Word Puzzles – How to solve them quickly?

Word puzzles have thrilled people for ages and the craze for them has remained the same for decades. But what is the thrill behind solving these? Why do people love them? For the simple reason that they offer not only light fun, but they educate you and improve your vocabulary. Life will go on and people will age. But puzzles are the window to keeping the memory sharp even with growing age. This article will present all the positive aspects of word search puzzles and also some tips to solve them as quickly as possible.

Level up with words when you play a cool word puzzle game! These puzzles are meant to give you a thrill, alongside making you sharp. Word Puzzles might not need a heavy definition. As you get it by the name, these are puzzles that require knowledge of a language.

Incredible Amalgamation of Mathematics and Language

If you have played a word puzzle and wondered about its nature, you would realize that they bring to you the ridiculous combination of language and mathematics. This uncanny connection adds another level of high to these puzzles. Hence, it is so addictive and fun. Any puzzle game involving finding words, completing words, or making words is defined as a word puzzle.

If you have not yet tried these fun-filled games, let us tell you the options that you can explore online. All though MoneyHunter Corp won’t give away any clues as to which puzzle type will be up next, you will surely enjoy it.  Don’t miss out, start playing today!

Not Every Puzzle with Words is a Word Puzzle

However difficult a puzzle is, the motive of each one of them is to entertain you. Every puzzle game is designed in a way that you reach a well-defined solution. Unlike real-life problems, puzzle games have solutions designed before the game.

Word puzzles have been a way for people to pass the time while engaging their minds for decades. These classic methods help ignite word recognition, memory, critical thinking skills and activate the part of your brain that solves mathematical problems.

Money Hunter Corporation known as MoneyHunter Corp offers a wide array of word puzzles that will challenge you to think outside the box while competing with others for the Owner’s Bounty. Not only will you be benefiting your brain by participating in these puzzles, but you have the chance earning the Bounty, if you are the first one to solve it. The addition of competition can provide more excitement when solving word puzzles.

Types of Word Puzzles

Word Puzzles are more than you have imagined. There are many types. You might know some of them, but here we bring a bunch more. Know them, love them and play them!

Crosswords – Best Word Search Puzzles!

Any newspaper addict would know what crosswords are. However, even if you are not a newspaper buff, you might be among the ones, who cannot resist seeing the half-empty, half-filled mosaic of small boxes. These kinds of puzzles wow many. These are crosswords. These word games come in a grid with half-empty and half-filled boxes. You get the clues to get the right answer. The grids are also of various patterns like American style, lattice style, and so on. The crosswords are loved by all age groups and are one of the famous word search puzzles.

Quick tip- Try to get most of the clues in one direction. That is- either top to bottom or across. This way you will get the words easily.


Semantics also play with your power of interpreting words more than spelling them out. With semantics, you will have to find words by focusing on their meaning. The aim of the puzzle is to thrill you with the meaning of words and how to use them. Also, play these with friends and family to bind your social circle in a playful mood.


A type of word puzzle where you are given letter sets from which you must find as many words as possible. As simple and thrilling as a puzzle can be. This is all about the vocabulary of the language. This kind of puzzle is also loved by kids and adults alike for its simplicity and fun.

Cryptic Crosswords

These word puzzles involve more thought and logic to decipher the clues into correct answers. The clues are not direct but are given in a way that will make you think laterally to get to the word.


These are more mind-bending challenges thrown at you to solve with your mind power and logical reasoning. Here you might not even need grids laid out on paper, but your vocabulary.


Some fun stolen from the real coding world is Ciphers. It will be a coder’s delight; however, you can have fun playing ciphers if you know how to crack codes based on the replacement of letters.

Word Jumbles

One of the simpler forms of word puzzles is word jumbles. Letters of the word are arranged randomly, and you have to make a meaningful word out of the jumble. These games focus more on grammar and spelling of words.

Rebus – Must try Word Puzzle!

Rebus takes a unique turn in word puzzles. You must think outside the box to solve this one. The clues to solving these are abstract in nature and encourage critical thinking. You may also go the unconventional way to find an answer while solving a Rebus. If you are looking for anything unique, then Rebus is your game.

Word Search

Finally, we are wrapping up our list with a kind of puzzle you are familiar with and might like to play often. Word search is often one among the usual puzzles played and enjoyed by many.

How to be Smarter by Playing Word Puzzles?


Play Word Search

You might have even won goodies if you excel at vocabulary by playing word search puzzles. These are played in casual games as well as on big gaming grids. Contests can also be run based on these. The game is simple. You get a square grid of letters. All you have to do is locate as many words as possible in the letter grid. These can be left to right, up to down, in a vertical pattern, placed diagonally, and so on. The more words you can find in the least amount of time, the closer you are to winning.

Liked by Adults and Kids Alike

Kids as well as adults can play Word Puzzles. For kids, they offer plain fun and strengthen their vocabulary. On the other hand, for adults, they offer thrill, fun, and also a way to earn. Yes, you heard us! You can earn real money by playing different types of puzzles online at MoneyHunterCorp.com all while having fun.

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How do I Find a Word Search Puzzle Online?

It is not rocket science. You know the name- MoneyHunter Corp. Just log in and register at MoneyHunterCorp.com, Join The Hunt, start playing online. The results of each Hunt will be announced, and each winner will get the prize money transferred directly to their account. Soon after, you can play again with a chance at winning multiple times.

How to Find Words in Word Search Fast?

All of us, at some point in time, have played word search games and found many words from the grid of letters. So, we know that either we have to look up to down or down to up, diagonally, or horizontally. Although the ones we used to play as kids were simpler. Adults like to be challenged and that’s how the word search puzzles for adults are designed. They are more complex; the grid is larger and the number of words to locate is larger. Adult games, use multi-syllable words to level up the excitement.

Games designed for adults are also a bit trickier and make you think that you might have found the word. However, by placing only a few letters in one spot, the intent is to trick you into thinking that you might have it when the word is lurking somewhere else.

Here are certain ways to find words quicker-

  • Begin with larger words, and ignore the word list. Just utilize as much time as you can, and spot the larger words first. These larger words are surely in the list and on the grid.
  • Do not start looking diagonally so soon. Spot all the vertical and horizontal ones first, because they are easy to spot and hence, they would be found faster.
  • Do not go for small words first. Smaller words are tricky to find on a big grid. Therefore, start by locating the bigger words first.
  • When the timer is ticking, it is important to look in multitude; meaning, you are running out of time, so look for many words at a time. Don’t just sit with one word and try to locate it before you even look for another.
  • You have to focus on beating the timer along with finding the words. This will earn you a chance at winning and also bonuses.
  • Make up goofy sentences in your mind when you are struggling to recollect a word while playing. This trick helps make it easy to recall the word and locate it.
  • Focus on the entire grid rather than focusing on spotting one word. This will help you find many words.
  • Sometimes some words don’t seem to be real. So, don’t hesitate to experiment. Once you have spotted the known words, go for the unknown ones. Try checking the list once, and you might find the unknown ones in the list.

So, you know now, how to find a game, start playing one and how to win easily.



Q1. What does it mean if you are good at word searches?

Answer- It means that now with MoneyHunterCorp.com you can use this skill to earn money online. You can make money while you play and have fun. It’s easy, needs no investment, just have fun, and earn.

Q2. What are the benefits of word search puzzles?

Answer- These games are designed to strengthen your vocabulary and sharpen your language skills. Playing these puzzles is good brain exercise. It excites you, makes your brain work in a given period of time along with helping you get more focused.

Q3. Is word search good for memory?

Answer- It makes your brain work and upscales your skills in language and vocabulary. Hence, it is a good exercise for your memory. Along with this, you must keep the list in the back of your mind while playing, so yes, it helps strengthen your memory too.

Q4. Do word puzzles really pay you?

Answer- If you are still skeptical, visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the MoneyHunter Corp app today or play directly from their website. Here you can start playing and earning without delay. Just play, win, and play again.

Q5.  Can you make real money solving a word search puzzle?

Answer- Yes, MoneyHunter Corp is another name for earning the Owner’s Bounty by playing puzzles. Here every contest/puzzle you solve first will earn you real money. So, if you are still thinking, just give it a try by Joining The Hunt right now!