The 30 Best Funny Riddles for Kids and Adults with Answers!

Riddles are a fun and stimulating way to challenge you or your friends. They have a long history throughout several cultures and stretch back to ancient times. The oldest preserved riddle sits within an ancient Sumerian clay tablet that dates back to 2350 BC. Funny riddles for kids and adults are still prevalent today and have more benefits than you may realize.

How to Define a Riddle

There are variances in riddles that make them unique. Riddles themselves are questions or phrases which are presented as a word puzzle to solve. There are two types of riddles, including enigmas and conundra, also known as conundrums.


Riddles that fall into the enigma category use metaphors or allegorical language that requires the receiver to consider the solution carefully. They can require a great deal of ingenuity to work through the complex symbolism or meanings that hide within the riddle.


These types, although they may seem relatively simple, can trick the receiver because of their word usage. These word puzzles rely heavily on using puns either in the question or within the answer that can confuse the receiver until they make a connection.

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Benefits of Funny Riddles

Funny riddles are much more than just short jokes to pass the time and make someone laugh. There are numerous benefits to partaking in riddles, no matter what age category you fall within. Both kids and adults can notice an improvement in cognitive functions from regularly working through brain teasers like this.

Funny riddles require you to use lateral thinking, which is something our brains may not do every day unless we make a challenging effort. When you have to determine an answer to a difficult riddle, your brain develops in the areas of prediction and memory retention and can also improve your mood and self-esteem.

This type of activity is a great brain exercise and can be advantageous for kids and adults of all ages. Anyone can benefit from continuous mental challenges that help enhance the overall functionality of the brain. By incorporating these types of brain-boosting activities into your child’s daily routine, you are helping build and maintain their mind, all while having fun.

The 30 Best Funny Riddles for Kids with Answers

Kids love to tell each other jokes and riddles to try and trick their friends. As they grow older, you can challenge their cognitive skills with these fun riddles for kids. Your child will enhance their memory and problem-solving skills with a routine that includes riddles and brain puzzles. Try working through these 30 fun riddles for kids and see if you can solve them by yourself and with your child, or try to come up with some new ones of your own to stump your child.

  • If you don’t keep me, I will break. What am I?
    A promise
  • There is only one word in the dictionary that is spelled wrong. Which word is it?
    The word – WRONG
  • Lacy is running a race against 5 other people. She passes the person in 2nd What place did she finish in?
    Second, because she moved ahead of the 2nd place person, and they moved down to 3rd.
  • I have a head and a tail but no legs. What am I?
    A coin
  • What 2 things can you never eat for breakfast?
    Lunch and Dinner
  • What word becomes shorter when you add letters to it?
    The word SHORT – by adding ER.
  • What has a face but can’t smile and hands but can’t hold anything?
    A clock
  • A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed in town for 3 full nights and 2 full days. He then rode out again on Friday. How is that possible?
    His horse’s name was Friday
  • One night, a king and queen went into the castle. There was no one inside there when they arrived, and no one came out of the castle. In the morning 3 people came out of the castle. How was that possible?
    The king, the queen, and the knight (night)
  • What must you break before you can use it?
    An egg
  • Eric was able to go for 10 days without sleeping. How is this possible?
    He only slept during the night, not during the day
  • I live in winter, I die in summer, and I grow my root upward. What am I?
    An icicle
  • I have 88 keys, but I cannot open a door. What am I?
    A piano
  • I am lighter than a feather, but the strongest person cannot hold me for longer than 5 minutes. What am I?
  • What coat can only be put on when it is wet?
    A coat of paint
  • I have 3 feet, but I cannot walk. What am I?
    A yardstick
  • What runs but cannot walk, can murmur but never talks, has a bed but does not sleep, and has a mouth but never eats?
    A river
  • If I have this, I can’t share it. If I share this, I do not have it. What is it?
    A secret
  • If I have this, I can’t share it. If I share this, I do not have it. What is it?
    A sponge
  • You can catch me but not throw me. What am I?
    A cold
  • I am easy to get into but hard to get out of. What am I?
  • Susan fell off a staircase with 32 steps. She wasn’t hurt at all. How come?
    She fell off the bottom step.
  • The more you take away from me, the bigger I get. What am I?
    A hole
  • I have a neck but no head. What am I?
    A bottle
  • I can go up and down, but I cannot move. What am I?
    A flight of stairs
  • This invention has been around since 100 AD and allows you to see through walls. What is it?
    A window
  • The more of these you take, the more that you leave behind. What is it?
  • I follow you and mimic every move you make, but you cannot hold me. What am I?
    Your shadow
  • I have no eyes, no ears, no legs, but I can help move the earth. What am I?
    An earthworm
  • I have no eyes, no ears, no legs, but I can help move the earth. What am I?
    He was bald

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The 30 Best Funny Riddles for Adults with Answers

It is often difficult to find funny riddles for adults that are tasteful, and you can share with your friends in any public setting. We have compiled a list of 30 funny riddles that you can test your friends or coworkers without the fear of upsetting someone or being objectionable. Try your hand at a few of these and see how your friends measure up when you test their knowledge.

Solving funny riddles is not only entertaining but beneficial for building brainpower. Using puzzles that play on words can challenge your friends and family in a battle of wits. This entertaining pastime can also be monetarily beneficial if you enjoy deciphering riddles. Web-based platforms like Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp”, help individuals boost their brains’ cognitive functions and bank accounts with an easy-to-use venue for solving riddles for the Owner’s Bounty. Just be the first one to solve the question to reap the benefits.

  • I am sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. You can eat me, and you can also drink me. What am I?
    An Apple
  • This food is so funny that it should be a comedian. What is it?
  • I can be hot and cold. Can run and be still. I can be both hard and soft. What am I?
  • I have branches, but I do not have fruit, leaves, or a trunk. What am I?
    A bank
  • You can roll this ball, but you can never bounce it or throw it. What type of ball is it?
    An eyeball
  • I do not have wings, but I can fly in the sky. I do not have eyes, but I can cry. What am I?
    A cloud
  • I do not have a life, but I can die. What am I?
    A battery
  • I have cities but do not have people in them. Also have rivers but no water in them. I have forests but no trees in them. What am I?
    A map
  • I will never ask you a question, but you will answer me. What am I?
    A telephone
  • When it rains and water comes down, I go up. What am I?
    An umbrella
  • You can easily break me even though you cannot see me or touch me. What am I?
    A promise
  • I do not have eyes, a tongue, ears, or a nose, but I can see, taste, hear, and smell everything. What am I?
    Your brain
  • This word, when you pronounce it correctly, is wrong. When you pronounce it wrong, it is correct. What word is it?
    The word WRONG
  • I go all around in the cities, towns, and villages, but I never go inside. What am I?
    A street
  • I cannot hear or speak at all, but I will always tell the truth. What am I?
    A mirror
  • You will always buy me to eat, but you will never eat me. What am I?
    A plate
  • You throw me away when you want to use me. You take me in when you do not need me. What am I?
    An anchor
  • The person who makes me does not need me when he is making me. When the person who buys me does not need it for themselves. The person who uses me doesn’t know they are using me. What am I?
    A coffin
  • I have no bones or legs, but if you keep me warm enough, I will eventually walk away. What am I?
    An egg
  • There is a boat filled with people, but there is not a single person on the boat. How is this possible?
    All the people are married
  • If you take away the first letter of this word, it still sounds the same. You take away the last letter of this word, it still sounds the same. If you take away the middle letter of this word, it still sounds the same. What word is this?
  • A woman shoots her husband, then holds him underwater for 5 minutes. After, she hangs him. Yet, 20 minutes later, they are enjoying dinner together. How is this possible?
    She took a photo of him, developed the picture in a dark room, then had dinner together
  • The first 2 letters of this word mean male. When the first 3 letters of this word mean female. The first 4 letters signify a great man. The entire word signifies a great female. What word is this?
  • I have a lot of memories, but I do not own anything. What am I?
    A photo frame
  • I will always come, but I will never arrive today. What am I?
  • I am a beer, but kids can drink me and not get drunk. What am I?
    Root beer
  • You must give this before you can keep it. What is it?
    Your word
  • I am the tallest when I am young and the shortest when I am old. What am I?
    A candle
  • There is a one-story house where everything inside and outside is yellow. The walls, furniture, doors, floor, everything. What color are the stairs?
    There aren’t any stairs because it’s a one-story house
  • Gerry shaves every day, but his beard stays exactly the same. How is this possible?
    He is a barber


Hopefully, working through these funny riddles not only entertain you and your child but also gave your brains a workout. For an additional brain activity, see if you can come up with your own funny riddles that you can use to try to stump your friends and family. Constructing riddles yourself is more challenging than you may think.

Daily brain exercises should be an important part of your routine, especially as you grow older. They will help you maintain cognitive functions and keep your mind sharp. See how easy it is to incorporate a few brain-bending riddles into your day and reap the benefits.