The 12 Best Online Treasure Hunt Games to Play in 2022

When you participate in a treasure hunt, you develop new cognitive skills, including communication and problem-solving. These activities help build your leadership abilities to cooperate with others as a team. Solving clues and working through these kind of games can help your team build camaraderie while having fun.

Aren’t Treasure Hunts for Kids?

Although you may have done a few treasure hunts as a child, they are definitely not just activities for children. As people are searching for more ways to connect, both on their own and in the workplace, treasure hunts can be the perfect solution.

You can modify the clues to make it more challenging for adults and keep them guessing each step of the way. Adults love to join in games where the prizes reflect a more mature audience, such as liquor baskets, golf certificates, or gift cards for a meal out.

There is no end to the methods of how you can alter a simple treasure hunt for a group of adults that will be entertaining for everyone.

What are Virtual Treasure Hunts?

Online treasure hunts or virtual ones are games that you can do over the internet with people who cannot gather together in person. Indeed these activities are simple to set up and participate in. The participants do not need an expensive computer for them to work.

These virtual treasure hunts are the ideal activity to engage in while social distancing or if the participants are in many locations and cannot gather together at the same time. With advancing technology, individuals can easily explore many team-building activities like this and still remain connected.

There are many ways to join in an online treasure hunt. From using an internet browser on your computer to downloading an app on your mobile phone, anyone can access this fun activity with a connection to the internet.

Treasure hunts are not just for kids anymore. The digital age has enabled people worldwide to explore the niche of virtual treasure hunts for excitement and prizes. You can participate in these fun-filled activities right from your own house, making it easier than ever to enjoy this pastime.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp allows individuals from all over to use their platform and join in on many fun online games, like online treasure hunts. Racing for the Owner’s Bounty once a month can be the motivation you need to try your luck on the next virtual hunt.

The 12 Best Online Treasure Hunt Games to Play

We have scoped far and wide for the 12 best online treasure hunt games to play with your friends. Take a look at the varieties and see if there is one, or more, that you and your friends or colleagues can enjoy together.


1.     Scavify


This top-rated platform is popular for several reasons. Not only-but also they offer the chance for you to build your very own scavenger hunt, use their designer services, or participate in a ready-to-go experience. Scavify is ideal for team building through corporations, educational institutions, conferences, and others.

The app is free for users, but there is a charge to set up a complete adventure for your group. It is available for both Apple and Android users through the AppStore or Google Play Store.


2.    GooseChase


Go on a wild goose chase with your family, friends, or colleagues. With various mission types, including text, photo, video, or GPS, your next treasure hunt adventure could be an exciting one with GooseChase. For example, players can easily track their opponents as they work through each challenge.

The GooseChase app is free to download and use if choosing Recreational mode. It also offers Starter, Professional, and Enterprise that allow additional features and benefits. It is available for iOS and Android users.


3.     Huntzz


This real-world treasure hunt is the perfect solution for individuals and groups. This is a free platform and has pre-set hunts available throughout England and Europe, but you can create your own anywhere in the world. They also include a charity option for you to arrange a scavenger hunt to collect money for charity while having fun.

You can find the Huntzz app on the Google Play Store for Android devices. There is some limited availability for iOS apps, depending on your location and version of the device.


4.     Let’s Roam



With several virtual treasure hunts to choose from, you can use Let’s Roam for a birthday party, bachelorette, or even a fundraiser. In addition, it is easy to download and get started on customizing your group event for an unforgettable experience. Solve the riddles, take fun pictures, and win the hunt. You can even add in pit-stops for snacks or drinks while playing.

Indoors or outside, Let’s Roam will be one of the best online treasure hunts for you and your friends. All you need to do is download the Let’s Roam app from the AppStore or Google Play Store and purchase tickets for your next adventure to start making memories.


5.     Watson Adventures


For some of the best virtual treasure hunts, look no further than Watson Adventures. From the comfort of your home, you can participate in an Around the World Scavenger Hunt and numerous others. Using famous museums and many historical locations, players will use the internet to explore distant lands during their challenge.

Using Zoom, all the players will interact online and work through clues in this online treasure hunt. All you need is a browser connection to the internet to engage with the game host and other players. This platform is not free, and prices vary.



6.     Jam Virtual Scavenger Hunts


Do you and your colleagues need a break from the everyday schedule? WorkPlayJam has just the thing to surely bring some excitement back into your life. Their virtual treasure hunts make it easy for you and others to participate right at home without having to leave the building.

Finally, all you need is a device that can connect to the internet with Zoom and get ready to have some fun. Prices vary depending on the number of players or if you want to invest in a multi-event package or specialized Jam Plan.


7.     Virtual Escape Quest


Confetti has combined escape rooms with treasure hunts to create the ultimate adventure for you and your friends or colleagues. Specifically there are two quests to choose from, including Catch Meme if You Can and Race for the Lost Tomb. Each quest has the option of manually selecting teams or allowing Confetti to assign them randomly. You can use the built-in host or facilitate it yourself.

With added features, you can view the leaderboard and have unlimited participants. There is a cost for this experience, but you can select a free demo to see if it is ideal for your group before deciding.


8.     Around the World


Wildly Different has created numerous ways to connect to others virtually. With their Around the World online treasure hunt, users can work through challenges in different countries before advancing to the next location.

Players can use their iOS or Android devices to take part in this dynamic virtual experience. The ability to use a video conferencing platform to connect to other players is necessary for gameplay. There is also a cost to participate in these challenges.

9.     TerraClues


Are you searching for some online treasure hunts that you can do anywhere? TerraClues is the ideal solution. This fun puzzle game allows you to choose a hunt, decipher the clues, and use Google Maps to determine a specific location. There is also an option to create your very own hunt that others can play.

This virtual treasure hunt is accessible to anyone with a browser that connects to the internet. It is a free online resource for anyone that signs up for a free account.


10. ActionBound


With ActionBound, you create an online treasure hunt on your computer and play with others through their digital app. For instance, they include various features to customize your next adventure with quizzes, rewards, progress statistics, and more. The flexibility of ActionBound certainly allows you to devise a treasure hunt virtually anywhere you like and in many languages.

The ActionBound app is free to use with a Personal account, perfect for birthday parties or other gatherings with friends. They also have Education and Professional licenses for additional features and pricing.


11. GeoCaching


An alternative to the classic treasure hunt, GeoCaching gets you out and interacting online with others through the platform. It is free to sign up and create an account to start viewing geocaches near you.

Once you find a geocache, update your logbook, and share your experience online. The GeoCache app is available for iOS and Android devices as a free download. There are options to purchase GeoCache trackables, containers, gear, and clothing.


12. DIY Online Treasure Hunt


If you are feeling up to it, you can create your very own online treasure hunt for your friends and family to enjoy. This version will take some planning to determine a day and time for everyone to participate, including what will be needed as players work through each challenge.

You can use Zoom, Google Meet, or another online conferencing platform of your choice to bring everyone together, and it won’t cost you a dime.


Online Treasure Hunts Can Bring People Together

If you are exploring the idea of a virtual treasure hunt to connect with friends, family, or colleagues, you are not alone. There are hundreds of people worldwide that use online platforms to engage with others virtually and have fun while social distancing.

The platforms can vary significantly, depending on what device you are using or what you type of adventure you want to experience. You can choose a treasure hunt by cost if you are following a budget. While some are free to participate in, others will require a fee.

Try something different today, sign up for an online treasure hunt, gather your teams, and start working through those challenges!



How do you do an online treasure hunt?

You can create your own or use a free or pay-per-use platform that has a pre-set database of clues and challenges available. Typically, you will use a mobile device that can connect to the internet, but some platforms can work with a desktop computer.

How do you create a treasure hunt?

You can arrange your very own treasure hunt by creating a database of puzzles, riddles, or quizzes. All the players will have to work through them. Often, do-it-yourself scavenger hunts will be simple find-an-item type challenges, so players will need to find scarce or uncommon objects to win points or prizes.

What are treasure hunters called?

In some social circles, treasure hunters are also known as fortune seekers or even pirates.