The 5 Best Treasure Hunt Ideas for Adults to Play in 2022

Adults need to get tasks done as soon as possible. That seems to be the only way to gain some free time. So we spend most of our time working on that goal. However, you may take some time off to relax and enjoy your existence with your best friends or lovers.

Some people opt for drinks or staying home and watching a movie. another excellent way to spend the time together is with a treasure hunt. Kids often play this game with their parents to strengthen their already existing bond.

It can be challenging between work and family life to find some downtime to relax. Even when you and your friends have a chance to spend time together, deciding on an activity everyone enjoys can be exhausting. Try opting for an adult treasure hunt for your next get-together.

There are dozens of digital treasure hunts available to choose from if you and your friends need something new and exciting to do. Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp is a digital platform that offers unique online brain teasers, and treasure hunts for individuals to participate in. Be the first to finish the Hunt, and you will be the receiver of the Owner’s Bounty.

If you want to share a wonderful moment, laughing and solving challenges, this article is for you. Here are the top 5 treasure hunt ideas for adults to play in 2022.

1. Take to The Streets

Here’s a treasure hunt to play with your friends. Unlike ones for children, adults can enter a vehicle, covering more distance, and taking the game to new locations. One way to play this outdoor game would be to tell your friends to take photos of every supercar or vehicle with a specific color they find before a particular time limit.

The individual that takes the most photos of different supercars or vehicles of a specific color may be rewarded with a relatively unique item or something that they may value.

2. Nostalgia

Whether your group of friends consists of baby boomers, millennials, or Gen Z, everyone enjoys reminiscing, and things they have done when they were younger. You may take the time to hunt for these treasured memories by recreating them.

You may split the team into groups or have them go individually. Send them to capture ancient memories like standing next to an arcade, make a video of themselves singing a famous movie’s theme song, take a photo of a high school hallway, and many more.

The teams or individuals are graded based on the group’s reaction to each photo or video; however, this shouldn’t be initially conveyed to them. The most reacted photo or video earns the team or individual a reward.

3. Relics

Unlike other games, relics requires your friends to visit the attic or any different location and identify as much outdated equipment that isn’t being used today. This may include looking for a computer that runs in Windows XP and taking a photo with it.

They may also make a video of them playing minesweeper on a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor or pose for a portrait while holding a folding phone.

The aim is to visit the past and present relics that are no longer a part of today’s society. The older and rarer the item, the more points the individual or team scores, and in the end, they receive a reward for their impressive finds.

4. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Here’s a game that you can choose to either play with your better half or group of friends, and it’s identical to the games commonly played by children and their parents – an indoor Treasure Hunt.

This treasure hunt requires the game master to choose specific locations beforehand and attach pieces of paper containing clues that will lead the reader to more clues until they find the treasure.

Note that the clues must be in Riddle form to increase the game’s difficulty. Also, give the participant(s) a sense of adventure. Below are a few hints that you can modify and use:

  • My body is the ground where you stay and count sheep. My soft embrace is where you put your head to sleep.

Answer: the pillow.

  • If you desire the next thing to be told, you’ll find a clue where you keep things cold.

Answer: the fridge.

  • I’m full of paper and a lot of ink; I’m not a book, though that’s what you’d think.

Answer: the printer.

  • People pound on me to say hello, and you shut me when it is time to go.

Answer: the front door.

  • I have keys that open no lock, I have space but have no room, I let you enter but never go inside. Answer: the keyboard.

You may copy any of these riddles, modify them and use them to hint at where the next clue might hide. It’s also a fun way to give your friend or lover the feeling of triumph whenever they solve a Riddle.

5. Romantic Treasure Hunt

You may take your significant other for a wild romantic ride by inviting them on a romantic treasure hunt. Before notifying them about the game, compose a series of riddles and insert them into envelopes. Don’t forget to decorate them with hearts and romantic symbols for added effect.

When your lover returns, you may begin the game by handing them the first envelope that contains a clue to the next location. Naturally, all these clues will eventually lead to an item that he or she values.

Some couples may use this game to reveal a long-awaited pregnancy test. Others might prefer movie tickets, birthday gifts or bedroom activities. The sky is the limit, don’t rule anything out.


Ultimately, treasure hunts are an excellent way to spend time together. This is a great way to improve the bond you share, and spice up a relationship. To make your hunt difficult, and challenging and to provide the entertainment you desire you can use the numerous examples featured on our list.