Online Puzzles – Definition, Types, Benefits and more!

Don’t Get Puzzled with Online Puzzles, Enjoy Them!

What Are Online Puzzles?

Online Puzzles are a fun way to test, strengthen, and exercise one’s ability to problem-solve. Don’t get puzzled already! They amuse you, keep you hooked, let you have some light fun, and cherish small victories. Wait! Did we say that these little things let you earn too? Let us jump onto the maze of online riddles and online puzzle games right here, right now. This article will present the benefits of online puzzles and how you can earn some cash by playing online puzzles.

What is the full meaning of Puzzles?

As said earlier, puzzles are toys, problems, or contrivances that not only let you test your brain’s ability but amuse you. One plays or solves these to untangle a mystery and get to a solution. Even a puzzling question shakes your conscience and makes you think and analyze. So, that is what it is in general and when this comes online at your fingertips then that’s what we called online puzzles.

Puzzles Are Not Just Child’s Play Anymore!

Gone are the days, when we used to only get Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and alphabet puzzle games for gifts as kids. The new generation knows how to relish childhood fun even after becoming adults. The simplicity of these games wows everyone, while the thrill keeps you hooked. Hence, puzzles are a go-to for children and adults alike.

Thus, the Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck toys from our long-lost childhood have now transformed into more complex, and exciting versions to suit all age groups, and offer the most out of it to everyone alike.

Although classic puzzles haven’t changed much since our grandparent’s days, they have evolved significantly for our benefit. We no longer must wait until the Sunday newspaper to get a weekly crossword or purchase puzzle books at the store. Instead, the internet provides an easy online platform to access dozens of variations to keep our minds sharp for our convenience.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp is a terrific platform to access dozens of online puzzles that will challenge your mind and the opportunity for the Owner’s Bounty. In addition, users can compete with others online for a chance to solve the puzzle first, making them the winner and the Owner’s Bounty for their efforts.

Puzzles Are Now Available on Your Phone Screen!

Who would go and search newspapers, buy toy games, or look for board games to enjoy getting riddled? We spend most of our day on our phone screens, texting, emailing, watching movies, playing games, and so on. But now, you can even play online quizzes and games designed for adults and earn money with the help of your smartphone.  All you have to do is visit

Moreover, not just earn while you play but have an immersive experience of solving online puzzles, riddles, and a lot more with these exclusive games designed to offer thrill and satisfaction to the players.

How many types of Puzzles are there?

There are various kinds of puzzles that test your intelligence, problem-solving skills, puts you in dilemma, and help you earn money. Some of these are listed below-

  • Cryptic Puzzles- These are some mind-boggling riddles for which you must find answers.
  • Logical Puzzles- Test your logical reasoning skills
  • Math Puzzles- Always asking you to find exes! Pun intended
  • Mechanical Puzzles- As the name suggests
  • Trivia Puzzles- One with some cryptic elements and makes you discover answers
  • Word Puzzles- like crosswords, boggles, etc.
  • Riddles- Riddle me this!
  • Guessing the Pattern

What all a Puzzle Can Offer?

A prodigal gaming experience at zero cost. This can be your takeaway in one sentence.

However, there is more to it. These online puzzle games-

  • Offer a good way to pass the time
  • Keep you engaged and entertained
  • Are easy to play and easy to win (No rocket science involved!)
  • Is a kind of gaming but does not get you entangled in the gaming horizons like other addictive games
  • Can be played even while sitting by the beach, under a tree, or on a toilet seat!

What are the benefits of doing puzzles online?

Here are the 6 unbelievable benefits of solving puzzles

  1. Develops Logic and Reasoning​– While solving an online puzzle, one keeps looking for different pieces that could come together. This helps improve reasoning skills along with helping the brain exercise and increase the cognitive function of the brain.
  2. Attention to Detail​– When a greater picture is broken and scattered into numerous small pieces, putting back those pieces becomes difficult because the difference between these pieces almost disappears. All these pieces appear similar and even start to resemble each other. Paying good attention to details is the key to solving online puzzles. The same goes for problem-solving while working on minute errors.
  3. What a great memory-​ Did you know that by solving online puzzles you can raise your IQ or Intelligence Quotient (as we know it) by 4 points? Is your mind boggled? Put it straight and solve a puzzle. By solving online puzzles and riddles, you can become more intelligent. The exercise your brain gets while solving a puzzle also helps retain memories, thus increasing your memory power.
  4. For kids and adults alike​– While growing up and growing old are two very different phases of life, they both are very alike. While kids grow, they learn and acquire skills. So, brain games and online puzzles help kids develop cognitive skills, sharpen their minds, and helps you raise intelligent kids. On the other hand, while growing old, we tend to lose memories, become weak, and start walking backward in life. But what do puzzles have to do with growing old? Well, keep the greatest monsters of old age like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia at bay by solving puzzles. Brain exercises keep the brain healthy. Just like eating healthy and exercising keeps your heart healthy. So, the same goes for the brain.
  5. Dopamine, here we come​– It is also established that the brain goes to the Alpha state or a state similar to dreaming while solving puzzles. So, whoever said, “achieve your dreams” solve a puzzle and do it! Moreover, these brain games also produce dopamine in the brain. And we know dopamine is the happiness potion of the brain. Need we say more?
  6. Earn while you Learn-​ We are the 2022 Gen ex-crowd! So, we know how to earn money even while having fun! And that is exactly what you can do while playing online puzzles at Participate in competitions online and get money straight into your account. Nothing more and never settles for less. Is there any easier way to earn money? We bet not.

The Aim of a Puzzle!

What is the purpose of a puzzle? If you want to think like Einstein, the best way is to play these games, because the purpose of these fun games is to make your brain work and exercise. To make you think and to make the neurons work like cosmic rays. Numerous parts of the brain get to work while you are playing and getting to a solution. In short, the basic aim of puzzles is are to make you smarter.

Wow! A fun fact- solving puzzles online makes you smarter and increases your ability to think.

MoneyHunter Corp for Amazing Online Puzzles There is always something exciting!

The online puzzles, riddles, and treasure hunts at MoneyHunter Corp is fresh, updated, and booming with oodles of exciting content. So, every time you visit, you enter with great enthusiasm and leave with a great experience.

The countdown to a new game comes up the moment you are ready to play. All levels of creativity and thrill are explored and offered.


You can be a winner every time

You can compete as many times as you want and stand a chance at winning prize money every time you play. Just solve the puzzles before the other players do and win your way to earning a cash prize!

Simple, Easy, Fun-filled

Downloading and playing online puzzles on MoneyHunter Corp is as simple as switching on a T.V. Just click! There are no hefty costs involved and no need for cheat sheets. The games are simple enough and interesting too.

Get two giggles from one tickle!

This would have been rarely possible before, but now with us, you can kill boredom while playing exciting puzzles along with getting paid. That is how you kill two birds with one stone or get two giggles with one tickle! You can be an expert at it all by yourself just by playing as many games as you can and having laughter and fun.

Follow the early announcements, get notified prior, and win exciting prizes!

Why Play with MoneyHunter Corp?

Because you can earn the Owner’s Bounty by playing online puzzles. The paradox of this window is that you can be productive while being totally in the mood for fun or leisure. It gives you the opportunity to portray to the world, your smartness, both in choosing the way you earn the Owner’s Bounty and winning the games.

Moreover, you can sharpen your skills not by learning, reading, or studying, but by playing these simple online games.

You can also keep updated with the new trends and discover new techniques to solve online puzzles and riddles the fastest on your own.

The New Insights of Reasoning!

You may open your mind to the insights of reasoning while playing these games. This is because these mind-bending playouts make you think and focus more on logical reasoning. It drags your brain to a point where it must open new doors of logical consciousness to win the race before anyone else. With sharpening skills, you start to think in a way that words shape your thought pattern.

A Reason to Enjoy and Rejuvenate

With amazing takeaways from MoneyHunter Corp, you can relax your mind while making it work. You can walk on the path of self-rejuvenation and discover the best way of earning money while sitting at home with just your phone in your hand.


Q1. Can I get paid to solve puzzles online?

Answer- of course, you can. Here are the simple steps-

Just register on

Accept cookies and terms of use.

Click “Join The Hunt” to enter the contest.

Wait for the timer to countdown.

Click the “Current Hunt and Answer” button. Watch, listen, or read the puzzle carefully.

Solve the hunt by typing in the correct answer.

Click submit answer.

That’s it! If you are the first to answer correctly you will be contacted for a winner’s interview, and the prize money will be sent to your account.

Q2. Which app is the best for earning online?

Answer- Online Puzzles, riddles, hunts, and brain games are available on the MoneyHunter Corp app. Download this amazing app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store today and follow the simple steps to join our online contest. The best part is that you stand a chance to win the Owner’s Bounty every time you play. So, visit and play today!