a replica of Rummy. The only difference is that it features a rotating wild card that keeps players in several minutes of guessing. And you’ll get an uncertain outcome.

Rather than the four suits of traditional card decks as seen on rummy, Five Crowns features six different suits, providing several options for sets and sequences. Completing this game is possible just in the space of 45 minutes. While Five Crowns can be played as a solitaire game, it promotes visual recognition and boosts strategic thinking in your wonderful kids. This game falls under the easy card games category.


Phase 10 Card Games

Coming from the same Uno developer, the Phase 10 Card Game also shares some similarities with rummy. And more importantly, you might also want to know that it shares its colorful cards with rummy. However, Phase 10 Card Games feature addition action cards that really spark excitement in your kids and is a really easy card game for kids to play.

The gameplay strategy involves creating different sequences similar to runs or similar-colored cards or a combination of these. Complete each phase accordingly. Players must achieve a milestone of ten phases before they can actually win the game. Perfect for your kids of 7+ years. Phase 10 Card Game boosts your child’s ability to implement strategic thinking and numbers.


RoosterFin Rooster Race

Whether it is the kindergarteners or even the grandparents, everyone will enjoy the fun-filled and creative RoosterFin Rooster Race. This fast-paced and simple gameplay only requires the players to make an educated guess about whether the top card in their stack is higher or lower than the last card played by other players. This is an easy card game with a lot of fun packed in for kids.

When it comes to playing RoosterFin Rooster Race, there is an element of luck. It is also easy to play together with people of all ages. With equal opportunity to try your luck towards winning the game. While the kids won’t be left out, the adults will also not find it boring.

Dr. Seuss Car In the Hat Card Game

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat is a product of research and a series of playtests. This gameplay brings about the avenue to create challenges, especially for children where they can flip over three cards. Combining these research and playtests creates a series of hilarious activities such as slide, run, seek, explore, sort, and dance.

With up to 45 cards, Dr. Seuss Car In the Hat Card Game provides several fun-filled moments, rules cards, and a Seuss-inspired fishbowl. This gameplay builds skills like confidence, creativity, and early reading in your kids of 3 years and it comes under easy card games for kids..


ThinkFun 4 Children’s Card Game

If you have been looking for the most popular and easy card games for your kids, ThinkFun 4 Children’s game should be among the top games on your list. Having games like Hearts, Rummy, Crazy Eights, and Old Maid, the ThinkFun 4 Children’s Game is a game that your children will enjoy even if it’s their first time playing. While it helps to promote memorization, matching, and communication skills, in children, this gameplay also helps adults in the same regard. And it is suitable for every child beginning from age 4.


Sneaky Cards Card Game

Undeniably, Sneaky Cards Card Game is unique and fun-filled. The gameplay basically features a scenario where the players engage in a scavenger hunt to execute various tasks. Then, this leads to the challenge to become “a secret agent of joy.” Once a player is able to complete one of the tasks, they can pass the game to another person, especially their friends or colleagues. Being an open-ended game, Sneaky Card Cards Game is an endless game that can be enjoyed by multiple children. It enhances creativity and social interaction in the hearts of the players.

Spot it! Splash Card Game

In most cases, card games are best enjoyed indoors. However, this game seems to be designed to change that narrative as it is specifically made for the outdoors, especially during the summer. The gameplay featured waterproof cards that can be utilized in the pool or at the beach without fear that the card might be destroyed by water. Usually, the cards are stored in a mesh drawstring bag. Spot it features up to five different gameplays in diverse ways, and it brings about optimum fun for your children.

Loaded Questions Junior

Obviously, this is a version of the famous Loaded Questions card game. Developed for children of age 6 and above, this gameplay basically engages kids to provide answers to a wide range of questions. Keep score, the player with the highest correct answers wins the game. You can prompt social interaction in a child or among a group of children using the question cards. Loaded Questions Junior help build communication and critical thinking skills.

Scrabble Junior

It’s the same scrabble game, you know. Certainly, both kids and parents are familiar with the classic word game. Basically, it requires that each player combine a number of letter tiles to form an English word and add points. The player with the highest number of points becomes the winner of the game. For younger kids, it may seem not very easy compared to adults. Scrabble employs proficiency in vocabulary and spelling skills, and it could be an avenue to show off these skills in your children. The number of scrabble players is usually from 2 to 8. So, multiple children can play at the same time.

Would You Rather/You Gotta Be Kidding Card Game

As the name implies, this consists of two different & easy card games for your children. Being a card riding game, the gameplay simply features hilarious questions that prompt an endless list of answers coupled with several fun-filled moments. Instead of watching movies at all times during their holiday or leisure, engage your little kids and play this game. It helps build their creativity, vocabulary, and communication skills, and it is perfect for both dinner time and family nights.


If you regularly hold a family night time in your family, the TABLETOPS family game is excellent to engage your entire family on those occasions. Whether it during dinner times or bedtime, or even car ride conversations, the pattern of playing this game simply involves a cube of four inches holding about 135 questions that are appropriate for different ages.

While some of the questions are silly, others are inspiring and thought-provoking. However, members of the family will stay engaged all in meaningful conversation, do to these questions specific design. Suitable for children of age 6 and beyond, TABLETOPS Family promotes your children’s communication, conversation, and critical thinking skills.

ION Card Game

ION Card Game is perfect for children of all ages and even adults. The gameplay employs symbols rather than words to allow children of all ages to participate in the fun. The gameplay has different types on ION Card Game; tournament mode and fast game. You can complete the fast game in the space of 5 minutes. Tournament mode requires several long hours of sitting down to play.

Interestingly, the gameplay shares some similarities with Uno Card Game, and it requires that a player uses action cards, which affects the other players. And hopefully, it gets them a bit closer to the winning spot. ION Card Game builds strategic thinking, visual recognition, and counting skills in your children.


In Hoagie, you simply fight the Oogie’s and build the perfect sandwich. Developed for the sole purpose of bringing fun to children and adults alike, Hoagie is highly engaging for everyone, whether pre-school, post-school or even adults. The game is intuitive as it features easy and simple instructions as well as whimsical, character-driven gameplay. While each of the participants is allowed to combine their cards in the race to become the best hoagie, the progress of each player can be thwarted by simple reverses. And the best sandwich wins!

There you have it! The 25 best easy card games for kids. What’s your favorite card game for your kids?