The 25 Best Picture Riddles with Answers!

Do you like to challenge your mind with riddles? Are you looking for ways to boost your brain in your spare time? Picture riddles can be the answer. Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind active and healthy, especially as you age and are not continuously learning through school or the workplace. This article will present you with the 25 best picture riddles with answers. Picture riddles have an added benefit for your mind. When you interpret images into a word or expression, you help enhance your brain in various ways. Associating words with pictures reinforces the brain cell connections and can increase dopamine levels when you successfully solve a puzzle. Regular practice with image puzzles can enhance your mental processing speed and short-term memory.

What are Picture Riddles?

Picture riddles are also known as rebus puzzles. In fact, these types of brain teasers try to trick your brain and can be quite a bit harder to solve than regular word riddles. They will usually contain a well-known expression or common idiom based on the images presented. These puzzles can contain images of items or use a picture that includes manipulating a word to obscure or omit letters; or place them in strategic ways to create a complex riddle. In addition, solving picture riddles can help expand your lateral thinking processes using calculated theories.

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Benefits of Solving Picture Riddles

There are several benefits to incorporating puzzles and riddles into your daily routine. Once adults are finished schooling, the chance of continuous learning drops dramatically. The brain areas which activate during the retention of information and turn short-term memory into long-term memories reduce without ongoing training.

By including mind-boosting activities like picture riddles, you can help keep those brain connections active and functioning. Individuals who enjoy puzzles and riddles are better visual learners, problem-solve more effectively, and have enhanced critical thinking skills. There are several ways you can expose yourself to picture riddles and visual puzzles for regular brain-boosting workouts. The convenience of the internet makes it easy to search for a wide array of Rebus puzzles online or as a mobile app to take with you.

The 25 Best Picture Riddles with Answers

We have found some challenging picture riddles with answers for you to practice here and see how you score. Work your way through this list of 25, and then share with your friends. Also, see just how they measure up compared with you.


Inside Job

Seven seas

Two steps forward, one step back




Picture Riddle Mobile Apps

If you want to take a picture riddle game with you on the road, there are numerous mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Developers have caught on to how terrific these brain booster apps are, so you have your choice on several digital selections. Download your favorite or install multiple apps to keep your mind sharp and ready for action.

1. Rebus Puzzles!

For iOS mobile users, Rebus Puzzles! is a terrific app to take along with you and get in your daily dose of mental exercise. The design is certainly easy to navigate and use, giving you the ability to share with friends or ask for help through messaging or Twitter. Players can earn coins and hints to use throughout the game. It is free to download and play instantly but does offer in-app purchases.

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2. Rebus – Absurd Logic Game


This Rebus game is stylish and easy to use. The platform is especially flexible enough to play for only a few minutes or an hour at a time. Any time spent using this mobile app will certainly help energize your mind. Use logic and reasoning skills as you work through the picture riddles and build associations between the images for a solution. This Rebus- Absurd Logic game is available for iOS devices.


3. Pictogram Rebus Puzzles


With over 50 unique puzzle selections, Pictogram Rebus Puzzles is indeed an entertaining way to build cognitive functions. The engaging platform uses attractive graphics and is also easy to navigate as you progress through the game. In addition, there are hints to help you along the way if you are stuck on a puzzle. The Pictogram Rebus Puzzles game app is available at the AppStore for iOS devices.


4. MoneyHunter Corp


Picture riddles can be an entertaining way to sharpen your critical thinking skills. If you want to boost your brainpower and your bank account, Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp” offers unique brain teaser puzzles to participate in with the Owner’s Bounty waiting to be earned.

When you sign up for a challenge with MoneyHunter Corp, there is no catch. All you need to do is register and be the first person to solve the riddle. It’s just that simple.


The Takeaway

For some individuals, picture riddles are more entertaining than word puzzles. Typically, these riddles are short and sweet and do not use a lot of descriptors. Although they seem easy enough to solve, they can be quite difficult to figure out. If you want to boost your brain activity and help enhance your cognitive functioning, in particular, try incorporating picture riddles into your daily routine. Even a minimal amount of time each day, as a result, can produce additional benefits for your short-term memory or logic and reasoning skills. One way keep your friends smiling and riddles in your routine is to take them with you. has a wide variety of custom stickers available. You can make your favorite riddles into holographic stickers, die cut stickers, etc… Stick them anywhere, giving you enjoyment and more importantly adding a little fun to lives of others that find your riddles along the way. You can also carry these small items with you for playing with your friends. A Good Funny Riddle Can Change Your Day And Benefit Your Short-Term Memory!!



What are picture riddles called?

Riddles with images are called Rebus puzzles.

How do you solve the riddle of a picture?

To solve a picture riddle, you especially need to examine all parts of the image closely. Also, check the obvious factors, explore the details, and focus on what it is trying to tell you. Finally, what words it includes, and the placement can help indicate a solution.