The 12 Best Online Trivia Games For Kids to Play!

You do not have to be an adult to enjoy trivia games. There are several choices for online trivia games geared to kids of all ages that are fun and entertaining. Engaging quizzes can help develop their decision-making skills and build cognitive behaviors, all while having fun and learning. This article will showcase the 12 best online trivia games for kids to play.

Memory retention is essential in many aspects of life as they grow and mature. Learning how to recall facts and information is beneficial for schoolwork and daily life. By ensuring they participate in trivia games regularly, they will have the chance to advance these skills as they get older.

Trivia is beneficial for people of all ages, helping to improve memory retention and cognitive functions. Additionally, many digital variations have evolved from the old board game of Trivial Pursuit, available for kids. This way, children can also enjoy trivia games as you do.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp offers many ways to help challenge you while keeping you entertained. So, spend some quality time together with your kids while solving online trivia games or help them create teams with their friends. The best part is how easy it is to find online trivia games suitable for kids in your family.

The 12 of the Best Online Trivia Games for Kids to Play!

We have narrowed down some of the more popular choices today that are available through online platforms or downloading a digital app. Most of these options are free of charge, but some platforms can require a monthly fee or a purchase price for each game. Whether you have a home computer, smartphone, or digital media device, there are several ways to keep your children entertained with trivia at home.

Having a variety of online platforms to choose from when you want to engage your child’s mind can mean a world of difference. Keep them from getting bored by playing the same game repeatedly and use more than one option to give them the diversity they need to remain interested. These specially designed online platforms or digital apps will keep them entertained, and you will not have to feel guilty about their screen time.

1.     Disney LOL

People of all ages love Disney and are quite familiar with many characters and stories through the years. It is much more than just cartoons for little ones. With their expanding platform of Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Heroes, and more, it is not just for little princesses anymore.

Parents and kids can partake in various quizzes and trivia games online through the website platform. Similarly, they can download one of the several apps available. Disney makes LOL on the go and easy to use no matter where you are or what device your family uses. Find the free Disney LOL apps in the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon for all your mobile devices. This is the best online trivia game for kids.

2.     Cookie

Getting your children interested in learning and building their decision-making skills does not have to be difficult. Websites like make it easy to keep your child engaged and learning while having fun. With a wide variety of trivia games for young ones of all grade levels, there is sure to be a category that they will love to finish and regularly challenge themselves. A must-try online trivia game for kids.

There is no need to download an app. Anyone with access to the internet with a web browser can take advantage of all the options that Cookie offers. From math quizzes or animals to sports or the human body, they will love spending time online and building their memory skills without even realizing it.

3.     National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has been around for over 130 years, but that does not mean that they are not still relevant. They have evolved since the beginning to cater to their audience, which includes children and young adults. Specializing in providing extraordinary information for young ones of all ages, they have something for everyone with their fascinating quizzes.

Through their web-based platform, users have access to hundreds of online trivia game quizzes to choose from. These include topics like animals, nature, the solar system, sports, and many more. There is no app to download, and as long as you can connect to the internet with a web browser, your child can enjoy spending time with these challenging quizzes.

4.     Fun Trivia

Another web-based platform, Fun Trivia makes it easy for children of all ages to find fun and challenging trivia quizzes. With more than 70,000 exciting and appropriate questions in the database for ages 6 to 12, they will love spending time online without realizing they are learning.

Categories like books, popular movies or television shows, and even wordplay, Fun Trivia has a diverse selection of online trivia games for kids. Parents can engage with their children and try their hand at some well-known Disney or Harry Potter facts. It is entirely free, and users can access the trivia quizzes with any internet browser.

5.     The Learning Apps

Parents looking for free online options for their kids will find a multitude of trivia questions for all ages at The Learning Apps. This platform is not just for school-aged children either. For instance, there are quizzes for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even toddlers. They want to make learning fun and a positive experience for them and to indeed enhance their development.

The online trivia games for kids are not just for parents looking to help their young ones build their mathematical skills or reading level. There is so much more to the database of questions, including animals, geography, foods, and others. When looking for trivia games online for kids, this platform should be on your list.

6.     Let’s Roam Virtual Game Night

Parents looking for a way to enjoy some quality family time at home, Virtual Game Night with Let’s Roam is a terrific solution. Not only- but also they have a fun, family-friendly option for trivia games to play with all of your family at home or across multiple cities. Certainly invite their cousins in on the family fun and let them challenge each other.

Featuring customizable questions and a video chat feature, this virtual trivia game night will quickly become a regular event. With new games and trivia questions added each week, users will be entertained by all they find with Let’s Roam Virtual Game Night. Including a 7-Day free trial, they are sure you and your family will love it.

7.     QuizWhizzer

Learning is not always fun for kids, but with QuizWhizzer, it can be. There are over 10,000 pre-set online trivia games to choose from, or users can create their very own.  Parents can choose from various questions in the database. They can pick a background, and decide how players will advance when answering the questions.

Containing a wide variety of trivia questions in numerous categories, kids will enjoy learning about science, holidays, language, math, and more. It can load up to 50 players, so everyone in the family can join in the fun. There is a free version that allows the user access to 95% of the features. Parents can also choose to pay a small monthly fee and have access to all of the attributes.

8.     Quizzito Family

This program helps get children interested in reading and keeps them engaged in learning while having fun and earning prizes. For kids ages 6 to 14, Quizzito Family offers an easy-to-use app that will start your child onto a regular reading schedule. In addition, it can add up to 5 users per family on the app, making it a terrific tool for encouraging individuals of all ages.

The app is completely customizable. For instance, you can add your child’s information, create rewards, and assign the number of points they need to achieve their goals. Parents will receive notifications about their young one’s progress as they complete quizzes, and Quizzito only counts the books that they understand from the quiz answers. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and users can get one month free.

9.     Family Education Quizzes

With dozens of trivia games online for kids, Family Education makes learning fun. Not only do they have questions in traditional categories like math, science, and geography, but they also have sections that cover safety, learning disabilities, and money and finances.

Think outside the box and give your child a way to build their decision-making abilities with help from Family Education Quizzes. They have online trivia quizzes for all ages starting in Kindergarten and go up to Grade 12. With these free online quiz options, they will be involved while learning about the world around them.

10. Jackbox Games

For families looking to expand their game nights without filling their cupboards full of board games, Jackbox Games is the answer.  In fact all of their trivia games are entirely online and are accessible on a variety of digital devices. Users can purchase game bundles, standalone games, or individual games, depending on preferences.

By playing these trivia games online through Zoom, family members can use their smartphones or digital devices to join in the fun, no matter where they are. Perfect for up to eight players in total. Moreover, settings are adjustable to make it more family-friendly, giving kids ages ten and up the chance to participate.

11. Squigly’s Playhouse Quizzes

Another free online platform, Squigly’s Playhouse has numerous trivia quizzes to choose from for children of all ages to enjoy. From animals, history, sports, and holidays, they have a dozen categories to select within their online learning database. A must-try online trivia for kids.

Kids can advance their skills by exploring various school subject quizzes, including math, language, and more. Squigly’s Playhouse has games for children in Grade 1 through to Grade 8 so parents can help them have fun while learning. All of the quizzes include a Check Answer button and a Give Up button if your child is stuck.

12. Family Trivia Free

If you are looking for a simple trivia app that is family-friendly for everyone to enjoy, this is it. Family Trivia Free is a terrific way for parents and kids alike to answer trivia questions that are fun and informative. All questions are adaptable to the age level of the player. This way, every person has an even chance at scoring points against their opponent no matter what ages are playing. One of the best online trivia games.

Learning for fun has never been easier with Family Trivia Free. It is designed by educators for ages three and up. It is completely safe for children. Furthermore, it is also available in three different languages. With over 1,000 questions, everyone will enjoy spending time competing and learning together with this free app. It is also available in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The Takeaway

Participating in trivia games online can help build your child’s cognitive and decision-making skills, even at an early age. For example, interactive learning with questions in several subjects can help their memory recall functions. This aids them as they continue to grow and develop in life.

Do not feel that just because you are an adult, you cannot participate in these games and apps with your child. Although they may be quicker at answering the questions than you are, completing a game together can provide some quality family time, all while aiding in brain development for both of you.


  • What is the best online trivia game for kids?

The best online trivia games for kids will depend on what your child is interested in and their age. If they do not follow Star Wars, indeed they will not want to complete any quizzes on the subject. Try to find a trivia platform that contains a variety of questions they will like and want to answer. Disney LOL and National Geographic Kids are great places to start.

  • What apps are available for children’s trivia?

There are many digital apps to download for any device, including iOS, Android, and Windows-driven products. Depending on the smartphone or device you have, visiting the App Store, Google Play Store, or other app developers, can bring up a multitude of games when you search for kids’ trivia.

  • Are all online trivia games for kids free?

Not all online trivia games are free. There are some that you will need a monthly or yearly subscription to use. Others are free to enter and have access to standard functions but require small purchases for expansion packs or additional features.

  • Do you have to pay for online trivia game apps for kids?

There are many trivia game apps for kids that do not have a cost. Others will require a small fee or subscription to use. Often, free apps will have in-app purchases available. Here, parents can expand the game selections to keep users engaged over time.