The 11 Best Emoji Games & Emoji Riddles with Answers!

There are so many advances with technology that more individuals are using emojis to communicate with others. These cartoon images depict an object, emotion, or symbol that is easily understood by the receiver. To explain, Emoji riddles are word puzzles that use these images to get the individual to solve the problem. This article will provide you with the 11 best emoji games you can play online.

What are the Benefits of Emoji Riddles?

Riddles are great for your mind because it forces your brain to think in lateral ways by acting in new and different ways to solve problems. Regular mental stimulation can also aid in several cognitive functions, no matter what age you are.

The 5 main cognitive processes include:

  • Thought: important for higher reasoning, also decision-making, and problem-solving
  • Attention: aids to focus on tasks or stimuli in the environment
  • Memory: developing traits to accept, store, and recall information
  • Learning: acknowledging new things, integrating them into current information, and thus combining with previous information
  • Perception: using a variety of senses to take in information and therefore use it in the real world
  • Language: aids in understanding written and spoken words and helps you to communicate with others

Cognitive functions play essential roles in your daily life. Specifically, from forming memories to learning new things and making decisions, you can certainly enhance these skills with these fun riddles each day.

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Where Can You Find Emoji Riddles?

Thankfully, if you have access to the internet, you can find dozens of emoji riddles to help stump you or your friends. In fact, several websites list them for you to work through on a web browser, or you can find some mobile apps to install on your digital device to take with you on the go. You and your friends can compare answers and indeed see just who is better at solving these image puzzles.

The 25 Best Emoji Riddles With Answers

If you want to see just how you measure up against your friends, you can see just how many emoji riddles you can solve. We have arranged an extensive list for you to work through. Try your hand at some of the best emoji riddles. For an added element of competition, try setting a timer to see who can go through the emoji riddles faster.

Emoji Movie Riddle

See if you can solve these movie trivia emoji puzzles.



Easy Emoji Puzzles



Challenging Emoji Puzzles






You can also try creating your very own emoji riddles by combining various images to form compound words or sentences. This method is a great way to challenge your family and friends while building your creativity and cognitive skills.

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The 11 Best Emoji Games To Play Online!

There are several options to choose from if you prefer to have a mobile app to take with you anywhere. Both iOS and Android devices have several emoji games to download for free and take your brain-boosting on the road.

1. Emoji Riddles

This emoji game contains 200 riddles with the free play mode and the ability for expansion level packs to access more puzzles. Furthermore, there are over 100 levels to challenge with almost 2,000 emojis that certainly create fun and entertainment for hours. This emoji puzzle game is free to download with, of course, the option of purchasing extra riddles to keep the fun going. Emoji Riddles is available at the Google Play Store for Android devices.

2. Emoji Puzzle!


If you are looking at a spin on regular emoji riddles, then Emoji Puzzle! is the perfect solution. By selecting emojis and combining them to create new compound riddles, this mobile emoji game certainly helps you to think outside of the box. Moreover, pairing by association is a great way to rewire your brain for better cognitive functions and Emoji Puzzle! helps you do just that. It is also free to download for iOS devices.

3. Emoji Quiz for iOS


Individuals can test their reasoning and logic abilities with this challenging Emoji Quiz game, especially for iOS devices. With the hundreds of different emoji puzzles to work through, players will be entertained while building their cognitive skills. Don’t worry if you get stumped. There are built-in hints to help you along when you are stuck. This mobile app is also free to download and has the option for in-app purchases.

4. Emoji Quiz for Android


For individuals who have Android devices, there are a few emoji games options available. To explain, Emoji Quiz has over 1,200 puzzles. in addition, there are more added regularly to challenge you every day. Great fun for the whole family, this mobile app will sync with your Facebook and Google Plus to share your progress. There are expert and extreme levels for those competitive users. It also contains an offline mode to play when you are away from an internet connection. It is a free download but does have in-app purchases.

5. Guess the Emoji


One of the original emoji mobile apps, Guess the Emoji, is loads of fun for all ages. With a wide array of puzzles ranging from easy to difficult, there are several styles of built-in hints to help you solve these riddles. Find out indeed just how smart you are by pairing emojis together and figure out what each puzzle means. It is available at the AppStore for iOS as a free download with the option for in-app purchases.

6. MoneyHunter Corp


Emojis are becoming a part of everyday life. But, while these cute cartoon pictures can help you build your perception and language skills, did you know that solving emoji games can also put money in your bank account?

Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp” is the ideal platform to test your knowledge and try your hand at winning the Owner’s Bounty. All you need is an account, and you have a chance to earn a major Bounty.

7. Find the Odd Emoji Out


The odd emoji out game is a fun emoji game with some entertaining challenges. The game is simple yet challenging. The higher levels of the game get unlocked after successfully completing the initial 8 levels of the game. This game is available for Android devices.

8. Emoji Game: Guess Brand Quiz


If you believe that you have good brand awareness with the everyday brands around you (Nike, Google, Instagram, Meta, etc.) then this brand emoji guessing game is for you. This emoji game is challenging, fun, and entertaining at the same time. The game is available for Android devices and is an easy-to-use emoji game.

9. Emoji Puzzle Matching Game


The emoji puzzle matching game should be the first choice for the players who are good with puzzles. Each level of this game has different challenges from easy to difficult and is one of the best time killer emoji games on the internet. This game has 300 emoji levels and each level will bring some new and exciting challenges for the players. This game is available for Android devices.

10. Connect Emoji Puzzle!



If you are an Android user, then this emoji game is one of the best emoji games on the internet. A perfect time killer and entertaining game where you will just have to connect the correct emoticon with the correct option in the other column. This game is an amazing choice for both kids as well as adults and in this world of chatting, they would get an idea of what is the real meaning behind the emoticon and much more.

11. Emoji Quiz Game – Guess the Emojis: 2 Pics 1 Word


Are you looking to test your brain? If yes, then this game is the one you are looking for. This emoji game provides mind teasers and puzzles for players of all ages and no doubt this emoji game is entertaining. The best part of this emoji game is it can be played offline which makes it an amazing time killer game. This emoji game is available for Android devices.


Emoji riddles are great ways to develop your logical thinking abilities while playing a fun game. In particular, these images help you communicate every day, and the available pictures are growing more each day. If you want to help develop your cognitive functions while playing with friends, using emoji puzzles can be the perfect solution.


How do you solve an emoji puzzle?

Above all, to solve an emoji puzzle, you need to determine which word is associated with the image presented. Often, they are compound words that you will have to merge to find the solution.