The 15 Best Free Online Multiplayer Trivia Games for Groups in 2022

In recent times, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online multiplayer trivia games have become quite the trend. Not only are they a marvelous way to keep yourself engaged, but you also get to learn and have fun with other people. The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your home on a PC or even your mobile on-the-go!

Understandably, you probably miss going out with your loved ones and playing your favorite trivia games at the regular spots. Well, thanks to the internet, you can still have as much fun playing multiplayer games virtually.

But, here’s the big question – what are the best online multiplayer trivia games?

Like every other online game, trivia games also have different features and gameplay, depending on the manufacturer. Of course, this means that while some games may be more exciting and engaging for trivia enthusiasts to play as a group, others may fall disappointingly short.

So, how do you sieve out the noise and find the free online trivia games for groups that are actually worth playing?

To help you, we have done the heavy lifting of researching the best of the best of the online multiplayer trivia scene. Now, we’ll present you with our findings. In the next few paragraphs, we guide you through fifteen (15) of the best free online trivia games for groups. We’ll also describe each game so that you know what to expect.

So, don’t stop reading!

The Best Online Multiplayer Trivia Games in 2021

The truth is there are so many online multiplayer trivia games you can choose from. However, the trick is finding the one that suits your specifications. For instance, since you will be playing with a group, you’ll undoubtedly want a game that supports multiple players. Of course, you’d also like a game that offers exciting questions and seamless gameplay.

MoneyHunter Corp

MoneyHunter Corp is in a category of its own, therefore not in the list.

Multi-player games have evolved dramatically through the years, especially when it comes to trivia. The internet has created the ideal platform for individuals in alternative locations to compete against other users. They can participate right from home rather than heading to a local pub for trivia night.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp is an easily accessible online platform where users can compete to solve unique brain teaser puzzles (some related to trivia games) and compete against others. The best part is that you can earn the Owner’s Bounty just by being the first player to solve the Hunt.

All these and more are the various factors that we considered while choosing the games that made it onto our list. That said, discover the top fifteen online multiplayer trivia games you should try in 2022.

1. Newsmeister



First on our list is a popular choice of the everyday trivia player – Newsmeister. With the amount of news and trends that break daily, staying on top of recent happenings may be somewhat challenging. But, what if we told you an online trivia game could help you keep up with these reports?

Newsmeister is a free online trivia game that helps you keep up with breaking news, reports, and whatnot. The trivia game features questions from the current events and happenings around you. The questions may also come from breaking news on a global level.

Of course, the questions have twists and some randomness to them to keep things interesting.

Unsurprisingly, your score at the end of a Newsmeister game will depend on the number of questions you have answered correctly. Also, for each answer, the game has a built-in corresponding link for you to verify their accuracy and know more.

2. Psych!


Next on our list is ‘Psych!’, another of several online multiplayer trivia games you can enjoy with friends. Indeed, this game features questions like every other trivia game, but with an ironic twist that will leave you delighted.

This time, instead of answering questions correctly, each player must supply a wrong answer and make it very convincing.

SO, when you and your friends start the game, you get to submit your answer to the questions. Then, the game asks you trivia questions with each player’s wrong answer as one of the options. The moment any player picks the incorrect response you submitted, you get a point. Also, if you choose the correct answer to the trivia, you get another point.

There is no doubt that the Psych game is easily one of the best multiplayer games to play online with your group of friends. We should probably mention the game is free on both your android and apple devices. But, it also offers a paid version with a broader range of questions and fewer ad interruptions.


3. Random Trivia Generator


It may be impossible to have an idea about all the information out there on the internet today. But, this game will give you a chance to do so. Of course, while at it, you’ll be enjoying some of the most interesting trivia questions with your playing group.

The random Trivia Generator first gathers different information from the several fields on the internet. Then, it converts this information into trivia questions. Predictably, these questions cover an extensive range of areas and niches, from entertainment to art, history, and many more.

So, you see, aside from educational platforms, there is a whole world of knowledge you can gain from playing particular games. A perfect example is Random Trivia Generator. It is no surprise it made its way onto our list of the multiplayer trivia games for groups.

Now, the Random Trivia Generator isn’t a gaming platform itself. This means that to play, you and your friends have to first be on a video call. Then, the host can navigate to the random trivia generator to get questions. So you see, it’s just like you have an educational meeting but with a lot more fun to go!


4. Houseparty



When the pandemic and quarantine saga first hit, one of the applications that surged in popularity was the Houseparty app. And now, it seems to be well established.

One of several reasons the Houseparty app became so trendy was because it is a video chatting app. But more importantly, the platform offers users the opportunity to play various exciting trivia games.

There is no doubt that Houseparty is one of the best online trivia games for groups. It features an array of many interactive games, including general trivia, niche questions, and even finish-the-song.

As the name implies, with Houseparty, it truly feels like you’re having a party in your home or wherever you choose to play from. Undoubtedly a great way of bringing trivia nights to everyone virtually.


5. Let’s Roam


If you’re looking for an ‘epic’ way to have trivia competitions with your friends and family, Let’s Roam may be the answer.

Let’s Roam is a video connecting platform with built-in exciting party games. The platform offers a wide variety of questions on diverse subjects that create a unique experience every time you play!

However, it is not all about trivia questions with Let’s roam. The game also features charade, impersonations, and sing-alongs, amongst other games. All in all, this is one of the games to add to your list of the best in 2021.


6. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (WWTBAM)



Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has existed for several years and still manages to stay within the top spots on the trivia games scene. However, considering the unique and interactive gameplay it offers, its staying relevant is not so shocking.

If you’re looking for a fun online multiplayer trivia game that offers a bit of education on the side, this game makes the cut and more. Interestingly, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire started as an offline game to educate people. However, it has evolved to become one of the more popular online multiplayer trivia games today.

In WWTBAM, you have three lifelines you can use to eliminate doubt if you don’t know the answer to a question. However, these lifelines do not tell you the actual answer. They include Ask The Audience, 50:50, and Ask An Expert.

Who wants to be a millionaire is, without doubt, one of the best trivia games for groups. Although each player plays individually, there is a leaderboard that keeps track of all players’ scores. This way, you and your friends can all compete to see who’s the best.


7. Popcorn Trivia


If you and your friends love watching movies and want to show them who the trivia boss is, this is the perfect game. The focus of this game is to test players’ knowledge of movie-related questions. Therefore, with your love for movies and your passion for trivia, it may be hard to stop this game once you start.

On Popcorn Trivia, you may choose to play solo or compete with other people. Although, most players decide to go up against other people. You can access the game via the Popcorn Trivia website or download the mobile version (Android or IOS) for your phone.


8. Boggle With Friends


Next on our list of the best online multiplayer trivia games for this year is one of the people’s favorites, Boggle With Friends.

Do you fancy your luck when throwing dice? Do you want to infuse your trivia game with a little uncertainty? If you answer yes on both counts, Boggle With Friends is a game you should try.

Boggle With Friends involves throwing dice, but with a twist. This time, the dice have letters all over.

To play this game, each player rolls the dice of letters and earns points. These points come from the number of words your dice letters can form. No doubt, this can get very exciting, and the uncertainty of a dice roll adds some thrill to the mix. Of course, you may choose to play this free online trivia game with friends or with strangers. Your pick!


9. Fleetwit


Fleetwit is like many online multiplayer trivia games, but with one distinctive feature. It allows you to compete with other players for cash prizes!

While many trivia enthusiasts are not in it for the money, putting some money on the line does add a certain stimulating appeal to the gameplay. However, you don’t always have to play for cash. You can compete with other players just to win your bragging rights.


10. Quizoid


Quizoid is the perfect example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover. This is because the user interface may not be the best. Many people even describe the interface as too ‘serious-looking.’ However, the game itself is anything but ‘too serious.’

The game contains more than 7,000 trivia questions across various niches to ensure that you attain as much fun as you can. However, the questions are not only challenging, but they are also quite funny and interesting.

To win points in this game, you have to answer the questions correctly. However, just like WWTBAM, you also have three lifeline options to give you a better fighting chance.


11. Jeopardy! World Tour



Next on our list of online multiplayer games you should try in 2021, we have Jeopardy! World Tour.

This game offers players the opportunity to go up against one another in a battle of knowledge. The questions cut across a wide array of subjects and the difficulty levels. However, in Jeopardy, players also have power-ups or lifelines, which can help them get through each round. For instance, a power-up may help you increase the time you have to answer a question.

Jeopardy allows you to challenge your friends to head-to-head matches or play against strangers on the internet. Whichever option you choose, as long as you keep winning, you’ll make your way up the Jeopardy leaderboard. You may also choose to relax and play a few trivia rounds offline in solo mode.


12. Trivia 360


Trivia 360 is another online multiplayer trivia game for groups to add to your list in 2021. The game features several thousand trivia questions across several categories to ensure maximum engagement.

The questions on Trivia 360 may come as True or False questions, multiple-choice or identifier questions. So, players can choose which form of questions they want. All in all, Trivia 360 is an excellent game for you and your friends to enjoy online.


13. QuizUp



Do you have a friend or two who boasts about being better than you at a game? Then, this QuizUp game is just the perfect opportunity to show them who’s boss! However, unlike other games where you face so many opponents, this game supports only one opponent. So, you’d have to school your friends one after the other.

Hopefully, it doesn’t go the other way around!

QuizUp game launched in 2013 and quickly established itself as one of the best free online trivia games. This game tests your knowledge base as well as the speed of your deductive reasoning. For each round, you and your opponent each have seven different questions to answer.

For each question, each player has ten seconds for an answer. However, the grading system factors in both the accuracy of your answers and the speed at which you answered. For example, assuming you and your opponent answer five questions correctly, the winner will depend on who answered the fastest overall.

Now, for the icing on the cake – QuizUp has video mode! In other words, you can play against your opponent while seeing them. Not only does this make the game more interactive, but it also infuses a more personal touch into it. Indeed, Quiz Up’s video feature is arguably one of the more significant reasons it is so popular today.


14. Logo Game


A critical feature of every brand we see around today is its logo. Every day, we see various logos around as we go about our daily activities. Would it not be more fun to associate each logo with its brand as we see them? Well, there is a trivia game that can help.

As the name sounds, Logo Game is an interactive game that features trivia questions on the top brands’ logos around the world. The game truly never gets old. You get to learn about various companies around the world while enjoying a game of trivia. Logo Game also throws some information about each brand logo it poses.

The game is available on both Android and IOS devices.

15. Quiz Planet


Finally, on our list of the best online multiplayer trivia games for groups, we have one of the best – Quiz Planet. The game is straightforward to play but offers never-ending entertainment.

Each player starts with 100 coins on their tab, and then the game takes each player through a burst of ten questions on various topics. You’ll only have a few seconds to answer each question, so you’ll need to stay on your toes. But, for each correct answer you give, you move up a level. However, if you get a question wrong, the game ends, and you lose all your coins.

If you answer all ten questions correctly, you not only win a heap of coins, you also get to compete for a spot on the global Quiz Planet leaderboard. But if you run out of coins, you’ll have to wait an hour to acquire more or you can buy more to play immediately.

Final Take

There is no doubt that trivia games can be so much fun to play as a group. But, the fun does not have to stop when you take your gameplay online. Hopefully, we have given you valuable insight into the best multiplayer games for groups online.

Let us know which ones you try and how it goes. Have fun playing!