The 16 Best Online Chess Games to Play and Win Real Money in 2022!

If you have heard of the show The Queen’s Gambit, you may be familiar with the game of chess. Chess is a mind game, and you can have an opportunity to win real money if you hone your skills for competition. But finding the perfect platform that will make it worth your while can take some time and make this job easy for you, we have shortlisted the 16 best online chess games where you can play and make money at the same time.

Not everyone can win money by playing chess online. Although, the opportunities are there if you seek them out, practice, and compete in the right platforms.

16 of the Best Online Chess Games to Play and Win Real Money!

If you like playing a game of chess online, then you may love getting rewarded for it. There are several ways to earn cash prizes and other rewards from online gaming websites. Many of these platforms have already given away thousands of dollars in prize money.

Take the plunge and try your strategies against other chess enthusiasts. Consequently, you may end up winning some real money for yourself. We have 16 of the best online chess games to play and win real money for you to explore. Some platforms will require you to enter paid tournaments, while other websites can help you hone your skills for big challenges later. See which ones work best for you and your schedule, and you will soon be on your way to winning some real money.

1. Big Time Chess: WINR Games Inc. (Win Draw Money)

Big Time Chess is one of the reputable places where chess players can earn real money online. When you play the games, you can earn a ticket to enter into cash prize draws. For example, they dedicate a portion of their advertising revenue to regular cash prizes for the players. The more you play, the more tickets you earn for the next draw.

Where else can you have a chance at winning real money by playing an online game that you love? There are no in-app purchases with Big Time Chess, and you do not have to pay anything to win. Download their Android app today and see just how easy it can be to earn money when you play chess online.

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2. (Win Money)

If you enjoy playing online chess, GameColony can be a terrific website to try your hand at winning money. In this case, you can play online for free or decide to compete in multiplayer tournaments. In fact, they have handed out over $1 million in prizes to chess players online.

You can play online through their website and earn tickets.At the same time, you can use them to compete in tournaments or exchange them for real cash. If you don’t have any tickets, you can open an account and purchase tickets to start competing. There is no app to download, and as long as you have a browser that connects to the internet, you can use GameColony. is a popular online gaming website that hosts numerous games, including chess. All you need to do is visit the website, create a username and password, and you will be ready to play chess online for free.

If you feel competitive, PlayChessOnline has tournaments to take part in that can bring you real money. in this case, these tournaments require an entrance fee, ranging anywhere from $0.50 up to $100. Therefore, the winner will collect the resulting prize pot, depending on the entrance fees. You can purchase tickets for tournaments in varying amounts and use them to compete to earn real money.

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4. MBChess: MBHiTechSolutions (Win Money)

Finding the ideal platform to play chess online free can be cumbersome. There are so many websites and apps to choose from, the variety can make your decision hard. MBChess takes your personal security into account when hosting their online platform. They want you to play, have fun, earn money, and not worry about comprising your information at all.

The interface at MBChess is smooth and easy to use, even for beginners. Players can start out playing chess online for free, building their skills, and therefore progressing to tournaments that can win real money. However, you will need to have Real Points in your player account to compete for money. Furthermore, you can purchase or win them and withdraw them to your bank account for cash.

5. Chess2Play: (Win Money by Betting)

If you like to play chess on the go, Chess2Play can be the perfect solution. It is a website platform that you can connect to through any browser with an internet connection. The website has a mobile-friendly version that will adjust to your smartphone so you can take your chess game with you anywhere.

This online chess betting server allows players to bet against each other in a game to win money. For example, you can participate in live games with people all around the world or play in cash prize tournaments. Chess2Play offers official tournaments three times a month. There is a commission charge that applies to all total stakes won or drawn from official tournaments.

6. Chess Puzzle Blitz: Frame Perfect Gaming LLC (Win Money)

With limitless puzzles and never-ending competition, Chess Puzzle Blitz is a great way to brush up on your chess skills and earn you real money. For instance, as you work your way through the games, you can work up the leaderboard to win real cash prizes. You will play someone with your skill level and move through the leaderboard ranks together.

Chess Puzzle Blitz is available for iOS and Android devices with a free download from the App Store or through the Skillz Store. It ranks at 4.5 stars as one of the better mobile ways to play chess online with friends. You can compete head-to-head or join a Pro League and see how you measure up against the competition.

7. Internet Chess Club: (Earn Money)

Making money by playing chess online is possible. The Internet Chess Club is a membership-based website platform for chess game enthusiasts. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial then pay for a club membership. The way to earn money from ICC is of course by referring friends to the platform. Once your referral pays for a membership, you will earn points that are redeemable for cash withdrawal.

To access ICC, you must download and install their free software. You can use it on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems. They only offer free games, making it perfect for children to practice and learn. The more friends you refer, the more points you can earn that you can cash out for real money later.

8. Online Chess: MPL: (Win Money)

MPL Online Chess makes it easy for players to brush up on their skills by offering chess online. For players ages 18 and up, this online platform is a terrific way to sign up and gain experience playing chess online with friends. You will receive free tokens when you create an account to use for games against online opponents. You can win more tokens by outsmarting your rival in the chess game.

Bigger tournaments will yield bigger prizes through MPL Online Chess. You can also win big prizes like smartphones, cameras, bikes, and other fantastic prizes. Players can also increase their money by referring friends and family to the platform. You can cash out your tokens directly to your bank account after you have grown your wallet. You can download the app for iOS and Android devices and get started playing today.

9. (Play for Free)

One of the more recognizable online platforms for chess enthusiasts is More than 25 million chess players worldwide use this online platform to learn the game, advance their skills, and compete. You can connect to professionals and other chess gurus to learn from them.

Furthermore, if you want to play chess online free, is the ideal place to go. You can play online with any of their 150,000 games through any web browser that has a connection to the internet, download their software for your computer, or use one of the mobile apps for iOS or Android.

10. ChessKid: (Play for Free)

Coming from, ChessKid is the perfect platform for youngsters to build their game skills in a safe environment. Parental controls help restrict online chatting and contacts without permission. ChessKid has everything your child needs, from beginner right up to advanced strategies of chess play. They can challenge the ChessBots of any skill level.

There are hilarious and fun kid-friendly videos to help your child learn the game. Finally, it is completely ad-free, and all games are free to access. Gold members have access to unlimited puzzles and videos. ChessKid is available for both iOS and Android devices as a free download. It does contain in-app purchases.

11. Chess24: (Play for Free)

Chess24 is quickly rising to popularity as one of the better online platforms to play chess online. Their basic membership is free to sign up and use. In addition, it gives you access to viewing live games, participating in free play and learning how to enhance your chess skills. Read what’s new in worldwide chess news and participate in online courses available.

Premium members have access to eBooks and chess24’s video training series to build their chess skills. They also have a chance to challenge titled players as part of a live stream. They have an app to download for your iOS or Android device through the AppStore or Google Play Store.

12. SparkChess: (Play for Free)

This easy-to-use web platform is perfect for those looking to learn the fundamentals, practice, and play chess online with friends. In addition, SparkChess is available to use for free, or you can sign up for a Premium membership. Paid members have access to more features, in addition to a coach, hints, move help, board analysis, and more. SparkChess has General, Single-Player, and Multi-Player options to suit any chess enthusiast.

Not only is the platform easy to navigate and use, but it is ecstatically pleasing with 3D graphics, making it life-like. SparkChess is accessible through a web browser and various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

13. PlayChess: ChessBase (Play for Free)

One of the better online platforms for chess software today is PlayChess from ChessBase. It provides a multitude of tools and resources for anyone looking to learn the game or perfect their skills. Similarly, you can play chess online free without an account or create a free account for additional functions. Premium accounts with PlayChess are for professional use.

This online platform is certainly a terrific way to find an opponent that matches your skill level. Practice chess online with members all around the world, any time of the day or night for free. With tactics and opening training, indeed you are sure to enhance your game skills with their database of eight million games available.

14. MoneyHunter Corp: (Check The Bounty)

While many refer to chess as a gentlemen’s game, it is for anyone willing to learn. Women, children, and men enjoy participating in this challenging game that requires critical thinking and planning to execute strategic moves. However, the opportunity to play chess is now better than ever before.

The internet provides an easy platform to play online chess against other enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, many of these online chess games, like ones offered through Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp, provide real cash Bounty for winners. So if you enjoy chess and want to try earning that Bounty, this platform could be ideal.

15. GameKnot: (Play for Free)

GameKnot is the place to go for free chess online. With almost 2 million players belonging to various skill levels, you can learn new skills and advance your game strategies. There are monthly tournaments, ladders, leagues, chess teams, and clubs to take advantage of when using GameKnot. Have fun trying out the many chess puzzles or play chess online against a computer.

GameKnot has daily world chess news through its easy-to-navigate platform. It is free to sign up and join, with no software or apps to download before you can play. You do not have to be online at the same time as your opponent, making chess online with friends easier when you live in different time zones.

16. Lichess: (Play for Free)

This free open-source chess server has no ads and is popular with many online players. Not only does it have the standard chess playing options, but Lichess also includes eight alternative variations. You are sure to have fun learning the many ways you can play chess online. For instance, it offers several training features to guide you as you brush up on your game skills.

Lichess includes games, various puzzles, and tournaments to help you move up the leaderboard. You can play chess online with friends or with the computer through a web browser or their mobile app for iOS or Android. The user database is not as large as some of the other online chess platforms, but their features are terrific, and you can play with the computer or create a game with friends, so you are not alone.

The Takeaway

Playing chess online for free is possible on many web platforms and mobile apps today. With the advancing technology, you can play chess virtually anywhere at any time. Specifically, the games available have exceptional graphics and offer variants, coaching help, tournaments, and special tutorials. Some even have chances for you to win real money.

If you are a chess enthusiast, there is no end to the number of games and resources you can find online to use. Many of these platforms are free of charge, or you may have options to upgrade to paid subscriptions for additional features. In conclusion, find a platform that will work with your home computer or mobile device, set up a free account, and start playing today!


1. What is the best chess game for PC?

If you are looking for the best chess game for a Windows PC, then Chess Free is ideal. Not only is it perfect for your desktop computer, but it is also completely free.

2. Where can I play chess online for free?

Several online platforms host numerous games, including chess. Check out, along with other popular online platforms in our comprehensive list. Playing online can be through a web browser or on a mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

3. Can you make money playing chess online?

There are ways for you to make money playing chess online, although not every platform will hand over cash. You can earn money by playing and winning in tournaments, by betting on the outcome of chess games, or by referring friends to paid memberships for chess clubs. Some platforms will even host special prize draws for active players to win money.

4. How do you play chess online with a friend?

If you want to play chess online with a friend, both of you need to be active on the same platform to connect within a game. For this purpose, online websites including or have the option to invite friends to play with you. Some websites even have a multiplayer mode.

5. Which online chess game is best for 2 players?

If you want to play chess online with a friend, is a terrific no-cost platform to use. Certainly with over 300,000 users online, you are sure to find someone to play with at every level, any time of the day. They have classic chess as well as several variants to choose from to make your game exciting.