The 12 Best Riddle Games Online to Play in 2022!

Are you searching for the best riddle games online to play this year? Look no further. We’ve done our homework and will present you with our findings. Gone are the days you had to wait around for someone to ask you riddles before you can enjoy the thrill of trying to solve them. There are a ton of online riddle games that feature several levels, various concepts, hidden clues, and so on. Not to mention, they come with multiple animations in both image and text.

Sadly, not every riddle game on the internet today is worth your while as a riddle enthusiast. So, here comes the million-dollar question — what are the best riddle games you should look for online?

As we all know, riddles have been in existence for quite an age. These games are certainly an excellent way to test our problem-solving skills. Not to mention how they’re a very thrilling cognitive activity.

Today, with the improved accessibility of the internet and advancements in technology, many of our favorites are now available for us to play online. However, this also means every other game manufacturer can put their puzzle games out there. Sadly, not every puzzle game gives you the brain-racking feeling we’ve come to enjoy from trying to solve puzzles.

So, how do you sift through all the noise to find the top-notch online puzzle games? This is where we come into the picture.

In this article, we’ll share some insight into eleven of the best online riddle games you should play in 2022. Of course, we’ll also tell you a bit about what to expect from each game and the distinctive features they have. But, first, let us take you through some of the advantages that riddle games offer.

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Benefits of Playing Riddle Games Online

Several benefits come with playing specific types of games. But riddle games may just take the cake in terms of the benefits you can gain from their gameplay. You see, the best online riddle games can have a positive impact on your mental capabilities. They can influence how you relate and socialize with other people.

Here are some of the foremost benefits of playing riddle games:

Better IQ

Generally, top-quality online riddle games have many levels to test your prowess. Once you pass one level, the next level comes with a more challenging task for you to complete. Indeed, even the most straightforward puzzles require you to do a bit of critical thinking, which is essentially a mental workout.

In most cases, you will have to think creatively and consider many possible solutions at the same time. When you do that frequently, your thinking capacity will continuously improve. Indeed, it can even help you boost your intelligence quotient (IQ), which is the globally-access means of measuring mental capacity.

The most popular riddle games in 2022 will not only help you think better they will improve your intelligence quotient. They will also influence how you think and solve problems. In other words, when you play excellent riddle games, you can build your capacity to face real-life situations and solve them.

Improved concentration

The best online riddle games offer a fine balance between excitement and challenge. As such, they lead to higher mental engagement and improve your concentration skills.  Of course, this means you have to continuously work at overcoming various gameplay challenges and progressing on the levels.

You see, with riddle games, you have to devote your concentration to the game, otherwise, you may find yourself unable to solve the riddles. As a result, continuously playing some of the popular riddle games in 2022 can help you to improve your concentration skills. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you the various advantages improved focus can have in your everyday life.

Better cognitive function

Cognitive function essential describes one’s ability to reason logically and come up with intellectual conclusions. You’ll agree that this is an essential skill for anyone who plans to play a riddle game and win. Thankfully, the best online riddle games not only require you to have a measure of cognitive ability, but they can also help you increase it!

This is particularly important in children and younger adults as their mental capabilities are in a critical development stage. Of course, older adults can also benefit from the positive effects riddle games can have on cognitive functions.

Improved mental agility

Every day, we go through the challenges of life, regardless of our respective professions and industries. However, to navigate through these challenges, one needs a certain level of mental fitness and awareness. While there are many ways you boost your mental agility, riddle games can also be quite effective.

You see, when you play riddle games online, you not only need to concentrate, you also need to actively think and reason out your answers. This process essentially helps keep your mind active as well as work out your mental process. No doubt, riddle games are a sure-fire way to work out the figurative muscles in your brain.

That said, let us explore some of the best online riddle games you should play.

The Top 12 Riddle Games Online You Should Try

Today, there are a ton of riddle games on the internet. However, while most may qualify as interesting, not all these online riddle games may offer you the best gameplay experience. Also, not all games offer you the mental benefits that players of top-notch online riddle games can gain.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the time to help you sift through the multitude of riddle games available and come up with a list of the best. Here is our riddle games compilation.


1. The DaVinci Code


If you have read Dan Brown’s books, particularly the DaVinci Code, you must have had a thrill solving the riddles alongside the protagonist. Well, luckily for you, the riddle game doesn’t end there. Random House created the game. DaVinci Code requires a lot of brain tasking. In fact, you’ll be doing a ton of detective work while playing it. It’s mostly about the expeditions of Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu. Therefore, if you’ve read the book, it’s likely you’ll find it simple to solve. Of all the top online riddle games, it requires that you decrypt codes to scale levels.

The game has an advanced design that’ll make you feel like a real detective. To answer some questions, you have to make phone calls, send emails, search the web, etc. If you’re stuck in a level, you can check the walkthrough for clues. It also has limited levels. Undoubtedly, it’s best for individuals who want to play a quick riddle game. Its only drawback is that when you decipher its font, you’ll only make the riddle harder. By this we mean, copying/pasting the font in MS word.


2. Einstein’s Riddle – BEST Riddle Game Online.


At first glance, this game may seem different from the other riddle games you have played. Well, you may be right this game’s interface makes it stand out as one of the best online riddle games. Furthermore, unlike other riddle games that come with multiple levels, this game has only one game level. But this does not make the game any less interesting. In the first and only level of Einstein’s Riddles, the first thing you’ll see is some information about five random men. These facts are hints which you’ll use to solve the various challenges you’ll face. Of course, you will still need logical reasoning and patience on your side to win!

Einstein’s Riddles has a tile gameplay interface. So, to get the answers you need, you arrange the tiles when you get your answer. However, it will be a smart move if you have writing materials close to help you figure out the solution.


3. MoneyHunter Corp

Riddles can provide entertainment and tools to help you build your memory, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. As technology advances, it is easier than ever to find website platforms to provide numerous riddles for you to solve.

What if you could solve riddles and make money? Money Hunter Corporation known as “MoneyHunter Corp” offers precisely that in their web-based platform for users to compete for the Owner’s Bounty. The first person to solve the question earns the Cash. It’s just that easy.


4. Amnesya


Another one of the most popular riddle games you shouldn’t miss in 2022 is Amnesya. This game has several levels, and of course, to access the next level, you have to solve the first. Interestingly, successfully solving the riddle on a current level will give you the password, with which you’ll access the next. It is the word you’ll input in the website URL to take you to the next challenge.

The game comes with an easy guide that shows you where you can look for hints. When you watch these hint videos, you’ll know where you can find the directions for the level. One more thing: always bookmark the story before leaving so that you can pick it up from there when you get back. Fun fact? Nobody has ever reached or solved the final level of Amnesya since its inception in 2006. So, that’s a challenge for you!


5. Zahada


Do you love the thrill of traditional riddle games? Then, you’ll most definitely enjoy playing Zahada. It may be impossible to create a list of the top riddle games to play online without adding Zahada. Indeed, more often than not, people who play it for the first time find themselves going back for more. It’s no wonder the game made it into our list of the best.

Zahada follows the traditional question and answer pattern of riddles. However, this does not make it any less interesting. The game will keep you enthralled with an array of riddles that will either leave you amused or furious with the challenge. However, it’s not all difficult. The platform also provides hints to help you pass particularly technical levels. So, there’s no need to panic.


6. OddPawn


If you’re looking for an online riddle game to stick with for the long run, OddPawn may just be the game! This game comes with more than 300 different levels, and each level is as challenging as the next. However, before you can play this online riddle game, you’ll first have to open a free account on the platform. But, after that, you can dive straight into playing.

OddPawn avails you the opportunity to start from any level you want. However, we recommend you start from the first level so you can grow into the game. For each level you open, you have a picture and a corresponding question to answer. Once you get the answer correct you can move to the next level. All these levels have different tasks and instructions. You may see a logic question in a preceding level, and see a math question next.

You can liken this game to a scavenger hunt kind of game. In most cases, you have to look for hints at different possible places like the image, links, etc. OddPawn also shows you the level of other players. So, you can compare your progress with others or find a challenge for yourself.

If you have to leave the game, simply bookmark your current level. This way, you can resume at your exact level.


7. NotPron


Have you gotten bored with the online riddle games you’ve been playing? Are you looking for a new game to challenge your intellect? If your answer is yes, then NotPron is perfect for you! Indeed, according to the makers of NotPron, it’s the most challenging riddle game on the internet.While that fact is debatable, NotPron is undoubtedly one of the best online riddle games you should try.

For each level you reach, you have a hint to guide you to the next. Once you complete that level, there are several ways for you to get to the next level. It’s either you find a username and password, you change the URL, or click the right spot on the web page.

At some point in this game, you may need to search other platforms for hints and answers. As you increase in each level, you get to a more challenging stage. But the effort makes it all the more exciting and satisfying when you get the correct answer.


8. Braingle Puzzles – MUST TRY Riddle Game Online.


To begin with, Braingle Puzzles require a lot of patience and time. Of all the popular riddle games online, you’ll probably need a pen and paper to solve this puzzle. If you’re searching for quick activities to do during your short break, then, try this game. It’s similar to the riddles you played when you were younger.

Unlike other riddles, it doesn’t have difficulty levels that you need to pass. Instead, it has standalone brain teasers that are unrelated to each other. These brain teasers include letter-equations, mystery, trick, probability, and so on. In fact, you can either choose the type of teasers you want to answer or play all.

Not to mention, players can also add brain teasers to it. If you find any riddle hard, you can easily skip it or click “show the answer.” The most delightful thing about it is, at the top of every riddle page, you’ll see if other players found it fun or otherwise. To play this game, you need to create an account or sign up.


9. Brain Den

Next, on our list of the best online riddle games, you should play is Brain Den. Brain Den is essentially a platform that gives you access to some of the most stimulating and amusing riddles that exist. Furthermore, in addition to the riddles, you can find, the game also offers numerous puzzles and graphic illusions to keep you engaged as long as you want.

While many of the riddles on Brain Den will typically take little effort to crack, some may prove more difficult. Thankfully, the game allows you to view answers when you’re stumped. Moreover, you can always skip riddles that are taking too long and come back when you can. If you’re looking for fascinating riddles to help you through the lulls in your day, Brain Den is where to look!


10. Ouverture Facile


No doubt, this game deserves to be on our list of the best online riddle games on the internet. In Ouverture Facile, there are multiple levels, each with its difficulty. You’ll start at the first level, and to access the second level, you must solve the puzzle. Or else you’ll be stuck. Of course, you’ll encounter several trials and errors before solving this riddle. Keep in mind that at some levels, it may take you days to find a solution. It has over 93 puzzles you can solve. This will take you several weeks or even months to complete.

But, with some patience, perseverance, and of course, tact, you’ll make it to the end! Without these qualities, you may never win Ouverture Facile. If you love a good challenge, you should play Ouverture Facile. Its gameplay requires you to think outside the book and put in some research while solving the riddles. However, if the riddles get too tricky, the game also has a hidden clue button you can check to make things easier.

We should also mention that you don’t need to create an account to play this game. All you need to do is play it on the web and save your progress. However, you should copy and save the link to your last level to avoid starting all over, if anything happens. Perhaps, the most exciting thing about Ouverture is, every piece of information on the page is part of the elements that’ll help you solve it. This means you should observe your page title, URL, source code of the page, and of course, the main clue!


11. E.B.O.N.Y


The best online riddle games are never straightforward and E.B.O.N.Y is no different. However, E.B.O.N.Y is not only twisted but, it’s also weird. The creator of this game wanted it to be among the weirdest riddle puzzles on the internet. This game’s website has a spooky design. Not to mention, some of its stories include flashing lights. Now, compared to other riddles, the puzzles are related and have a progressive story. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it has no end. Till today, the creator still adds new levels to continue the story. Moreover, E.B.O.N.Y has a powerful plot that just pulls you into the game.

We should also add the game has relatively straightforward controls. Besides, in the first level, there are tips that both amateurs and veteran players will find useful. The official story in E.B.O.N.Y has 200 parts. However, the levels you have to scale are more than this. The reason is,  every level has numerous problems that’ll lead you to a new page. Mind you, solving this riddle isn’t a piece of cake, but as you progress, you’ll find it to be exciting.


12. 4 pics 1 word – MUST TRY Riddle Game Online.


To round off our list of the best online riddle games that have lived up to their hype, we have 4 pics 1 word. 4 Pics 1 Word is a 21st-century puzzle game. Unlike most riddles that are only available on the internet, it’s available in an app. Moreover, you can install it on both Android and Apple devices for free. Besides that, kids from above four years can equally play it.

If you’ve recently started to play riddle games, this game is undoubtedly one you should try. In this game, you’re shown four different pictures and required to figure out a common theme among them. This theme becomes the answer that helps you reach the next level. In truth, 4 Pics 1 Word may not be the most stimulating online riddle. But, it has several features and gameplay that make it stand out from other puzzles. Solving this riddle is relatively easy. Not to mention, the game allows players to use hints to scale challenging levels. Aside from this, it has a multiplayer mode. The only downside is that it has a cheat tool which defeats the whole purpose of the game.


Solutions, Help, and Tips

The best online riddle games can be quite frustrating. After a while, spending extensive time on one level may get tiring or even boring. Well, you don’t have to abandon these online riddle games because you’ve been stuck on one level for so long. Their solutions are available on various sites on Google.

You can get the answers to these riddles on websites like Nordinho and Gamershood. Also, you can join forums like Reddit and Quora to get their solutions. Lastly, if you can’t access these sites, you can simply search for the riddle title and level that’s difficult.

How Do Riddle Games Online Boost Your IQ?

The best online riddle games do not only task the brain but also tease it. Just imagine how your thinking is triggered when solving a simple crossword puzzle. Now, think about what happens when you’re playing a more complicated game?

You see, research has shown that with riddles and puzzles, aged people can keep their brains buzzing for a more extended period.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that older adults often play bingo, jigsaw, and sudoku. Now, when we play riddle games, the brain’s part for “logical reasoning” is stimulated. This reasoning enables us to think outside the box and see things we wouldn’t notice regularly. To that end, here are a few ways riddle games can boost your IQ.

Enhances memory

By playing online riddles games, you will be equipping yourself with the skills to memorize different colors and shapes. Generally, riddles are twisted, and their clues aren’t straightforward. They are designed to test your ability to use the information provided by them.

No doubt, this will allow you to create new solutions. It’ll also help you strengthen your long-term memory. In older people, it will assist them in opening neural pathways that may have been dormant since retirement.

Improves our mood

When you successfully solve the best online riddle games, your brain releases dopamine. This neurotransmitter usually makes people feel happier. If you struggle with concentration, it’ll help you improve your focus. Moreover, they boost your overall mental well-being.

Boosts planning skills

Are you aware that the top online riddle games improve your planning skills? They teach you strategies and how to plan. For example, after you solve a level, it’s only normal you plan for a more difficult one.

Problem-solving abilities

It’s unlikely you’ll play the best online riddle games in one trial. There are so much hit and miss that accompanies solving them. With every trial you attempt, you’ll be reinforcing problem-solving skills and it will also teach you how to make accurate predictions. Not to mention, you will learn how to re-strategize according to results.

Boost’s productivity

Solving riddles will ultimately help you enhance your productivity. When you spend time on puzzles, it’ll not only refresh your brain. It’ll also challenge it. Undoubtedly, you’ll have more energy to complete your other daily activities.

Ability to think clearly

Do you take time to come up with solutions? When you solve the best online riddle games, you will be able to think logically and emotionally. Rest assured, all those dark spaces in your head will be juggled with intriguing riddles.

Bottom Line

All the best online riddle games focus on improving your reasoning. It’s unlikely you’ll play any of them and not rack your brain even for a minute. They’re more than just games that keep you occupied. Riddles have a powerful effect and influence on our brains.

Besides, they’ve come to stay. In fact, in years from now, riddles will still be relevant. As we grow older, they remain an excellent way to keep our minds in shape.

Hopefully, this article has given you valuable insight into the best riddle games that exist online today. We hope you have a great time solving any of the top online riddle games that we’ve mentioned.

Do let us know how they go. We’d love to hear from you.