The 17 Best Online Free Games for Kids to Play in 2022!

Technology is everywhere, and children have access to it daily. Whether they are at home, school, or even a friend’s place, your kid likely has experience playing online games. Monitoring internet usage is essential for young children, but when you need a break or if they want to play with friends online, it helps when it is a learning game. In this article, you will come to know the best online free games for kids which not only entertain them but will also enhance their cognitive skills.

Educational Games Can Be Fun

Games that help children develop their cognitive skills and enhance learning can be fun and entertaining. One factor to consider is finding an area that interests your child. This way, they can explore a subject that means something to them.

There is no denying how technology has changed our world and how we interact with others daily. Children grow up in a world where everything is available at their fingertips, including entertaining games. As a parent or guardian, finding the best online free games for your kids to play will be beneficial for their minds.

The Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp platform offers a challenge for you and your kids while keeping them entertained. Whether you want to improve their memory or decision-making skills, there are dozens of skills for kids to learn. So, spend some time together and explore everything MoneyHunter Corp has to offer you and your children.

One of these fantastic multi-level platforms is Roblox.

Roblox platform – Best Online Game for Kids Under 16 Years of Age.

The Roblox platform is not just a single online game but rather a website platform that hosts numerous free games. These choices are both entertaining and educational, made entirely by the users themselves. In 2020, over half the kids under 16 years of age in the U.S. were actively playing games through them.

In truth, there are currently over 20 million accessible online free games through the Roblox Platform. It is a child-safe space for your kids to play alone or with friends. As a result, your child can play in a shared family space, making it easier for you to monitor their online activities.

Roblox is versatile, and your child can access it on a PC, Mac, using an Xbox, iOS, or Android device, and even in the Amazon AppStore. It is free to download and play these fun games online, although many games will offer in-app purchases.

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17 of the Best Online Free Games for Kids to Play

Finding the best educational games online for your kids to play can be exhausting. There is a whole host of websites and apps to choose from in the market. So, where do you start?

We have gathered the 17 best online free games that your child will love to play, and you will love how they help their developing minds. From educational to entertaining, these games will surely be a hit with your child.

1.     Prodigy Game

Prodigy is well-known for its ability to provide kids everywhere with educational and engaging ways to help them learn. Focusing on math skills, Prodigy Game helps parents and teachers blend classroom learning with in-home practice. This strategy is throughout their many epic quests and in-game rewards that kids can earn.

Making their games free of charge, Prodigy aims to build a love of learning for your child so they will find success both at school and at home. They do offer paid Premium Subscription options and personalized 1-on-1 math tutoring virtually for those kids who want extra practice or require additional help.

You can use a desktop computer or mobile device that supports a web browser that connects to the internet to access Prodigy Game.

2.    Neopets

Neopets is an online platform where your child can own virtual pets, purchase items for them, and interact online. They also have two virtual currencies available while children create and inhabit the world of Neopia with their pets. Free to play with up to five Neopets but paid premium members can have up to six in total.

It can be fun to purchase items for their pet, including food, clothing, toys, and accessories, but it also belongs to the educational games online niche. Children have to earn their virtual currencies, learn how to budget, and allocate their funds for pet essentials. Mimicking real-world activities, Neopets lets kids receive virtual currency from playing games, winning contests, investing in the stock market, or purchasing it with real money.

Currently, Neopets is strictly an online platform, so any computer or mobile device with access to the internet can play. They have a beta app in the works, which they hope to release later for iOS and Android devices.

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3.     Kid Can Doodle

If you have a little artist at home, Kid Can Doodle is the perfect place for them to express their creativity. In particular they aim to inspire visual literacy, improve observation skills, develop memory, and enhance hand-eye coordination. Not only will your child have fun, but they will be encouraging brain development at the same time.

Kid Can Doodle has online drawing tips and tutorials, as well as a Fun & Games section to explore. For example, it helps to inspire creativity in your artist, with downloads to try at home and share through social media. In the online Gallery, A Show and Tell section allows your child to showcase their art and doodles to others through the platform.

If you are looking for free learning games for kids, Kid Can Doodle is ideal. You can access it through any web browser and enter an email to receive regular free prints.

4.     Switch Zoo

If you have an animal lover at home, Switch Zoo is a terrific online educational game. It offers various games, music, and resources to develop their knowledge and love of animals. Let your child read interesting facts in animal profiles or helping feed the animals based on their natural diets.

Switch Zoo has online scavenger hunts, videos, and music that uses animal sounds to make recognizable tunes your child will love. All the online games are free to play so your child can learn while having fun. Let them build a biome for the animals by selecting the correct habitat, and they will receive a postcard for each one they create.

The interactive platform allows your child to see other drawings and read creative writing pieces from other visitors. Switch Zoo has mobile apps for iOS or Android users in free versions and paid full versions.

5.     Minion Rush

If your child loves the Despicable Me series, they will enjoy playing Minion Rush. This fun game online is perfect for keeping your child entertained while developing their cognitive skills. Players can choose their favorite minions, collect costumes, and run through iconic locations.

You can help your child improve their hand-eye coordination, memory, and reasoning skills with these fun games online. In particular, players will have to jump, fly, and dodge their way through obstacles, giving them a fun challenge that uses familiar characters. They can earn and collect prize pods or download their fun wallpapers.

There are interactive tasks through several social media channels to help advance through the game. You can download Minion Rush for all iOS or Android Devices and through Amazon Games.

6.     MoneyHunter Corp

Keeping your child learning and engaged can be challenging. And while there are many apps and digital programs available, some can be costly, especially if you aren’t sure your kid will enjoy it. However, many free online resources are available that will provide many benefits and not cost anything.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp is a terrific tool for kids to participate in online games that will challenge their minds and be fun for them to keep coming back for more. As a bonus, the first person to solve a MoneyHunter Corp game is eligible The Owner’s Bounty so that parents can participate too for some real money.

7.     Poptropica

If you need a safe way for your child to explore adventure online, Poptropica is ideal. This platform allows your child to connect and interact with others online safely. Your child can create their custom character, explore new worlds, and take part in regular quests. They can connect with friends, adopt pets, or explore the many adventures through Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds.

Children will build their problem-solving skills by solving mysteries that they based on actual historical facts. The built-in stories and games help keep your child’s attention while building their literacy.

Poptropica is free to play, but it does contain ads. There is a paid membership option for additional features. It is available through any internet web browser or as an app for iOS and Android devices. You can also find it on the Amazon Appstore.

8.     Lego Games

Lego has been around since 1932, making it one of the more popular ways children play and interact. For instance, they include numerous educational games online with their Lego Games platform that offers several entertaining choices for kids. There are various games for any age right from preschool up to grade school level that will challenge their cognitive skills.

Children can choose a theme to explore, including Star Wars, Super Mario, Lego Friends, and more. They can try their hand at shape matching, master building, or puzzle games, all with the Lego theme. Let your child play action games, strategy games or get creative with Art Maker, where they can sketch and paint virtually.

The Lego platform allows anyone with a web browser to access the games, or you can download their apps through AppStore or Google Play for iOS and Android devices. The apps are free to download and use, but there are in-app purchases available.

9.     Disney LOL

Children around the world love Disney and are familiar with the many characters. Whether you have a preschooler at home or a school-age child, Disney LOL has educational games online for them to explore. From treasure hunts or matching games to trivia and quizzes. They have lots of free learning games for kids throughout the website platform or available apps.

Encourage your child to work through brain-teaser challenges with their favorite Disney characters and build their cognitive abilities while having fun. Memory recognition and puzzle-solving games help your child in many ways. They can enhance their short-term memory by creating helpful brain synapses and form long-term memory.

Visit Disney LOL online through their web browser platform or download their available apps for free for iOS and Android devices. You can find Disney LOL on iTunes or Google Play.

10.  Nasa Kid’s Club

If your child is interested in space exploration, the Nasa Kid’s Club is a terrific online resource. The educational games online you can find here are inspired by real-life mission information and astronomical details. In fact, they can learn about current missions and download activities.

Let your child explore the surface of Mars or color a rocket as they work through the many fun games online through the Nasa Kid’s Club. in In particular they can build their knowledge of International Space Stations and solve interactive puzzles.

You can reach the Nasa Kid’s Club through any computer or mobile device that includes a web browser with access to the internet. This platform is completely free to use. It also has a variety of at-home projects or experiments to try on your own.

11.  Nick Jr. / Treehouse Games

Nick Jr. and Treehouse are popular media sources for educational and entertaining young children. For example, there are various interactive challenges for children to try based on familiar characters from their television shows.

With dozens of educational games online through the Nick Jr. / Treehouse platform, children can get creative with colors, build pet house puzzles, or catch Ninjalinos while racing against the clock. Your child will enhance their deduction and reasoning skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and develop better memory cognition.

It is easier to get your child involved in fun games online when they involve familiar characters they know and love. Nick Jr. / Treehouse Games makes learning fun for your preschooler and provides a secure platform that is safe for your child through their website.

12. Toca Life: World

Children love to create their own world of fun, and Toca Life lets them do just that. It includes over 500 characters to interact with and more than 90 locations to choose from when playing this mobile app game.

Toca Life: World brings together many other Toca apps in one place so your child can use their imagination any way they like. From Pets to Vacation or School, Toca Life: World makes online creativity entertaining.

This mobile app is free to download and play with a selection of characters and places. It does offer in-app purchases for additional features and benefits. You can find Toca Life: World for iOS and Android devices or through the Amazon Apps store.

13. Fruit Ninja

Children who prefer arcade games will love Fruit Ninja. Players become skillful ninjas as they slice various fruits thrown at them as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles. There are three playing options to choose from, including classic, arcade, and multiplayer.

With 100 different levels, indeed Fruit Ninja is one of the more popular fun games online to play for children of all ages. Players can read fun fruit facts after losing a game and learn unusual facts, like the inside of a banana peel can polish your shoes.

Parents can adjust modes to remove bombs for very young children, making it more user-friendly. This game is available at AppStore, Google Play, and the Amazon App for iOS and Android mobile devices.

14. Mekorama

Does your child love to play interactive and thought-provoking games? Mekorama is a mobile puzzle game where children have to help a tiny robot reach his home. Specifically, this challenge takes players through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas with numerous levels created by masters and fans. Children can make levels and earn collectible level cards.

Your child will spend hours creating new dioramas with the Mekorama building blocks. It is available for mobile devices using iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0 or later versions. You can also access it for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is a free download but does include in-app purchases.

15. Little Alchemy 2

If you have a curious child at home, Little Alchemy 2 can be a great resource to boost their knowledge and feed their interest. It lets players use four main elements, including air, earth, fire, and water, to create new combinations. With up to 720 elements available, your child will advance their cognition while trying to determine which ones should pair together.

Your child will use their creativity, systemic learning, and reasoning skills as they work through Little Alchemy 2. The game gets increasingly harder, consequently providing a challenge and keeping your child engaged.

This puzzle game helps encourage a positive interest in math concepts, science, history, and even literature. With this in mind, you can find it as a free download at AppStore or Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

16. Tornado Time Free

Challenge your child with learning games for free from Happy Polygon with Tornado Time. Players can create their tornadoes and weave them through various locations to attempt destruction. In other words, the more damage their tornado causes, the higher the score.

This fun, physics-based educational game online allows for excitement while they are completing challenges and achievements. Children can direct their tornado through wild west ghost towns or aquariums while cow launching and car smashing.

Tornado Time Free is available for iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play Store. It does include in-app purchases.

17. Minecraft

If your child has not heard of Minecraft yet, they soon will. This popular online game is free to play and does not need an account to access the platform. In addition, you do not have to download anything, and it is a terrific way for kids to play with friends online.

Children can play in 2-D and 3-D worlds, making their personalized landscape as they progress through the game. The objectives in Minecraft are Play to Create, Play to Survive, and Play with Friends.

Minecraft is available to try on Windows 10 systems, Android devices, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita. They also have a free Java Edition that is compatible with Mac and Linux computers. Some platforms will require a purchase, while others allow your child to try it out for free.


1. How can I entertain my kids online?

Entertaining your kids online can be hard to manage if you are not familiar with the platform or if they will be safe. You must monitor your child’s online game use and limit their screen time. Numerous learning games for free will help keep your kids entertained online.

2. What is the most popular game for kids?

The most popular game for kids will depend on their age and their interests. For instance young preschoolers, online platforms like Disney LOL or Treehouse are terrific ways to get your youngster involved with games. Minecraft and Roblox are more popular with older children due to their complexity and multiplayer features.