The 26 Best Psychology Games Online to Play with Friends in 2022!

If you are looking for the best online psychology games to play with your friends, there is no end to the choices available. The only decision you will have to make is what your budget will allow, what time commitment you have, and the genre you prefer.

There are various options to choose from, whether you are looking for first-person shooter battles, collaborative games, or mind benders to outwit your friends. One element to consider when exploring online psychology games is which platform you want to use.

Many games can support multiple platforms so that you can play them on your home computer, mobile device, or gaming console. If your friends own different devices than you do, a game that can support all applicable platforms is best.

Why Psychology Games Matter

There are many benefits to video games and online gaming opportunities with friends. Our brains need games of all kinds for a variety of reasons. You may not have heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but it breaks it down into several elements.

The three fundamental pillars of Maslow’s Hierarchy include Basic needs, Psychological needs, and Self-Fulfilment needs. Each of these is expanded further to distinguish precisely what helps make our brain feel right with our world.

Basic Needs

The lower part of the pyramid includes Psychological needs, including food, water, warmth, and rest. It also covers Safety needs, surrounding security, and personal safety. These elements are often also known as Core needs. It is the largest part of the pyramid since it is the most important.

Psychological Needs

This middle ground covers a sense of Belonging, Love, needs from friendships and intimate relationships. It also includes Esteem needs that incorporate prestige and a feeling of accomplishment. This area is still significant as it deals with human interaction as part of daily life. This article is solely based on psychology games online to cover the required skills and behavior.

Self-Fulfillment Needs

The top of the hierarchy includes Self-Actualization, which covers creative activities and achieving your full potential. This area is a continuous process throughout life as individuals encounter different circumstances and learning experiences.

From this pyramid structure, it is easy to see how playing online games with friends and family help fulfill two pillars of your needs in life. They allow you to remain connected with loved ones online and help exercise your creativity as you battle through strategic games together.

The 26 Best Psychology Games Online to Play with Friends

We have compiled a list of the 26 best psychology games online to play with friends. Some of the choices will offer several platforms to choose from, while others may only support one operating system or device. When selecting a game to play with friends, ensure that everyone can log in or download the app before purchasing if need be.

Not all of these games are family-friendly and will have a recommended age limit due to the nature of the game. If you want to include children in your online gaming activities, be sure to check the ratings for any graphic violence or other situations that they should not be participating in at a young age.

1.     Psych! – MUST TRY Psychology games online.


Ellen DeGeneres, this mixed-up trivia game is so much more. The object of Psych! is to make up fake answers and bluff your way to winning. This online psychology game is similar to Balderdash with trivia but mixes in Cards Against Humanity.

Hone those bluffing skills and practice psyching out your friends online. With several categories to choose from, players have to make up false answers to real trivia questions. You receive points when your friends choose your answer as the correct one. Try your hand at outwitting your friends by selecting the right answer from their fake ones.

You can play Psych! on Zoom, making it an easy way to connect with others online. There is an option to even play Ellen herself through the platform. It is available for iOS and Android at the AppStore or Google Play Store and is one of the best psychological games available online.

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2.     Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games has a diverse selection of Party Packs that are affordable and full of excitement and no doubt one of the best psychology game online. Using your mobile phones or devices as personal game controllers, you and your friends can engage in numerous alternative games. This platform is available with an internet connection and a web browser since there is no need for a downloadable app.

From mind-bending trivia to funny doodles or strategies, Jackbox Games has something for every age. Connect with multiple friends online and challenge each other for fun. Whether you are into monsters and aliens, mini-games, or drawing images, this platform will entertain everyone for hours.

There is no app to download; all you need is a web browser with internet access to begin playing. Prices will vary for Party Packs, and occasionally items do go on sale for a discounted cost.

3.     POGO Spades HD

Classic card games are one of the best ways to mess with your friends in an entertaining way. Spades HD is available through POGO’s online platform with a free account. All you need is a partner to pair up with and play online to test your wits and is considered the finest psychology game online.

This multi-player online card game requires two paired teams to reach 500 points or higher in a match. The objective is to win tricks that contain four cards with the highest value in each set. These cards come as one from each player in the game. Estimate how many tricks you and your partner will take to win the game.

There are 13 tricks in total, and the final count will be compared to the number of tricks you originally predicted that you would take. There are tutorials and a help button to brush up on your card-playing skills if you are out of practice. Anyone with a web browser and connection to the internet can participate, so there is no need to download an app.

4.     UNO

This classic card game is a battle of strategy and psychology as you try to outwit your opponents. For 50 years, UNO has been in homes around the world, and now you can enjoy it online with friends through an app.

With various alternatives, you can create a private game room for friends and family, buddy up or even participate in real-time matches. Use new wild cards, set your own house rules, and even send other players gifts within the game. Similarly, there are tournaments and special events to earn rewards or make the leaderboard if you are up for the challenge. This makes UNO a leading psychology game online.

Celebrating two years of being mobile, UNO has weekly draws with prizes for anyone participating. In addition, their family-friendly environment makes this classic card game a terrific choice for anyone using iOS or Android devices looking to outwit their opponents.

5.     Words With Friends 2

As one of the most popular multiplayer online games, Words With Friends 2 puts everyone to the challenge. With a more extensive vocabulary at your fingertips, you can surely show your friends exactly how much more advanced you are in your literary skills.

Above all, challenge your friends in a classic match, or choose Lightning Duels for added excitement. There are monthly theme updates to keep things interesting for regular players. Unlock more rewards as you and your friends work through the levels. Finally, be sure to track your progress and see how you are doing.

Keep your friends on their toes with regular challenges anywhere they are in the world. This free online crossword game is downloadable for iOS and Android systems, but it does have in-app purchases to eliminate third-party ads.

6.     Exploding Kittens

If you are looking for a fun strategy game to play with your friends online, Exploding Kittens is it. This game is one of the most popular game apps that require players to draw cards, much like Russian Roulette, until someone draws an Exploding Kitten.

This player can be dead and out of the game unless they possess a Defuse card. Continue to play until only one player is left to win the game. For those who love high-intensity online games with friends, Exploding Kittens delivers. Each match takes 5 to 10 minutes to play, making it easy to fit in a quick round with your friends.

You can play with 2 to 5 players across multiple devices in different locations. Exploding Kittens is a paid app and has in-app purchases available. Download it for iOS or Android devices at the AppStore or the Google Play Store.

7.     Crucible Falls

This two-player escape game is perfect for those who enjoy horror films. Situated in a small town called Crucible Falls, you and your partner are stuck with a broken-down vehicle. An unknown individual that is known only as of the “man from the doors” takes you both and separates you.

Specifically, you and a partner must solve riddles or puzzles to progress through the levels. Use your strategic thinking and exceptional communication skills to find each other within the game to escape.

This game requires a Windows 7 or 10 operating system and a working microphone to chat with your partner. It is only for two players, and both will need to have the game downloaded to their PC.

8.     Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is an expansion of the classic Don’t Starve game. It is a standalone survival game that accommodates up to 4 players. Join forces with your friends online and learn how to navigate through the wilderness together.

For instance, battle strange creatures, unknown forces, and dangers as you all unlock the mysteries built within a strange land. This relatively affordable online game also has several options for additional expansion packs to increase suspense and entertainment.

Players using Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac OS, or even SteamOS + Linux can access this platform. This diversity makes it easy for multiple friends with various systems to work together.

9.     Friday The 13th

This horror survival video game delivers suspense and excitement as players take on varied roles relevant to the movie based on the famous movie series. It includes tools that you can use to escape Jason’s wrath or even take him down.

Certainly, for those looking to add more intensity to their online gaming, you can even play Jason himself from the various movies. Work together as a team or form cohorts as you escape a horrible fate that awaits you with every scenario. You will need to adapt and change strategies as you progress through with your opponents.

You can download this suspenseful online game through Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or SteamOS. There are also expansion packs available for purchase to increase the variety of clothing or weapons to use.

10. Watson Adventures’ Virtual Games and Hunts

If you like participating in scavenger hunts, Watson Adventures now has Virtual Games and Hunts for people of all ages to enjoy. Using Zoom or another teleconferencing platform, players can collaborate online to solve riddles, puzzles, and trivia as a team.

From murder-mystery to brain-bending quizzes, Watson Adventurers’ players are sure to find excitement and pass the time easily online with friends. In addition, many of the games are available for public or private groups. Select virtual city tours, school activities, and holiday games to keep everyone engaged.

Anyone with a connection to the internet can use this platform. They will also need a web browser to access the custom app that is available from the game host. Costs can vary depending on the virtual game or hunt and last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes in duration.

11.  Snapchat Games

If you have the Snapchat app on your mobile device, you can access all of their games. Challenge and play your friends online through an app you are already familiar with. There are various games and minis to choose from depending on the device you use.

With racing games, word puzzles, and zombies, Snapchat Games are a terrific way to play online with your friends. All you need to do is click on the rocket icon in the Chat or Group Chat window. This icon will open all the games available on your device.

These games are entirely free and can be a great way to pass the time with friends online. They are limited to what is available, but new games are available periodically.

12.  Braingle Social Games

Braingle is a free online platform that contains a wide array of mental stimulation games, puzzles, and trivia questions. Users can create a free account to partake in online Social Games that are challenging and stimulating with friends.

Use your deception, deduction, and detection skills in Who’s the Boss? to eliminate the Boss before he eliminates the players. Imagine a world of werewolves and humans that battle for the majority in the game Werewolf.  Interact with your friends to survive as a human and rid the planet of werewolves before they eat the human population.

Other Social Games to challenge your friends online include the traditional options of Checkers and Chess. These selections do not require both players to be online simultaneously since their moves progress back and forth over time.

13.  Monopoly

This classic board game has migrated online through an app, so now you can play with friends all over the world. Challenge up to four friends and strategically plan your next move as you obtain property around the board.

Try to bankrupt your friends and family with your savvy business skills. This game does not have any annoying pop-up ads to distract you from your end goal of building your empire and becoming the Monopoly King. Monopoly is considered as one of the elite psychology games online in the gaming industry.

Players can choose Quick Mode to finish the entire game in less time than ever before. Moreover, with the private multi-player lobby or public games, you can choose who you want in your game. It is available for both iOS and Android devices through the AppStore or the Google Play Store.

14.  Clash Royale

Battle your friends in this exciting multi-player real-time game of strategy and planning. Clash Royale includes your favorite characters from Clash of Clans to build your defenses and rise to victory. Take your opponent’s trophies as you rise to victory through multiple arenas.

Of course with multiple game modes, you can form a clan and share cards within your community. Defeat opponents to win trophies and crowns. There are daily and weekly challenges to participate in to reap the rewards. There are new events each week to keep Clash Royale stimulating and challenging for all players.

Clash Royale is a free app to download, but it does include in-app purchases for additional features and options to incorporate.

15.  MoneyHunter Corp

Playing games with friends help promote a personal connection with others and aid in building cognitive functions and better reasoning skills. With advances in technology, playing with friends online is easier than ever.

One popular website platform to challenge your mind and play competitively against others is Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp”. Here users can try their hand at winning the Owner’s Bounty while boosting their brain traits by playing against friends.

16.  Scrabble GO

Try challenging your vocabulary and compete against your friends online with the Scrabble GO app. This product is a mobile and versatile version of the traditional Scrabble board game you love with many of the same features. Furthermore, you can go beyond the classic layout and explore an assortment of special built-in features.

Also, you can customize tiles, try four different game modes, and use Boosts to enhance your gaming experience. Compete against friends and family easily by inviting them through your social media accounts right from your mobile device.

Scrabble GO is a free app to download for use, but it does include ads and in-app purchases. It is family-friendly and perfect for iOS and Android devices through the AppStore or Google Play Store.

17.  Maze King

Do you want to show off your knowledge to your friends or prefer a friendly competition? Maze King is the perfect solution for you to exercise your brain muscle and show everyone what you can really do. Mazes are a terrific tool for mental stimulation, especially when you challenge others to play.

Move up the ranking and track your progress as you complete each maze. See just how you measure up against your friends with strategic planning to finish these mazes successfully. Use the built-in text feature to invite your friends to play along.

This app is free to download for use on iOS and Android devices, although there are in-app purchases available. It supports 16 different languages for various users around the world.

18.  Chess With Friends – BEST psychology games online.


If you use Facebook and want to play chess with those you know, Chess With Friends is the perfect solution. The game of chess requires strategy and planning, therefore making it one way you can battle your wits against your friends or loved ones.

With multiple customizable features, players can design the board how they please and even play more than one game at a time. Track your progress as you challenge others from your Facebook account and even compare your stats to others on the global leaderboard. The in-app chat feature makes it easy to communicate with your friends online while you play. Indeed, chess is considered as one of the supreme psychology games online that can be played with friends.

The Chess With Friends app is free for iOS and Android devices through the AppStore or the Google Play Store, but it does contain in-app purchases. You must be 13 years of age or older to play this online game.

19.  Trivia Crack

Trivia with friends can be a great way to connect with others while challenging everyone’s mind. A solid app that requires mental dexterity, Trivia Crack helps bring people together with their brainpower.

Try your hand at trivia in six different categories, including art, entertainment, sports, science, history, and geography. In this case, collect special characters from each category to win the game and show your friends which of you really know more facts.

This addictive app is free to download for iOS and Android devices through the AppStore or on the Google Play Store. Trivia Crack supports 25 different languages. It does contain in-app purchases, including coins, lives, and right answers.

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20.  Brainwell

Do you want to test your brain and challenge your friends? Brainwell allows you to build your cognitive functions while facing opponents. The personalized training options are well-suited for both kids and adults, making it a perfect choice for anyone to enjoy. Enhance your psychological functions with daily logic, math, and memory exercises.

Based on neuroscience, Brainwell helps multiple areas of the brain and what else one would look for in an online psychology game and it helps so you can be in a top-notch state when competing against your friends and family members. Visual stimulation and problem-solving exercises give your mind the workout it needs.

Use social media to find opponents and get started on challenges for players of any age. There is a free version available for both iOS and Android device systems, but it does contain in-app purchases.

21.   Fortnite

Multi-player video games are not just for kids anymore. Fortnite is just one of the many options to play online with friends that require strategic planning and advanced communication skills. In the same way, build your cooperative team, battle monsters, and explore an ever-changing world of unknowns.

With built-in battles, creative islands, and competitive tournaments, you can build your skills as you advance over time. For example, level up your heroes, craft weapons, and build your forts alongside your friends online to conquer other teams. No two games are the same, making this platform a challenge for anyone.

Fortnite is available for Windows PCs or Mac computers, PlayStations, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and several mobile devices. This game requires users to buy it through one of the many platforms and has additional built-in purchases for special features to use during play.

22.  World of Warcraft


For individuals who love the fantasy world and want to collaborate with friends online through a gaming platform, World Of Warcraft is the ideal solution. With the ever-changing world of magic through Azeroth, players can fight monsters and defend themselves from continuous threats.

There are two sides to fight with that players need to choose before starting the game, the Alliance or the Horde. This online community game helps you build fellowship with your friends and others as you work through the levels.

You can try it for free before deciding to commit to a subscription. The Free Trial gives you ample opportunity to play for free up to Level 20. There are expansions for purchase that go from Levels 20 to 50, as well as subscriptions that go over Level 50.

23.  Northgard


Brave Vikings, Wolves, and Undead Warriors make up the mystic land of Northgard. You and your friends can explore this brave new world to bring fame to your clan. It is a land of riches, but also danger, giants, and harsh winters.

Northgard supports 11 different languages so you and your friends all around the world can explore and conquer these strange new lands. Trade with others, befriend or defeat the mighty giants, and survive the dangers that surround you.

Northgard works on Windows PCs, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, or StreamOS + Linux as a relatively affordable multi-player game. Expansion packs are available for purchase to enhance your experience.

24.  Neptune’s Pride


Neptune’s Pride is a multi-player online game for individuals who love intrigue and strategic gameplay with Galactic Conquest. The object of this web-based game is to be the first person to capture half of all the stars in the galaxy. Meanwhile, build alliances, negotiate deals, and upgrade your stars and technology. So if you want to work on psychological behavior and decision making then this game is one of the best options available online. The best part of this game, for many people, is that it does not take much time each day since it is played over several weeks. Players can log in for a few minutes daily to check their fleets, see the results of battles, and compile new orders. Hyperspace jumps from star to star can take anywhere from hours to days, making this an attractive alternative to other real-time online games.

Because of the HTML coding that the game is compiled with, you can play it on virtually any device that connects to the internet. Play Neptune’s Pride on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Players can sign up for free, but you will need a Premium Account to access advanced features.

25.  Rainbow Six Siege


A tactical multi-player online game, Rainbow Six Siege provides various locations around the world for you and your team to face combat. Use strategic planning as your team navigates around the globe to battle it out.

Furthermore, each year comes with releases of seasons to add more maps, game modes, weapons, and other features. Players can purchase a Year Pass to access Premium Features and fast-track through tiers. Build your perfect squad of 5 to battle others in iconic destinations.

Beginners can complete questionnaires to see recommendations on which Defenders and Attackers are best suited for your squad. You can play for free with a limited account on a Windows PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. Join the ranks and opt for a Premium Membership for access to additional features.

26.  Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


Put yourself to the test against 100 other players in an epic battle of survival to be the last one standing. This monumental battle royal online game will force you to try and outwit your opponents while you gather supplies to be victorious.

You can enter the game solo and combat against your friends online or form a team of up to four people and battle for the final spot among the 100. Parachute into an unknown location, start scavenging for supplies and try to stay alive while danger lurks all around.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Windows PC, iOS and Android devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 systems, or through the Stadia streaming platform. It is available to play for free, with the ability to purchase expansion packs for added features.

The Final Takeaway

Online gaming is not for everyone, but there are numerous options to choose from, even if you are not into first-person shooter games. You can include a strategic play through many online psychology game platforms to give you and your friends a chance to exercise your mind while having fun. From classic card games to modern puzzles, there is a variety online to choose from, including free downloads all the way to subscriptions and memberships.

Talk to your friends and find out what new interests you may want to explore together online. therefore, do they prefer to stick to more traditional games like chess or UNO? Would they like to try their hand at an online scavenger game? Together you and your group of friends can learn new skills, challenge each other’s wits, and stay connected while having fun.