The 10 Best Free Spider Solitaire Online Card Games To Play!

Introduction to Spider Solitaire

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy, they say. Every busy person needs time to unwind and relax. Some may choose to watch a movie, while for others sleeping may do the trick. However, if you are anything like us, you would probably want to indulge in a game of spider solitaire. Thankfully, technology has made it possible to play spider solitaire online and from anywhere and this article will present you with the 10 best spider solitaire online card games.

Spider solitaire is one of the traditional card games that virtually everyone knows how to play. Even as more card games evolve and gain interest, this age-old classic still has a loyal following of players year after year.

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Spider solitaire is not just a famous game. It is also one that quite a number of people love. Of course, one of the primary reasons for this is the game’s ability to make you engage in in-depth analysis.

Indeed, spider solitaire is one of the online card games that require critical thinking. As such, it has become quite a difficult game in the sight of many. Thankfully, this article addresses all you need to know about the game. Also, here, we answer some FAQs (frequently asked questions) about spider solitaire to clear your doubts.

Additionally, we also discuss how to win spider solitaire, thereby significantly increasing your chances of winning the game. Finally, we explore our compilation of the ten best spider solitaire online card games to play. But first, let us look at some of the recurring questions we get about this marvelous game, spider solitaire.

Is the Spider Solitaire Game Difficult?

This is a common question bothering the hearts of potential players of this online card game. To a novice, the game may seem difficult to play. However, you can gain mastery by consistently playing the game. Like every other game, spider solitaire has a learning curve one must follow to become adept at playing the game. But, no, the game is not hard.

Something that may help you feel better – every expert in the game was once a novice.

If you have just arrived on the spider solitaire scene, there are several ways you can get better quickly. One critical method is researching online card games of spider solitaire. What you stand to gain from the research is access to rules and tips about the game. Therefore, through constant mastering of the basics, you will be able to enhance your ability to play the game.

Can You Play Spider Solitaire with One Deck of Cards?

It is not unusual for game rookies to have a lot of questions, especially if it is a game they are new to. One of the FAQs about spider solitaire is the number of decks you can use in playing. However, you must note that the number of decks depends on the variant you are playing. The following are the variations of spider solitaire:

Spider 1-suit

This is the most played spider solitaire. You can play this variation with only one suit, which is spades. It does not take much time as you are only dealing with one deck.

Spider 2-suit

This is also a trendy variant of spider solitaire. However, unlike the spider 1-suit, you will have to play with two suits instead. For this, you make use of the spades and the hearts.


This is a three-deck variant of spider solitaire. It is also very popular if you regularly play spider solitaire online.

Gigantic spider

Gigantic spider is a four-deck variant of spider solitaire. Many believe that this is the most exciting variation of spider solitaire.

Relaxed spider

This is a unique variant of the spider solitaire game. In this variant, to redeal, you may not need to fill all spaces.


Like the spider 1-suit variant, this also makes use of only one deck. However, it involves seven stacks, which have up to 7 cards in each pile.

Conclusively, spider solitaire games offer you variations so you can explore. If you have just one deck of cards, we advise you to play spider 1-suit and spiderette. However, if you wish to play the other variations, you may need to get another deck of cards.

What is a Run in Spider Solitaire?

Each rank in the game spider solitaire has a specific numerical value. The descending order values are king, queen, the jack, then ten, and then the ace. The king has the highest number value, while the ace has the lowest value. When the value of a rank is one less than that which precedes it, it is called a run.

For instance, in a 3-card run, a king will be succeeded by a queen and then a jack. The card with the highest numerical value will be the first in the column. Most times, the suits may not contain a card of the same type in a run. However, if they are, it is called a suited run, else a non-suited run.

The rank of the card determines a run as it is in play. In some variations of spider solitaire games, a run must contain a minimum of 2 cards. However, some variations accept a 1-card run as a result of it being a single card.

The run is an essential aspect of the solitaire game every player must master. Your mastery of this is an indication of how good you are in the playing of the game.

What is the Objective of Spider Solitaire?

There is a way to effectively play spider solitaire online or even offline. It is to understand the objective of the game correctly. This equips you with the knowledge of what to do and what not to do. As a beginner, it is therefore vital to know the object of the game.

The object of the game is to erect an ascending order suit sequence of cards. You must make use of vacant columns to achieve the goal of this game. The aim is to assemble a suite of cards in these vacant columns until you have eight suits arranged.

The responsibility of the player is to assemble 13 cards per suit strategically. The assembled card must be in ascending sequence considering each card’s rank. The rank must run from the king down to the ace, which has the least numerical value.

Furthermore, as soon as a suit contains 13 cards in order of their rank, it is considered a success. The suit then goes out of the game. You successfully win the game when all the supposed right suits of the game are filled out in this manner.

What Are the Least Moves in Spider Solitaire?

Playing online card games of spider solitaire can be relaxing. It can be your favorite pastime, and a means to challenge yourself. It provides you with the opportunity of repeating many steps until you can play effectively. One thing you stand to gain is your access to unlimited moves.

However, when you are playing with 54 cards in the tableau, the least moves you can have is 46. To achieve this, you must ensure that you place the kings on the top of each sequence. For example, a 2 of clubs goes on top a 3 of clubs.

In the same manner, a 6 of diamonds must go on a 7 of diamonds. Following this sequence will help you achieve the most possible, least number of moves. With this, the only required cards to be moved are the non-kings.

However, when you play spider solitaire online, you have 54 games in a deck. In contrast, the offline game gives you less. It’s no wonder that many players prefer the online version.

What is the Best Score in Spider Solitaire?

Considering the online version of spider solitaire, especially the Windows version, any player’s starting score is 500. However, for each move in the game, one point is subtracted. Likewise, when you make use of the undo button, you lose a point. As a result of this, your chance of getting a high score as a beginner is very slim.

However, as you begin to master the playing over time, your scores start to increase. Therefore, it is safe to say that the higher your expertise, the higher your score.

When you play spider solitaire online, there is a bonus for every successful stack of 13 cards. Remember, for every move you make, your score reduces by one point. As a result of this, even without a move, the highest score you can get is 1300. It is impossible to complete the game without moving.

As such, even for a professional, it requires at least 48 moves to complete the game. If you can optimize your movements effectively and arrange the stacks accordingly, you can get a high score of 1254. This is the highest score of all time!

How Many Levels Are There in Spider Solitaire?

When you play spider solitaire online, especially the Microsoft version of the game, it has three levels of difficulty that test the player’s ability. These levels are different in suits and simplicity.

The levels are:

  • The beginner level
  • The intermediate level
  • The advanced level

The beginner level is also known as the novice stage. It is a one-suit spider solitaire, therefore easy to play for a learner. It is advisable to start with this level to increase your mastery of the game. Regularly playing at the beginner’s level is an excellent way to enhance your skill in the game.

After you might have attained the highest possible score at the beginner’s level, you can now move to the intermediate level of spider solitaire. This level is a two-suit game. Therefore, it requires more expertise than the beginner’s level. However, with time and a lot of practice, you can successfully attain this level’s highest possible score.

The last level, which is the most challenging level when you play spider solitaire online, is the advanced level. This requires more effort and skill than the two earlier stages. Moreover, it is a four-suit spider solitaire game. It can be almost impossible to attain an impressive high score at this level without being a savvy player.

Can You Win Every Game of Spider Solitaire?

Getting a perfect score may be unattainable. But, a professional spider solitaire player has the chance of winning up to 80% of the game. However, a wrong move in the game will reduce your score, thereby reducing your winning chances.

Also, if a card is moved back to the table from the last pile, it can create more moves to increase winning.

When this happens, the winning percentage can increase to 82% and go as high as 90%. However, it takes only a top-tier expert in the game to pull off this feat. When you understand this logic, it becomes easier to know how to win spider solitaire.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Spider Solitaire?

Spider solitaire as a card game offers a lot of benefits to players. Aside from the fact that it is fun-filled, there are numerous other benefits you stand to enjoy. This game is an opportunity to keep yourself busy in your free time. If you enjoy your own company, you can incorporate spider solitaire and have fun by yourself.

When you play spider solitaire online, it helps you to develop strategies. As a result of this, it has an overwhelming effect on your mental ability and reasoning. While you are learning how to make the right move without losing points, it enhances your thinking faculty.

How To Play Spider Solitaire?

Playing spider solitaire with cards is one thing; winning is another. However, if you do not have sufficient knowledge of spider solitaire playing strategies, it may be impossible to win a game. Not to worry, we will help you become the ultimate solitaire player.

In the following paragraphs, we aim to cover all you need to know to play and win in spider solitaire. We will also give you some practical insights into the world of spider solitaire to help you gain some perspective. Finally, you will also discover some crucial strategies to make you a champ on the online spider solitaire scene.

Spider Solitaire Card Game Setup

You play spider solitaire by setting up two decks of 52 cards. In other words, you have to remove the jokers and other unique cards your deck may have. Then, you will arrange the cards into ten different columns.

The first four columns will comprise five cards that will face down, while the sixth card will face up. On the other hand, the last six columns will include four cards facing down and the last facing up.

You then leave the remaining cards in the deck as you will use them later in the game. This is the basic setup of the table and the deck before the game itself kick-starts.

Spider Solitaire Card Game Rules

As with every game, spider solitaire has a unique set of rules that guide its gameplay. Although there are three possible forms of spider solitaire, they all have the same rules. The only differences between each variation of the game lie in the movement of the cards.

The three possible forms of spider solitaire are:

  • The four-suit version
  • The two-suit version
  • The one-suit version

We will start with the four-suit for ease of understanding and then show the changes you will find in the two-suit and one-suit versions.

Spider Solitaire rules for the four-suit version

  • A player can only move a card to another pile on one condition. The condition is when the card in question is lesser in value than the one you will place it on. This means that any 8 can go on a 9.
  • A player can only move a group of cards if the group is in the same suit. Also, the group must be in descending order. For instance, you can move a group arranged in 10, 9, 8 into any jack that is open.
  • Another rule is a card that usually faces down in a column must be turned over if found open.
  • Any single card or group of cards that is movable can be moved into an empty column.
  • A player can deal ten cards from the remaining set when you cannot make other moves. The cards will be dealt into one column each. However, to do this, there has to be one card in each column.
  • Where you have a complete set of cards and in one suit, you can remove the entire group from the game in a descending manner. This is a power move, which can win you the game.

Spider Solitaire rules for the two-suit version

  • This is a common form of spider solitaire that you will find on computers. If you want to play this on a tabletop, you will have to group it into two suits. Group all red cards as one suit and assume that the other suit goes for all-black.
  • Aside from the above arrangement, all the other rules are the same as the 4-suit version.

The rules for the one-suit version

  • Many call this version the beginner version as it is much more straightforward, yet just as exciting.
  • To play this variant, group all cards in one suit.
  • With this variant, you can move groups of cards downwards relative to another card.
  • If a group of cards have a proper descending arrangement, a player can remove it from the play.

Essentially, those are the variants of spider solitaire. Each variant has slightly different rules guiding its play, but the rules are primarily the same.

Now that you know the various rules that guide the game, let us explore where you can find the best spider solitaire games online.

The 10 Best Free Spider Solitaire Online Card Games to Play!

Knowing the best online spider solitaire games will, no doubt, give you all the options you need to enjoy a pleasure card game on the internet. Of course, you likely already know that solitaire remains one of the most popular games with various players across the world. Indeed, its gameplay, which offers varying chances of winning, is one of the many reasons the game is so famous.

As with many other games, you can play spider solitaire online. It is available and compatible with many devices. Whether you’re playing on a PC or your mobile device, spider solitaire is easily accessible. To get going, you’ll need an internet connection and a list of some of the best platforms you can access the game.

However, here is the big question – where can you play the best spider solitaire card games online this year?

If you are passionate about solitaire and looking to explore the possibilities the game offers online, you are in the right place. This article discusses, in detail, all that you need to know about playing spider solitaire online and the best places to play it. That said, keep reading to discover our compilation of the best spider solitaire online card games .

First on our list is Word of Solitaire. Created in 2007, this is one of the most popular sites to play the spider solitaire online we all love. The website has more than 100 solitaire games comprising different variants depending on your choice. The game also includes FreeCell and Klondike. This is a free spider solitaire online game available on internet.

Over the years, more than 250,000 players from various parts of the world have indulged in this spider solitaire online game. Aside from the game’s engaging nature, its accessibility on this platform also contributes to the impressive traffic it gets.

You see, the game features both JavaScript and HTML5 codes. So, it runs virtually on mobile devices and computers without problems.

Once you open the game, you can easily navigate through and choose to play spider solitaire. It runs seamlessly and has an excellent interface. Moreover, the game also has some impressive functionalities that make the game appealing and exciting to play.

This game is a part of the 24/7 games franchise, an extensive collection of online card games as well as casino games. The interactive interface of 247 Solitaire easily makes it one of the best online platforms for solitaire games. Indeed, if you’re looking to enjoy superior spider solitaire gameplay and gaming experience, here’s one place to look.

Furthermore, spider solitaire 247 features an excellent design that boasts how much fun you get when you play. On the 247 platforms, you can enjoy the traditional spider solitaire 247 and several other variants, including Scorpion, Yukon, and Wasp, among others. This is a must-try spider solitaire free online card game.

The most distinctive feature of this spider solitaire online card game is its simplicity. However, this also means that the game does not come with some features, including global leaderboards and hints. You do get tips and strategies that help new users get along conveniently. With the in-game tips, even beginners can enjoy playing spider solitaire effectively.

Solitr is another great option if you are looking to play spider solitaire online. This project came into existence in 2011 and quickly became one of the more popular online spider solitaire platforms for gameplay. However, although this solitaire version is highly functional, it is not the best when it comes to design and visual effects.

Nevertheless, the Solitr interface works seamlessly and supports efficient gameplay. But, we have to warn you, you may encounter your fair share of ads when you play on this website. Not to worry, the ads typically have simple designs and sizes. So, they do not interrupt gameplay or slow down the platform’s interface.

Once you access the Solitr website, navigate to its menu bar. There, you can conveniently access spider solitaire and enjoy a fun-filled experience. We should probably mention that Solitr loads their games on different domains to ensure smooth gameplay, even with heavy internet traffic.

Another one of the top spider solitaire online game platforms is NetSolitaire. One thing to look for on the NetSolitaire card game platform is its impressive design. Indeed, the game’s superior design features not only improve its standard of gameplay but also make it easy to navigate. More importantly, the platform does not have as many ads as some others. Still, on the design of NetSolitaire, the game features a one-of-a-kind deck of black cards, which many players love. Additionally, it has some interesting in-game features such as a score counter, unlimited undo, and hints. These really come in handy when you make playing mistakes or out of ingenious moves.

NetSolitaire works effectively across all mobile devices. However, its top-notch design and extra features can make it data-intensive to play. Notwithstanding, it is still one of the most popular online spider solitaire games out there.

Next on our list of the best spider solitaire online games, we have Online Solitaire. The game features an excellent user interface and simulates the features of the actual spider solitaire. If you are a great lover of spider solitaire, this is undoubtedly a perfect recommendation for you.

Online solitaire comes with some excellent features including the hints and the option to undo moves as many times as you need to. However, at the moment, the game only works on Windows and Mac. According to the developers, versions for Android, Linux, and iOS are currently underway. is the brainchild of Einar Egilsson, a talented developer with years of experience. The game supports various forms of solitaire and other online games, including sudoku, chess, checkers, mahjong, and Yahtzee. Additionally, the game works on Windows and Mac, as well as mobile devices, which contribute to its popularity. features a simple and straightforward interface to facilitate fast gameplay. However, it does contain some ads, although they are not overwhelming and do not interrupt your gameplay. Indeed, most spider solitaire players on have no complaints about its ads or gaming interface.

While Arkadium is not primarily a platform for online card games, it does offer premium spider solitaire to its users. In addition to allowing solitaire lovers worldwide to use its website, this company provides excellent traffic services to different brands. In other words, Arkadium helps businesses generate traffic and increase their revenue base.

Now let us talk about the online solitaire side of things. The company hosts different forms of solitaire, including mahjong solitaire, golf solitaire, among others. However, all of these games make use of HTML5.

The most distinctive perk of playing online card games on Arkadium is that it plays a variety of calm music in the background while a game is on. Quite predictably, the overall effect is soothing and sets a conducive mood for players. Of course, you can choose to adjust the music settings or put it off as you wish.

Although spider solitaire as a card game is already very engaging, a gaming platform with a great design makes the experience so much more enjoyable. On this note, Arkadium takes the cake as the top online card platform.

With its great playable classics, Solitaire FRVR is one of the best free spider solitaire online games. The platfor

m is a multi-million dollar avenue for the lovers of spider solitaire. Its design features a green deck and attractive card designs that make the game very fun to play.

Solitaire FRVR also comes with great customization options that make it easy to personalize the experience. With these settings, you can conveniently tailor the game the way you desire. Indeed, if you want to have one of the best solitaire experiences online, you should consider this platform.

Another online spider solitaire gaming platform that deserves a spot on our list of the best is Solitaired. This platform has one of the most extensive arrays of solitaire variants, having almost 550 variations of the game. Some of the variants include the original version of spider solitaire and Freecell, amongst many others.

Additionally, Solitaire has very accessible features that facilitate ease, convenience, and a stress-free gaming experience. Right at the top of the screen, you have the counter and timer. Below that, you have your deck of cards and where to play them. The timer on Solitaire affords you great gaming flexibility as you can pause the game when you need to. You can also conveniently switch between card flips.

Furthermore, the gaming platform allows you to save your game, leave the screen and then pick it up when you get back. Solitaire has one of the best record-keeping features in the business, as it keeps an accurate track record of all your games. This way, you can easily monitor improvement in your solitaire skill.

Finally, on our list of the best free spider solitaire online games, we have Google Solitaire. As the name implies, this game is a product from Google.

Upon a simple Google search, you will find Google Solitaire. Google developed this online card game to compete with other solitaire platforms. It has excellent visibility, and you can play it on the spot by simply searching online. Quite understandably, it ranks high on the search index above all others.

Whether you want a challenge or want to go easy, this platform gives you both options. You can either select the hard or easy mode, which determines how challenging the game will be. Also, it comes with a timer, sound effects, and counters, all of which add to the ultimate gaming experience.

While it’s not so big on customization, Google Solitaire conveniently matches the evolving needs of solitaire players. No doubt, it is one of the best online spider solitaire games you’ll find.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what spider solitaire is and how to play it. Playing spider solitaire online isn’t rocket science. However, it does require good reasoning skills and the ability to make the right moves. If you are a beginner on the solitaire scene, we hope that we have given you all the information you need to launch into your journey to mastery.

Besides, you now have access to various online resources to help you grow and enjoy playing as a solitaire player.

When you play spider solitaire online, it helps you to master the nitty-gritty of the game. Now, you have some insight into the best platforms to help you take your gameplay online. Remember, not every solitaire game on the internet has the top-notch features you need to help you enjoy a fulfilling gaming experience.

Hopefully, our compilation of the best online spider solitaire games helps you narrow them down. Go on and enjoy your online gameplay of spider solitaire!